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May 26, 2016 / 18 Iyar, 5776
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Hamas Calls for Day of Rage [video]

Latma's Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage

Latma's Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage
Photo Credit: www.latma.co.il

Hamas has called for a Day of Rage for Friday, by Arabs living in Judea and Samaria.

The rage is presumably because the cease fire prevents Hamas from shooting rockets at Israel.

Not to worry, they’ll probably breach the cease fire as soon as they’ve managed to reposition their terrorists and rockets.

Here’s two Latma (satire) videos for your entertainment pleasure during the cease fire and Day of Rage.

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40 Responses to “Hamas Calls for Day of Rage [video]”


  2. Now that’s a funny mustache!

  3. Are you sure this isn’t satire? because that hair and that mustache look like they’re from party city around halloween.

  4. Elyce Benham says:

    Let’s go pour gas on a raging fire? Sure…that will make things better. Geez!

  5. Is this a disguise

  6. Great peace partner – calling for other Arabs to commit violence just barely after a ceasefire begins.

  7. Paul W. Howe says:

    Here they calling for ceasefire, there they call for rage… cn they be trusted…

  8. Vonnie Gross says:

    They have had centuries of it…when is it over?

  9. This is shoped , fake, phoney the guy is speaking more Hebrew words than Palestinian.

  10. Why do Hamas demand arabs countries helps to join with against Israel if they love death? It is so funny.

  11. Champ Styles says:

    All he’s missing is the top hat and monocle –then he’d be set 😛

  12. David Cohen says:

    Sarcasm, much, Dana Marcotte Seiler? Obviously this is satire. Incidentally, since when did Palestinians have their own language. All the Arabs speak Arabic.

  13. So dramatic, we’ll have days of praise and worship and like the walls of Jerico you will crumble.

  14. Hey Hamass Jo’s , I’ll give you some rage, right up your arse,,,,,

  15. Gene Strong says:

    Destroy Hamas and leave Gaza in rubble. Arabs like tents.

  16. It is very much satire. I love it .

  17. What the hell is the mayor of Tijuana doing in Gaza?

  18. lossing control in Gaza if Israel attack they are in the tunnel

  19. Roni LOL you have no idea what’s going on – do not speculate. Go to Israel and experience the terror on a daily basis, monthly basis , yearly basis. You have no comprehension of the terror Israel & her people have experienced not just for decades but thousands of years simply because they are Jew – simply because we are the chosen simply because G-d promised this land to Moses and the children of Israel.

  20. Anyone else think his mustache is fake and hilarious? Lmfao

  21. We can use his mustache for tinder

  22. Thomas Lundh says:

    It is satire and really funny! Latma | לאטמה

  23. Thomas Lundh says:

    It is satire and really funny! Latma | לאטמה

  24. Thomas Lundh says:

    It is satire and really funny! Latma | לאטמה

  25. Where’d you get that fake wig n mo?

  26. Deb Hoc says:

    Yeah the samarians!

  27. Deb Hoc says:

    Yeah the samarians!

  28. be real you don’t have sense of humor or what//

  29. be real you don’t have sense of humor or what//

  30. David Cohen says:

    Oh, yes, Roni Saputra, I guess Al Jazeera didn’t get the memo that 81% if casualties in Gaza are military age males.

  31. Where did this dude come from?

  32. Not Arabs, Muslims.

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