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What Caused Tropical Storm Harvey?

The disaster has unfolded on an epic scale, with the nation’s fourth-largest city mostly paralyzed by the storm that parked itself over the Gulf Coast.

Q & A: Praying In Other Languages (Part XII)

Question: When reciting a berachah in English, does a person fulfill his obligation if he says “Hashem” instead of “L-rd” or “G-d”? Yosef

The Greatness Of Man

A person is made in the image of Hashem, and it is an embarrassment to Hashem to leave His likeness hanging.

Two Lenders Each Claim A Borrower Owes Him The Larger Amount – Shulchan Aruch,...

They did not want the borrower to assume they trusted each other. Their purpose in telling him who lent what was so the borrower should take note of it.

Kind Continental

Seeing my distress, a very kind employee named Lori (whose last name I regretfully forgot to ask about) very compassionately offered me the use of a stroller she just “happened to have” in the back room of their office.

Purity In An Impure World

The year is coming to a close, and we now find ourselves in the final month before Rosh Hashanah – Elul. As we know,...

Daf Yomi

A Future Investment ‘ A Halacha For The Days Of Moshiach’ (Sanhedrin 51b)

How NCSY Changed My Life

NCSY opened my eyes to a deep and exciting Judaism that simply nothing else could rival.

Jacob De La Motta: Early American Jewish Medical Pioneer

The faithfulness and integrity with which he performed the duties and various public trusts, won for him the confidence of his fellow citizens.

Realism In The Middle East?

There will be no undermining of the leverage Israel has by virtue of its vast military and economic superiority over the Palestinians.

That Aborted Conference Call

President Obama plainly wished to avoid noting that the site of the murders was a kosher market or that the targets were Jews, who could be expected to be there, especially on a Friday.


This is the time to stop and see in which direction we are heading in our lives. What type of investments are we making?

The National Emblem Of Israel

The winning proposal, which was chosen from among 450 designs submitted by 164 participants, incorporated as its central theme an iconic representation of the menorah carved in relief on the Arch of Titus in Rome.

Fit & Trim

If you normally drink zero cups a day, don’t flood your body with sudden large amounts of water.

A Feud For The Ages: A History Of The Jews And The Church...

It’s estimated that the total number of Spain’s Jews who succumbed to the pressure to convert was between 200,000 and 250,000 souls.

Anxiety Q & A: The Unusual Places Anxiety Rears Its Head

Therefore, large servings of both compassion and patience are also necessary remedies for the problem.

Margaret Bergmann Lambert: Famous Jewish High Jumper

A sports complex in Berlin had been named for her in 1995, and in 2010 the athletic field at Francis Lewis High School in Queens was also renamed for her.

Stripes And Strings Of A Holy Nature

Rabbi Yaakov Salomon emphasizes the imperative of familiarizing our children with the lessons of the Holocaust.

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