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Support Talmidei Chachamim – But Get Results

When we give to the poor, pray for the sick, donate to a medical center, we do so asking for results. When we support talmidei chachamim, shouldn’t we expect them to strive for practical results as well?

Israeli and US Establishments Waste Time Pondering Abbas Successor

The Israelis and Americans should stop worrying about who will lead the Palestinians, and instead spend time thinking about how Israel and America can address the civilizational war engulfing the entire region.

A Remarkable Visit To The Vatican

Some will ask: why bother? Of what use are these conferences? Personally, I say thank God that at least the Europeans are having these conversations. The issue is being addressed.

Who Stands Behind The Mask – What We Hide; What We Reveal

Many modern Jews mistake Purim for a “Jewish Halloween” or an excuse for wild parties. This view has us put on masks, like carousers at a masquerade, to “hide” who we really are. Or, perhaps, as often proves to be the case at a masquerade, we don masks to reveal who we really are.

Four Lessons From An Israeli Raid

The Palestinian Authority leadership promised, in the Oslo accords, to disband all terrorist groups, seize their weapons, and outlaw them – in short, to put them out of business. How can it be that, 23 years after the PA took over sole control of Bethlehem, Islamic Jihad still has active terrorist cells in and around the city?

From Kiddush Clubs to Purim Parties – What Are We Teaching Our Kids?

Go ahead. Be b’simcha. Have plenty of good, kosher fun, and if that includes alcoholic beverages, but enjoy them in moderation. Please be responsible, both on Purim and on the other 364 days of the year.

Europe’s Telling Silence on Polish Anti-Semitism

When it comes to the issue of Polish anti-Semitism, Europe is suddenly at a loss for words. This suggests that it is not merely ineptitude at work.

Last Time Iraq, This Time Iran, Time For Purim

Purim replayed over and over---don't they ever learn.

Who are the Balestinians?

Muslim sources strongly indicate the Holy Land as belonging to the Children of Israel. It goes without saying in Christian thought that the Holy Land is in fact historically Jewish.

An Olive Branch? US Lawmakers Speak Out After Being Detained on Temple Mount

“We should be able to pray and reflect on the history and culture, but you’re not allowed to do that as Jews and non-Muslims [on the Temple Mount]," said Rep. David B. McKinley (R-W.Va.).

Playing Charades? Or Dealing a Bad Hand in the Form of ‘So-called Peace’

The Trump administration’s new Middle East peace plan will be dead on arrival. Should they try anyway?

Palestinians: Israel is One Big Settlement

It is time to listen carefully to what the Palestinians are saying -- in Arabic -- to understand that the conflict is not about Jerusalem and not about settlements. They want Israel removed from the planet.


According to a report issued by the Polish government in 2012, Poland had over $10 billion of Jewish property in its hands. By all accounts they have refused to return the stolen property to the rightful heirs,

The PA is not a Sacred Cow

A generation of Arabs have been raised on an unadulterated diet of hatred of Israel. It’s time Israel made it clear that this is unacceptable and not the way to make peace.

Do Arabs Back Israel in a Clash with Iran?

It’s not just in Arab capitals that Iran is now more widely loathed and feared than Israel, but also on the Arab street, to the point that Arabs are even willing to openly back Israel in a clash with Iran.

West Embraces the Hijab as Muslim Women Risk Their Lives for the Right to...

the new celebration of the hijab seems to be about celebrating all those things that we in the West generally condemn: pushing a new "must" trend for women in fashion and behavior; showing preference for one religious group over another; and above all, increasing the very real risks to those Muslim women who choose not to wear a head-covering by making models and icons of those who do.

Every Government Authority Failed In Parkland. And They Expect Americans To Forfeit Our Self-Defense...

Children are dead not because millions of good citizens own AR-15s, but because dozens of pathetic incompetents and cowards in a position to do something instead did nothing.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Thinking Outside the Box

A creative solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must start with appreciating the advantages of the hybrid spatial model that has emerged in the West Bank, notably the governmental powers granted to the Palestinian Authority as far back as January 1996 in Areas A and B, and discarding the stillborn paradigm of total separation.

Liberals And Conservatives Are Unhappy For Different Reasons

Unhappy Americans on the right blame the problems inherent to life, and they blame themselves. Unhappy Americans on the left blame America.

It’s Not Too Many Guns, It’s Too Few Prayers

“Guns didn’t suddenly decide to visit mayhem on schools. Guns can’t decide.” But people can. And it’s the people who have changed. It is not guns that kill. It’s the minds of children and adults deprived of Godliness that kill.

When Abusing Children is Considered OK

What exactly are American celebrities endorsing with the embrace of Palestinian teen terror supporter Ahed Tamimi?

The Polish Holocaust Law: Should we care?

Poland is not alone in its efforts to separate itself from the Nazi atrocities. Other countries in Europe are working very hard to whitewash their long history of Jew-hatred.

Salon Mag: Netanyahu the ‘Most Dangerous Man in the Middle East’

There are plenty of dangerous men in the Middle East but labeling the leader of the region’s only functioning democracy is simply laughable particularly when one considers some alternative candidates.

The Nuclear Deal Made Incursion of Iranian Drone into Israel Possible

Iran’s behavior since the conclusion of the nuclear deal in July 2015 has shown that with an infusion of billions in cash and a blind eye towards its aggression has allowed it to pursue its goal.

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