Photo Credit: Star Trek
Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock meet Abraham Lincoln

Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli had the best of intentions in mind when she tweeted the following, so we’ll give her credit for that:

there’s no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. there is nothing good in war, except its ending – Abraham Lincoln #stopterror


Except for one minor detail.

Abraham Lincoln never actually said it.

Well not exactly.

Abraham Lincoln did say it, but it was an Abraham Lincoln from a different universe. A Star Trek universe.

Stardate 5906.4

We’ll also give Bar credit for being a Trekkie too.

H/T Robert Klein



  1. Your microphone isn’t working properly you have to leave office you are trying to destroy our Abba God G-ds creation you and the oil companies are trying to harm what God G-d created by freaking the earth oil and minerals that Abba Father God G-d gave us as blessings because he loved us and all you care about is money and not the staving friends of mine in North Korea and other that are starving you want to take what Abba Father God G-d made for us all! God G-d blessed us all with love! he takes blessing from you every time you speak and play with electricity

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