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Natalie Portman’s Insult to Israel

Portman refusing the Genesis prize makes abundantly clear that she was never deserving of it in the first place.

Texting On Shabbos – Whose Fault Is It?

Parents may have to step up their game and focus on explaining the importance and beauty of the Sabbath. And teachers and rabbis have to start focusing the big picture. Talking about God, hashkafa, and one's love and understanding of Torah is just as important as a brilliant analysis of Tosafos.

Israel is Civilization’s Odd Man Out

The Jewish people were not chosen to be Miss Congeniality. Quite the opposite. We were chosen to be the bearer of the reality of God’s sovereignty in the world, and with it, a demanding set of expectations, even for Gentiles.

The Status Quo Poses A Danger To Israel

Despite appearances, there is “no status quo.” The calm we see is nothing more than an illusion. We are living next to a ticking time bomb, and every minute that passes, facts are being established on the ground. These new facts lead to yet further facts that are pushing the State of Israel off its land.

Behind The Civil Rights Masks Of The Women’s March Leaders

If you supported the Women's March, you were duped. And if you are Jewish and supported the March, they duped you twice.

Natalie Portman’s Act of ‘Love’ (and Darkness)

Like others on the extreme, frightened left, “loving” and “caring for” Israel means vilifying and demonizing those who risk their own lives, and leaders who work and worry day and night, protecting the Israeli people.

Well-Meaning American Jews are Helping Import anti-Semitism

Jews have been among the first to “virtue signal” their compassion for refugees from the Syrian civil war.

An Open Letter to the Muslim world

If you finally were to decide to end your war against us in Israel, finally decide that you love your children more than you hate us, you will find our hands extended in friendship.

Palestinians: New Twist on an Old Lie

The Palestinian leadership is again trying to trick the international community, particularly gullible Jews who have good intentions.

ISRAEL AFTER 70: From National to Global Rectification

The number 70 represents the end of one era and an entry to another: the first exile of the Jewish people lasted 70 years ; King David lived 70 years;. 70 is the number of the world's root nations; and the sages taught that there are 70 faces of Torah.

Hallmarks of an Israeli Hit

If it was in fact the work of Israel's Mossad, the assassination in Malaysia also serves as a warning to Israel's other enemies, chief among them Iran.

And the Award for Best Performance Goes to . . . Natalie Portman

The problem with the mantra about supporting Israel while simultaneously criticizing it is that the right to disparage often does more to damage the critic than it does to the receiving party.

Elizabeth Warren’s Gaza Problem

If mobs of firebomb-throwing foreigners were trying to storm across one of America’s borders, I doubt she would lecture our border guards to “exercise restraint.” There’s no justification for giving such advice to America’s ally.

Will Brian Ever Show Up?

A special guest came to Seder--not just Eliyahu HaNavi--proving why we should never give up on our fellow Jew. A Pesach story of the "Life of Brian"

The Future of Israel Looks Good

In short, over time Israel has become stronger, while its enemies, with the exception of Iran, have become increasingly weaker.

The Uncommonly Mad War on Common Sense

America’s elites are dangerously divorced from reality. When someone, like President Trump, points out that our Emperors have no clothes, it responds the only way it can: with deep denial, slander, and tu quoque attacks.

The Yeshiva Law – What It Says, What It Could Have Said

Many of our yeshivos have excellent secular studies departments. Some may have some way to go. But our yeshivos are not public schools, and I – among others – will fight for them to continue not to be.

End The Assault On Our Yeshivas

Like thousands of other chassidic yeshiva parents, I’m tired of those who fail to respect the choices that we, and generations before us, have made.

Area C is Strategically Vital for Israel

The proposed transfer of significant parts of Area C to the control of the Palestinian Authority (PA) will be detrimental to Israel’s national interest, if only because these territories are almost completely devoid of any Palestinian population. As such, they afford not only a strong security grip but the possibility of extensive Jewish settlement without threatening Israel’s Jewish and democratic character.

Transitioning from Mourning to Celebration, Israelis Kick off 70th-year Joy in Jerusalem

“There are those who seek to extinguish the light that emanates from Zion. I promise you; it will not happen,” says Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the largest celebration of statehood to date.

Poles Opposed to the New Holocaust Law Are Making Their Voices Heard

There continues to be a lot of tension in Poland today in reaction to the new Holocaust law. The fact that there are Poles willing to openly condemn both the new law itself and anti-Semitism in Poland is a promising step

We Hold YOU in Contempt

Your days of deciding the fate of the Jewish nation are over. How frustrating it must be, after all your zealous attempts to annihilate us, not to see your efforts come to fruition.

I Say the Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel

We are no longer a downtrodden people, whose decisions are made by a foreign nation. I have a Government of my own.

France: Soon with No Jews?

Today, France is the only country in the Western world where Jews are murdered simply for being Jews.

The Challenge of Legacy

With Facebook, Google, and nations-Poland-reinventing history, it is essential we remember.

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