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January 23, 2017 / 25 Tevet, 5777
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Hair Product Company (With Nazi Past) Flakes Out on Giveaway to IDF

Garnier dumps Israel products for IDF. Its parent company, L'Oreal, was owned and operated by Nazi sympathizers during World War II.

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Garnier USA disassociated itself from its products being given to female IDF soldiers.

Now comes Garnier Hair Care Products, bowing and scraping and hoping all the terrorists and their enablers will forgive the company and its parent, L’Oreal Cosmetics, for having been revealed as an entity that somehow, somewhere, allowed its products to be delivered for free to women serving in the Israel Defense Force. Given L’Oreal’s history of enthusiastically supporting Nazi collaboraters and participating in the Arab League Boycott if Israel, it is on a familiar and ugly path.

The message on Garnier’s Facebook page wilts of its own pathetic weight. Garnier posted the following:

Garnier USA is aware of recent activity in social media. It is very important to us that our fans know that “Garnier worldwide promotes peace and harmony and has a strict policy of not getting involved in any conflict or political matter. Garnier was astonished to discover this in social media. After investigation, the hand-out of about 500 products appeared to be part of a one-time local retailer initiative. Garnier disapproves of this initiative managed strictly at local level and is very sorry to have offended some of its fans.”

But wait. There’s more to this story. For while it is true that certain companies fall prey to the heavy-handed intimidation of terrorist supporters and Israel haters, it seems Garnier may have the yellow streak in its genes.

Garnier is a subdivision of L’Oreal, the French cosmetics company. During World War II, L’Oreal supported and hosted the French La Cagoule organization, which was affiliated with the MSR – the Social Revolutionary Movement – in Occupied France.

After the war, the cosmetics company hired members of the MSR, including Jacques Corréze, who became the chief executive officer of L’Oreal’s U.S. operation. The founder of L’Oreal, the chemist Eugène Schueller, was an ardent supporter of the M.S.R., whose avowed mission was “to construct the new Europe in cooperation with National Socialist Germany and all the other European nations liberated, as she has been, from liberal capitalism, Judaism, Bolshevism and Freemasonry,” as well as to promote “severe racial laws to prevent such Jews as remain in France from polluting the French race.”

No wonder L’Oreal’s offspring, Garnier, was so easily intimidated into shouting with great indignation that it had nothing to do with something nice being done for women of the IDF.

And the Nazi-connection to L’Oreal subsidiary Garnier goes further. L’Oreal ‘s owner Andre Bettencourt, a cabinet minister and senator, was on the payroll of the Propaganda Ministry of Nazi Germany.

And as recently as 1995, L’Oreal was fined over a million dollars for cooperating with the Arab League’s Israel boycott.

Maybe this latest wasn’t a boycott L’Oreal, through Garnier, should have embraced. Because this reinforces their history of bowing to genocidal Jew-killers and their enablers.

Lori Lowenthal Marcus

About the Author: Lori Lowenthal Marcus is a contributor to the JewishPress.com. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she previously practiced First Amendment law and taught in Philadelphia-area graduate and law schools. You can reach her by email: Lori@JewishPressOnline.com

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. FlorenceKersteinSutker says:

    I am no longer going to purchase L’Oreal products. I have been procrastinated about stopping because of France’s increase of anti-Semitism. Now given the information regarding their support of the Nazis, I am definitely through with L’Oreal and Garnier and with anything else L’Oreal is involved. I suggest anyone else concerned with their history do the same.

  2. Anna Feder says:

    Well, i have absolutly no Problem boycott them, i am using Israeli cosmetics anyway!

  3. Oy vey חבל מאוד.

  4. YochevedRotenberg says:

    Thanks for the info! I was going to purchase some of Garnier’s new smoothing hair serum, but no longer.

  5. StuartKaufman says:

    The anti Semites are coming out from under their rocks.

  6. I had no idea . Well I’m done with products

  7. I had no idea . Well I’m done with products

  8. I just use the #63 color , now will not buy , not even one.

  9. Well I use Garnier and L’Oréal products. But after reading this, I’m going to boycott them and tell friends and family to do so as well. I didn’t know about the Nazi connection with L’Oréal or I NEVER would have used their products!!!

  10. Chucked their BB cream right out of my makeup bag this morning.

  11. Chucked their BB cream right out of my makeup bag this morning.

  12. Thanks for bringing this to light! Now I know what to do. No L’Oreal or Garnier products for me.

  13. Thanks for bringing this to light! Now I know what to do. No L’Oreal or Garnier products for me.

  14. Cacao Blanc says:

    don’t consume nothing every thing is Jewish Deconnect your computer Ipad Mobile etc…. Israel go a lot information about you…..Boycotter Bad like AAAAAA

  15. Have not used LOreal for many years because of their ties to Germany of old

  16. Judith Dowla says:

    Do whatever you want to do!

  17. Ellen Berman says:

    They won’t get any business from me.

  18. CodyFlecker says:

    Does that mean no one will ever buy Ford or GM products simply because Ford was an anti semite, and GM owned Opel? What about riding on a bus in Israel knowing that every bus is a Daimler(Mercedes Benz bus) Let’s get real about our priorities.

  19. using for years no more

  20. Sue Johnson says:

    Boycott L’oreal and Garnier.

  21. SudhirVerma says:

    Everyone of us civilized people should therefore boycott L’Oreal and Garnier products. Let the terrorists buy their products.

  22. AllanMeadow says:


  23. openid484 says:

    Garnier is a friend of mine. Garnier will do it any time. For a nickle or a dime! Garnier is a friend of mine. (Garnier = whore)

  24. ReneeSusanStengel says:

    Will never buy a Garnier or a L’Oreal product again…. Those that believe in our homeland will never support a Company with Nazi leanings!

  25. JudithGrayson916 says:

    Never will I purchase anything nothing from this despicable filthy company or its affiliates. drop dead l’oreal.

  26. GerrySchaffer says:

    It’s interesting how companies can never rid themselves of their past. Is it not time for the top executives of these international companies to renounce their past antisemitic behavior and let the world know they are on a new path?

    Or, perhaps they have no intentions of doing such a thing?!

  27. GerrySchaffer says:

    Maybe Mercedes gave the buses to Israel as a present?!

  28. BashaKline791 says:

    L’Oreal needed the Jewish market as after WW11 too many french women lost their hair by having it shaved in public for fraternising with the germans! Yes, as usual the french run with the hares and hunt with the hounds! – I’ve dumped all their products after this report and suggest all Jews do the same!

  29. BashaKline791 says:

    Buy Israeli Products instead, it is beautiful and sourced from natural products.

  30. BashaKline791 says:

    BDS the french cosmetics, and whatever else they produce. The Co-op in England boycotted Israeli goods and they have lost so much business – reminds me when England was broke and allowed Jews back after they had thrown them out, purely to handle the money matters of course!

  31. AllanMeadow says:

    I agree Israel should NEVER use a Mercedes bus or auto !!!

  32. YechielBaum says:


  33. SudhirVerma says:

    Basha Kline Basha, Please name some Israeli companies so I’ll know which ones to buy.

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