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The Kurdish-Russian-Israel Detente is Set to Change the Middle East

The Kurds, like the Jews, Druze, and Arameans, are indigenous to the region. An independent Kurdish state would help Israel

We Must Refrain from Perpetuating the Cycle of Violence

Ruth Wisse said it best, "People talk about the Arab-Israel conflict. I think the term itself is a lie...What you have is the Arab war against Israel."

Tolerance & Terrorism

EU Foreign Minister Mogherini cried when learning of the terror attacks in Belgium yet consorts with terrorists

Obama’s Final Solution for the Jewish State

Obama and Kerry have substantively become proxy negotiators for an Islamic terrorist organization, the PA

Obama’s ADL Boss Goes to War Against Cruz, Trump, Orthodox Jews

The ADL, never worth much as an org., became a complete disaster attacking Trump & Cruz on terrorism

Hillel – And American Jewish Donors – Must Reject Breaking The Silence

Hillel must not allow the group Breaking the Silence to influence students or affront students who support Israel

No, Mr. Trump, You Can’t Be ‘Neutral’

Professed fairness or neutrality implies the US is willing to abandon its moral compass and Israel

The Story Behind My New Website

Wishing Steven Genack great brocha with his new website, Aish Haolam (www.aishhaolam.com)

Parents And The Importance Of Get-Refusal Prenuptials

A get-refuser rules not only over his wife but her parents, siblings, community. In short, her world

They Say It’s Genocide – Now What Are They Going To Do About It?

The US FINALLY acknowledged ISIS is committing genocide. Now what will this administration do about it?

Rabbi Kahane Tells AIPAC Where To Go

An article Rabbi Meir Kahane (HY"D) wrote in 1973 on Purim day. Unfortunately, its message still holds true today

An American Bibi?

Based on the Bibi parallel, Americans needn't worry about how Cruz would do if he won the White House

The ‘Rule of Law’ Gang in Ancient Persia

The leader remembers the “rule of law” consults with his legal advisors and defers to the High Court

GOP Declares War on Voters

The GOP's aversion to a two-man Trump/Cruz race is essentially handing the nomination to Trump.

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Progressive-Left

Progressive-left activists jave physically, morally, and financially supported Jihadis against Israel

Moshe Feiglin on Trump: If Israel Will be for Israel, All Will be Good

When Israel is for itself, the US will be for Israel. When Israel works against itself, the US will follow suit

Leave AIPAC Out of it!

Reform Movement has demonstrated its willingness to disregard Israeli concerns to serve its own goals

Do Hold Your Breath

Purim's lesson, relevant today & always, is about our belief that God is always present in our lives

Rabbis Boycotting Trump At AIPAC Aren’t Being Fair Or Following Jewish Law

These Rabbis boycott Trump but never boycotted anti-Semitic, anti-Israel Obama or Hillary Clinton

My Semicha – Revoked And Revitalized: Observations From the Other Side of the Pulpit

If a rabbi's learning, growing, and re-evaluating, he's still a practicing rabbi--pulpit or not.

Headlines About Israel Reveal Everything

Abbas 'slaps' Obama's VP in the face, and Netanyahu's the one whom Obama finds "Most Disappointing"?

Behind The Mask

Everyone is wearing a mask that hides their true story behind it. What is your story?

Judicial Appointment Highlights Dramatic Changes Among Israeli Haredim

A haredi Jew serving as a judge in Israel breaks stereotypes in 2 directions while bridging the gap

How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

Fatah praised Taylor Force's murderer as a "heroic martyr" and will reward his family with US tax $

New York Liberal Paper: “Obama Has Done Enough Damage to Israel Already”

"He (Obama) must not go further down this path of ego, hubris and vengeance"

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