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Herzl And Die Welt

14 Sivan 5777 – June 7, 2017
Herzl decided that a newspaper geared to the broader Jewish public, particularly the middle classes, would lead to greater success in spreading the Zionist idea.

Baseball And The Written Word

Once a year in the spring, Bookstock takes over the corridors of an upscale suburban Detroit shopping center for an eight-day book sale mostly benefiting Detroit schools and its pupils.

Yeshiva University’s New President

Rabbi Berman seems eminently well suited to guide Yeshiva University in the coming years.

President Trump Disappoints

Another provision of the law extends this penalty provision to each succeeding fiscal year if the embassy is not moved.

The Mayor And The Puerto Rican Day Parade

We recalled the raw edge of racial politics engaged in by Presidents Clinton and Obama on the issue of his release from federal prison.

Bereaved Family To Israeli Gov’t: Don’t Release Terrorists For Our Son

The Goldins feel the Israeli government has squandered many opportunities to clamp down hard on Hamas.

Furor Over ‘Free Palestine’ Apparel On Sears Website

As of Tuesday afternoon Sears had yet to release an official response to the controversy, and it was unclear how much control Sears exerts over third-party sellers on its website.

Israel Celebrated In Annual New York Parade

Former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber served as one of the parade’s grand marshals.

Learning From The Animals

Most animals are born once. But birds are born twice. First, the egg is laid by the mother. But where is the baby? Still inside the egg.

Adding Healthy Fats In Unexpected Ways

12 Sivan 5777 – June 5, 2017
Other people budget for meat or for their favorite bottle of wine, or for a quick vacation. I budget for avocados.

Learning The Rules Of Asperger Syndrome

Only as an adult was O’Toole diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. That is when things fell into place for her.

Princess Alice: Holocaust Heroine

At times, the Gestapo became suspicious of the royal princess and brought her in for questioning.

Eit HaZamir… A Time For Song Spring And Jewish Redemption

Nissan, Iyar and Sivan – these are the months of Divine birth and renewal, the time of Redemption.

Honoring Our Differences

As Torahdik Jews we are expected to view every day as Parents Day.

ATARA: The Association For Torah And The Arts For Religious Artists

Some people dance, draw, make music and find joy in serving Hashem and communicating their feelings in service of Hashem.

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