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August 25, 2016 / 21 Av, 5776
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A Rare Image of the US Bunker Buster that May Bomb Iran

The State Dept. may or may not be blind and stupid, but the US Air Force certainly is not. Below is a rare image of its B-2 stealth bomber and bunker buster, the “military option” to get rid of the Iranian nuclear threat.
This is an image of the B-2 stealth bomber 15-ton bunker buster bomb that Iran may be seeing close-up if it gets its hands on a nuclear weapon.

This is an image of the B-2 stealth bomber 15-ton bunker buster bomb that Iran may be seeing close-up if it gets its hands on a nuclear weapon.
Photo Credit: Jim Mumaw/Aviationist

A rare image of the B-2 stealth bomber and the 15-ton Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP), otherwise known as the bunker buster bomb, was recently posted by the Aviationist, operated by David Cenciotti.

The B-2 Spirit stealth bomber is the only U.S. Air Force aircraft that has the capability to carry the massive bombs and drop it on an Iranian underground nuclear facility. The 20-foot long buster bomb is guided by a GPS system and is believed to be able to penetrate 2300 feet of concrete before detonation.

The F-35 stealth bomber still under construction, also designed to carry heavy bombs, has been thought to be used as an attack plane on Iran if the time comes for a military strike, but the B-2 fills the bill.

The image above was photographed by Jim Mumaw. “There are not many images showing the GBU-57 and even less show the MOP next to its intended platform,” Cenciotti wrote on his web blog.

Congress allocated money in 2009 to accelerate the MOP project, and the legislators last year approved an additional $81.6 million to improve the bomb.

The B-2, manned by a pilot and mission commander, already has been flown by dozens of pilots. The plane can carry two MOPs. Its stealth design enables it to enter enemy territory without detection.

Two B-2s flew a round trip of 13,000 miles last March from an Air Force base in Missouri to South Korea, dropping dummy bombs on a target range.

The Obama administration has sent U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to gab away with Iran, the video below, first shown two years ago, delivers a clear message that the United States has another solution to solve the threat of a nuclear Iran.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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9 Responses to “A Rare Image of the US Bunker Buster that May Bomb Iran”

  1. Apostle Bob says:

    Only if Y’srael uses it. America will only give money and weapons to Iran. Wait and see. I SUPPORT Y’SRAEL!

  2. Only Hashem has Israel’s back.

  3. Only Hashem has Israel’s back.

  4. Dan Silagi says:

    We're gonna nuke the Ayatollah,
    Make Tehran a hole-a
    Bomb Iran, bomb, bomb,
    Bomb bomb Iran.

  5. Impressive video take of the stealth bomber, really. – The Iranians have stepped over a thin red line long ago. No more delays of already sketched attack plans. The MOP’s can do the necessary job underneath, but a rat pushed up in a corner is extremely dangerous. It’s urgent to take the “holy” city of Qum in a single sweep too. The “holy” men residing are extremists and outside reach; better finish off all of the clergy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cool the enthusiasm. Under Obama or even Hillary, America will not use this option.

  7. I think Israel has also cluster bombs, I don't understand why the US is making this expencive bombs when will never use, the US will never bomb Iran, he has not the gonads.

  8. The US has no intention of bombing Iran, just slowing them down to meet Obama's timetable. http://www.fixbayonets.me/2013/11/iran-obama-and-nuclear-war.html

  9. Beatrice Groetsch says:

    This new option (MOP) gives hope. And what explosive is in this new hope??

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