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January 24, 2017 / 26 Tevet, 5777
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Arabs Force Jews Out of African Union Meeting

UN Sec Gen'l, foreign dignitaries fall silent as Arab reps force Jews to leave annual summit

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Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon grants Israel the right to defend itself so long as it doesn't.

Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon grants Israel the right to defend itself so long as it doesn't.
Photo Credit: Flash 90

Arab League representatives have forced a Jewish delegation to leave a summit of the African Union held in Equatorial Guinea.

“It all began when one of the Arab delegates, from Egypt, approached us at dinner the night before the opening and asked what we were doing here, pointing at the men wearing kippahs,” Israeli businesswoman Yardena Ovadia told Ynetnews. The website said Ovadia  had organized the invitation of the Jewish delegation to the summit.

Despite the fact that most of the Jews in the room, Arab delegates refused to enter the room the following morning until the group they called the “Israeli” delegation had left. The Palestinian Authority delegate, representing PA Chairman Abu Mazen, said that Jews are currently inflicting a “holocaust” on Palestinians in response to the Holocaust Jews experienced during World War II.

According to Ynetnews, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was in the hall, as well as Egyptian President al-Sisi, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, four Iranian government ministers and other foreign dignitaries. None stood up for the Jews.

“In our hotel are four senior Iranian ministers,” said Ovadia. “They were very cordial until the day of the summit’s opening. They slammed us unjustifiably. This will not go unanswered.”


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  1. Ban Key Mone. Ban this sob from all microphones!

  2. Any one surprised is in need of education.

  3. How ever the use of the word Arab is sooooo Misleading. He is Muslim and that is the most important FACT and the fact that should be exposed. The Arab is Misleading, Muslim Arab would be explicit.

  4. Dean Hulsey says:

    Stupidest arabs have no business in africa then force the arabs out alike they did to jews.

  5. Dean Hulsey says:

    Kick U.N off ..

  6. Eddie Ancona says:

    Surprised? These people are anti Semitic idiots and only live for Israel’s demise, let them share the same faith as the Jews enemies in history, which is to cease to exist.

  7. Sandy Reggie says:

    1939 poland all over again.

  8. Tony Mark says:

    And while Muslims are creating havoc in every country on this planet with terrorism at its highest level never seen before. Murdering men women and children or respectively of their religion… Muslim Sunni shiit, Christian or Jew…

  9. goes to show the un are a JOKE, a muslim machine out to convert the world

  10. goes to show the un are a JOKE, a muslim machine out to convert the world

  11. The other praticipants should evict the Arabs because it is clear theyu want to control and take over the meeting

  12. Let us never to forget the nazi fascist moslo arabs bihind the slave trade the forced conversions to this nazi religion mostly in Africa nothig changed since 1934

  13. Innocent Arabs? All the fools I’ve seen in different posts defending them should be shot

  14. Sandy Reggie says:

    amazing how noone learns from history

  15. Go to Awsviz o Had vashem end stop reading books se look the realyty

  16. Sonja Gorman says:

    The U N are called The House of Darkness.
    Not for no reason!

  17. So what is new? Their loss.

  18. So what is new? Their loss.

  19. Adou Abel says:

    I am an African, I promise that the JEWS will have a SEAT IN THE NEXT AFRICAN UNION MEETING…!!!

  20. Adou Abel says:

    I am an African, I promise that the JEWS will have a SEAT IN THE NEXT AFRICAN UNION MEETING…!!!

  21. lol you jew hater.

  22. Ina Ina says:

    everything is self explanatory here.

  23. Ina Ina says:

    everything is self explanatory here.

  24. Judith Dowla says:

    And Alexander Lazar, let us not forget what the British did to incite trouble between the Arabs and the Jews in 1947.

  25. Gary Myers says:

    No. . .it won’t working what UN think?

  26. Arabs are notin Africans dey have no right here, go camel jackies…….

  27. thank you yudit dowla the brithish did not let jews in erez israel lets not forget Exodus y dont know who learned from who the nazi moslo arabs or the perfid albion do not forget they divided up Africa and rubed tham lizie yh

  28. "Inflicting a Holocaust" on 'palestinians'? Targeting known Hamas rocket-launching terrorists is not a holocaust. A good carpet-bombing session would at least give them a small idea of what they constantly allude to. It drives me crazy that the world goes along with the insane hyperbolic diarrhea spewed from the muslims.

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