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Q & A: Standing During Chazarat Hashatz (Part II)

1 Sivan 5777 – May 25, 2017
Question: Is one obligated to stand while the shliach tzibbur repeats the Shemoneh Esreh? I have observed that some people stand during the whole repetition of the Amida while others sit most of the time. Menachem

Controversial Ruling

However, if the renter has a definitive claim (ba'ree), as in our case, he is in possession since he holds the money.

Daf Yomi

Who’s On First? ‘Who Is Considered A First Born?’ (Bava Basra 126b)

Giving With A Warm Hand (Bava Batra 126b)

The identity of the heirs and their order of succession cannot be changed by testamentary disposition in a will.

‘He Who Cannot Swear Must Pay’ Does Not Apply To Devolved Oaths (Siman 75:15)

The Torah does not impose an oath on a defendant in a dispute involving land, servants, or promissory notes.

Not Where You’re At But Where You’re Coming From

The point is that they hold up a picture of that man. Not a picture of the Chasam Sofer.

The Misplaced Jacket That Protected My Daughter

Minutes after my son and daughter left for school – it’s a ten-minute walk from our house – my son came running back to the house, all upset.

The Train Ride

Sounding like a typical Lubavitcher, I told that just by striking the match, she is bringing more light into the world, so what’s the problem?

Trump At The Western Wall

When the nations of the world will see Hashem saving his children, His nation, they will see that there is a Borei Olam who runs the world.

Saul Bellow’s ‘Vengeful Jewish Heart’

29 Iyyar 5777 – May 24, 2017
His mother, wanting him to be a rabbi, saw to it that he received a traditional Jewish education, and his lifelong love for the Bible began at age four when he learned Hebrew.

‘No One Wants To Rock The Boat’: Marc Gronich interviews New York Assemblyman Dov...

I always wanted Trump if it was a choice between Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hold my nose, let him win. I don’t want the Democrats and the progressives and Sanders and Ellison.

The Trump Middle East Reset Is A Signal Event

Many of us, though, were certain that after a relatively short hiatus, Iran’s pursuit of regional hegemony supported by a nuclear arsenal would resume, and inexorably so.

Novominsker Rebbe: OU Makes Torah Observance Possible For Thousands Of Jews

Over two days the world’s premiere kashrus experts shared their insights, techniques, and teachings.

Numbers: Then And Now

There are accounts of battles, rebellions, and collective failures of nerve, and a strange story about a pagan prophet and a talking donkey.

Sharing The Story, Sharing Joy

27 Iyyar 5777 – May 22, 2017
How does one describe an historic moment of excruciating joy that defies reality?

No One Understands You

How can we overcome this perception error? How can we ensure that people who meet us for the limited amount of time (in the workplace or in school) perceives us as we are?

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