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October 24, 2016 / 22 Tishri, 5777
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British Man Beats Up Anti-Semite George Galloway

We wish him a speedy recovery and a lifetime of laryngitis.

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Anti-Semitic Briitsh MP George Galloway poses with a lump on his head after being assaulted.

Anti-Semitic Briitsh MP George Galloway poses with a lump on his head after being assaulted.
Photo Credit: Respect Party photo

British police have arrested a 39-year-old man, (not Jewish, we’re not sure if that surprises us or not) for assault anti-Israel and anti-Semitic Member of Parliament George Galloway, who was hospitalized for broken ribs and a head injury.

The attacker was identified as Neil Masterson.

Galloway has been released from the hospital, but it is doubtful that the attacker was able to beat some sense into his head.

The MP, who has built his political career on loving Saddam Hussein and Hamas and hating Jews and Israel, was posing for pictures in west London Friday night when the attacker jumped on him while calling him “Hitler.”

The assault “appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust,” said Galloway’s spokesman. The name of his one-MP party is Respect, which indicates his ignorance of the English language.

The party’s name is a very contrived acronym for Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community and Trade Unionism. A more accurate acronym would be “Racist, Extremist, Satanic, Pisher, Ethnic=hatingt, Crude and Twisted.

Galloway has been under police investigation since his call earlier this month that the city of Bradford, which he represents, be an “Israel-free” zone that would bar Israeli tourist and place a total ban on anything related to Israel.

We wish Galloway a speedy recovery and hope that some of the medicine he needs is made in Israel.

Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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  1. Chaiya Eitan says:

    I want to shake Neil Masterson's hand!

  2. May his recovery be slow and may he only be treated by Muslim doctors and nurses.


  4. OH YA ALMOST FORGOT KARma strikes again !!!!

  5. OH YA ALMOST FORGOT KARma strikes again !!!!

  6. Ilunia Felczer says:

    there is actually some good news….

  7. god bless the man that did it

  8. god bless the man that did it

  9. Pay Back is a Bitch. And that was not even of full value.

  10. Jamie MK says:

    Neil Masterson… Muzeltov!

  11. Couldn’t have happened to nicer person

  12. Lionel Hurst says:

    We have been waiting for some good news!

  13. Emely Silver says:

    Pay Back is a bitch, huh?

  14. Ilunia Felczer says:

    Neil Masterson I salute you…

  15. About time. Well served.

  16. Karen Bryant says:

    Lol! Yes on the laryngitis. I know…it’s misspelled .

  17. that should shut him up

  18. Han Jason says:

    Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Too bad nothing was broken….like his legs

  19. Andy Rossell says:

    Don’t stuff with a true Englishman.

  20. Sue Ardave says:

    He is the ugliest monster I have seen!!! I really think it is a requirement to be ugly to be a terrorist!

  21. And I wish him excruciating piles

  22. Mary Prine says:

    Yes Galloway had it coming. Too bad it wasn’t worse, like no speaking ever again!

  23. Treat him with homeopathy all the way.

  24. Lee Graysonn says:

    Or Jewish ones ironic either way

  25. Wendy Taylor says:

    What a disgusting little trout of a man Galloway is and quite frankly deserved more but what about the poor fellow who did it.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I commend Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu for his excellent article. I especially enjoyed his clever humor.

  27. and also no Israeli medical accomplishments used for him.

  28. John Dyer says:


  29. John Dyer says:


  30. Bessy Heft says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! He doesn’t look very happy in this picture. Tsk, tsk.

  31. Thanks, Neal. I do condone your attempt at facial rejuvenation. Unfortunately, the subject is beyond repair!

  32. He will be very pissed of if he was treated with any medical treatment invented by Israel. Why don’t we let him “suffer” according to his wishes?

  33. Robert Smith says:

    Thank you for your opinion, regarding mr Galloway, but you have to feel good when evil gets his ” up comings”. Knuckle bump!

  34. That valiant Brit should have got a knighthood for bashing that oxygen thief Galloway.

  35. Shula Conley says:

    Please don't accuse Israel for helping this guy to recovery!

  36. Ed Kaplan says:

    Well dun! Galloway never looked better. Too bad he still has teeth.

  37. Someone should get ax medal for it. Guy deserved that and more.

  38. What a ugly bastard. Hope he have a very painfully illness

  39. There are British Jews. Your homeland is also their homes. You put their lives and safety at risk with your comments as a community leader.

  40. I hope the veins in his head burst ! 🙂

  41. Lina Lina says:

    He should go to an Arab country for treatment. But he won’t. Those bastards use our inventions, our medicine and our knowledge. Then run around afterwards talking their . He should start by boycotting our medical accomplishments and see how long this idiot survives.

  42. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy

  43. I don’t care. Let’s remember he represents horrible people who voted for him. Cheers to Mr. Masterson!

  44. Yes Barb and with Muslim meds !

  45. God of Abraham strike him.

  46. Judith Klein says:

    who do not wash their hands

  47. Agreed Barb ..and Laura and Judith!! You should see the ugly comments made to me by his ‘supporters’! But one would never expect anything less?? They are lesser than less!! Sadly they know it so that’s why being anti-semites makes them feel important!

  48. well the misguided jewish press wishes him a speedy recovery ,where i wish him a painful death.

  49. hey ,i know a good medication for this.he must be bitten by a timber rattlesnake in the face.that should cure the problem.

  50. Awwwwe. Poor baby. He should be treated strictly by non-Jewish medical
    Personnel and w whatever was not
    Discovered thru Zionist means!!
    And best wishes to whoever “accidentally” bumped into him. LOL

  51. Joyce Myers says:

    He got what he deserved…may he recovery be long and painful

  52. I have no trouble condoning violence. I hope he got his ass beat extra well.

  53. This scum a constant fixture on the ayatollahs press tv have always been a great pain to me.But i never suspected him to be MP of great britain!This wondereous world.I thought him to be some european fag under the ayatollahs pay but not an mp.Any ways i cant hide something:he looks ‘handsome’ today than ever,with the bumps on his face in particular.This fag always begged to be trashed and he got it today! Long live israel while its enemies get trashed!

  54. damn someone beat me to it!

  55. Isaac Kim says:

    I remember an elder from a traditional Church in S. Corea sprayed a container full of feces at church that committed apostasy before God and I get the same feeling here. He had this coming…

  56. Looking at the comments this man is much loved.This man is a traitor he should be locked up in the Tower of London.That of course will not happen because this Great Britain,is now Luvvieland .

  57. Rachel Topaz says:

    He deserves it!! Too bad he wasn’t hurt enough to where he needed some Israeli innovation to save his sorry ass. That would have been too funny.

  58. Rachel Topaz says:

    He deserves it!! Too bad he wasn’t hurt enough to where he needed some Israeli innovation to save his sorry ass. That would have been too funny.

  59. Orah Peer says:

    imach shmo 🙂 vezichro…

  60. Unfortunately not hard enough. reminds me a bit of Israel’s response to Hamas

  61. Next you will be hang in the tree

  62. Chana Perl says:

    He had it coming!

  63. May your tongue become cemented to the top of your mouth and may you bite off your thumbs trying to extricate it!

  64. may he enjoy many more beatings

  65. he need s to be treated in Gaza

  66. Words/ actions have consequences you senile old fool. Hope you get beaten every day.

  67. Fullu Caplan says:

    He looks exactly like hitler arch satan…hope he gets what he deserves…..

  68. Rita Opit says:

    No I don’t, I don’t wish him a speedy recovery…May he never speak again… I stand with Israel …

  69. The vermin lover Anti- Semite needs some more of the same to remind him that Hitler long have been rotting in hell !

  70. Send the vermin lover Anti-Semite to Gaza !

  71. Nissim Levy says:

    If he is attacked again I won't shed a tear

  72. You are more magnanimous than I am.

  73. What does this mean? What are you trying to say?

  74. Blossom Levy says:

    May he never recover Amen.

  75. Next time they get to him I hope they damage that ugly face of his where he will need some stitches…and also give him a good devastating punch where the sun does not shine

  76. Well said, Larry Fleisher. Sadly, there is no stance at all that we could/should take that would be acceptable in the eyes of the world. Not only is it easy to lay blame on us for anything and everything, but we are expected not to complain, and NEVER to defend ourselves if attacked, whether verbally or by rockets and mortars. Self-defence by Jews is verboten. As the Poles said while stoning Jews to death in the post-war Kielce massacre: "They're just Jews."

  77. Ichabod : Why not? Who is going to help us, apart from ourselves? Who has EVER helped us? When Europeans attack Jews, as happens frequently nowadays, who comes to the aid of the Jews? You know the answer.

  78. Wow. This is the 2nd time I've read that Masterson is a Catholic. A Catholic coming to the aid of Jews? Things are looking up. Is the world becoming a better place? Are Catholics seeing the light? I doubt it.

  79. Denis gray: Jews are daily being physically attacked, world-wide? Do you not read anything apart from your local paper? And there is no "deafening din." Jews are not permitted to complain, because "Christians" don't like it.
    All the "deafening din" in the world at present comes from Muslims who threaten riots, boycotts and death to anyone who says a word they dislike or who tells the truth about Islam.

    Anyway, what are YOU doing on a Jewish website? Go away. This is one of the few places we have to ourselves. Get lost, preferably in a deep dam.

  80. Perhaps the lump on his head will grow, and then affect his brain so that he has hallucinations about all the Jews who have been murdered and maimed and traumatized because of Nazis like him. A bit like in Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", he will emerge a new man. Huh. I must be having hallucinations myself.

  81. Daniel Morman : You are right. Broken ribs are very painful and make it difficult to breathe. He will have to stop breathing to relieve the pain. Nice.

  82. Got just what he needed…but not quite enough…!!!!

  83. Should have broken his jaw.

  84. I am actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner and more often. I have never been under the impression that most Brits had much patience for Nazi-lovers and the like.

  85. The Streets of London can be dangerous. Go back to Bradford!!

  86. The Streets of London can be dangerous. Go back to Bradford!!

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