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Iranian Regime Showing First Signs Of Economic Collapse

Even if the popular protests in Iran die down or are repressed by the regime for a while, they will eventually recur and intensify, because the Iranian regime can offer no solution for the economic crisis except by changing its regional and nuclear policies, which it is not willing to do.

Foreign Funded NGOs, Political Power, and Democratic Legitimacy

​Gerald Steinberg, who heads the Institute for NGO Research in Israel offers a defense of Israel's restrictive policies regarding NGOs.

The Art Of The Deal Or Appeasement? Unraveling the Singapore Summit with North...

So if there’s a model for North Korea to follow if it wants to liberalize, it would be a place like Singapore.

US Interests Require Israel on the Golan Heights

An Israeli retreat from the Golan Heights would not satiate Syria but destabilize the entire region and lead to the bombardment of Israel/

Pro-Israel Groups Pursue Criminal Aspects of Disruptions

Jewish and pro-Israel groups have started to explore the criminal aspects of disruptions of pro-Israel events by anti-Israel groups which continue to intensify into physical aggression and violence across campuses and even into the community.

Conservative Movement Alumni Draw Red Line on Anti-Israel Rhetoric

An ongoing discussion of how to present the nuances of Israel education at summer camps and to Jewish youth groups.

2018 World Cup Could Become the Middle East’s Latest Battlefield

The simultaneous presence in Russia of the Saudi and Iranian teams for the 2018 World Cup is likely to shine a spotlight on the covert wars between Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iran as well as on a related dispute over 2022 World Cup host Qatar, which did not qualify for this year’s tournament. Tensions will be present even if the kingdom and the Islamic Republic fail to meet face to face on the pitch.

Gaza Can Wait

As long as the historic debate about the two-state solution remains unresolved, the future of Gaza in general, and of Hamas’s continued rule of the Strip in particular, will remain open.

Did Israel Use “Disproportionate Force” to Protect the Gaza Fence?

The Gaza border clash was not a situation of armed conflict. It was routine border protection by a sovereign state,, facing a blatant threat of border violation by violent elements on the other side.

US-Israel Ties: Unique 400-year-old Foundation

The 400 year old ideological, moral, cultural, religious and historical foundations of the US have enriched the US-Israel saga,

Prof. Bernard Lewis – Unique Realism on the Islamic Threat

Prof. Bernard Lewis - who passed away this week-wrote extensively on the clear, present and lethal Islamic threat to Western democracies.

Lag Ba’Omer: Guide for the Perplexed, 2018

Happy Lag Ba’Omer and PLEASE BE CAREFUL with your bonfire.

Middle East Braces for a Tense May

Nevertheless, the nations and parties in the midst of possible escalation have nothing to gain from an all-out war.

Hamas and Israel Agree: Slain Protesters Weren’t Civilians

The only people bothered by this are European, UN, and NGO officials sitting in their comfortable offices in Brussels and New York.

Why Egypt Is Concerned about Gaza

The Egyptian government is concerned that the events of the Hamas “Return March” in Gaza may spill over into Egyptian territory.

Iran’s Plummeting Currency Reflects Country’s Economic, Military Concerns

Most observers are pointing to corruption, political infighting and fear of a collapse of the Iranian nuclear deal as major factors in the rial’s fall.

Analysis: Minimal Strike on Assad Shows Extent of Russian Deterrence

While the purpose was to target Syria’s chemical-weapons capabilities, in actuality, the strikes are more of an indication of Russia’s successful ability to cause Western powers to limit their action.

The Gaza “Return March” Splits Hamas and Organizers

{Originally posted to the JCPA website} The events at Israel’s border with Gaza reflect a deep division between some of the NGO organizers of the...

Downhill Slide: Posturing Over the ‘Plight of Gaza’ has Passed Peak Virtue-Signaling

It probably doesn’t feel this way to the people trying to explain why Israel has to defend herself, but over the past week, since Hamas’ border fence “protests” from Gaza cranked up, there has been a distinctly tinny, perfunctory sound to the adverse media coverage and political shouting.

Analysis: Latest Israeli Airstrike in Syria Likely Stopped New Iranian Threat

Amid fallout from chemical weapons attack, Israel enforces its own red lines in Syria, while sending a message to Iran and Hezbollah.

Mass March on Gaza Border May Be Only the Beginning

From a military standpoint, Israel can say it marked a positive outcome. The turnout was far smaller than Hamas wanted—the terrorist group was aiming for 100,000 people—and the protesters were unable to rush or sabotage the border fence.

Non-credible: Report of Israeli F-35s Operating Over Iran

The source of the report claiming that Israeli F-35 strike-fighters flew into Iranian airspace during the past month was a sensationalist Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida. So the claim seems most suspect.

PA to Pay $355 million in 2018 to Terrorists and their Families

The total payment by the PA for 2018 is set at $355 million, which is 7.47% of its operation budget of $4.76 billion and some 44% of the funding the PA hopes to receive in foreign aid this year.

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