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September 18, 2014 / 23 Elul, 5774
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In Argentina, One Priest Worth More than 50,000 Jews

President outspoken about "destruction" of Gaza, but missile attacks at Argentine Jews in Israel don't seem to interest her.
Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Last Wednesday, at the height of Operation Protective Edge, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner warned Israel that no harm came to an Argentine priest caring for a group of 30 disabled children in the Gaza Strip. But the socialist president couldn’t seem to find the words to support the 50,000 Argentine nationals who live in Israel. 

Writing on Twitter, Fernandez de Kirchner said “Israel is responsible for the safety of priest Jorge Hernandez and those people in his care,” and added that “A worsening of the situation of these people will have severe consequences for bilateral relations.”

According to Andalou Agency,  a Turkish online news site that seems to be a government mouthpiece (no concrete information about AA’s political leanings could be found on the website), Fernandez de Kirchner made the comments on the heels of a phone call by the country’s Jewish Foreign Minister Hector Timerman who expressed Buenos Aires’ opposition to civilian deaths to Israel’s ambassador to Argentina, Dorit Shavit, Timmerman reportedly emphasised the Israeli government’s responsibility to protect Argentine citizens in Gaza, including making sure the orphanage received sufficient supplies of food, water and electricity.

However,  when Jewish community officials challenged the president to make a statement regarding Hamas rocket attacks on Argentine Israelis, Fernandez de Kirchner couldn’t quite seem to find the right words. According to one community leader in Buenos Aires, the  president showed little interest in the wellbeing of Argentine citizens living in Israel, and refused to retract her statement regarding Father Hernandez. The socialist De Kirchner has come under fire in Argentina for coddling Iran since her election in 2007. Although both countries maintained embassies in the opposite capitals, relations between Buenos Aires and Tehran were strained for 15 years following the bombing of the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) in July, 1994. 

Aftermath of the AMIA bombing, July 18, 1994

Aftermath of the AMIA bombing, July 18, 1994

Since coming to power, however, De Kirchner has played a central role in Iran’s emergence as a regional power in South America. Under her leadership, Buenos Aires has announced it would abandon efforts to bring current and former Iranian officials to justice for their roles in the AMIA bombing, despite the fact that Argentine Jewish leaders have shown conclusively that that attack, which claimed the lives of 85 people and injured more than 200, was perpetrated by Iran. 

Principal suspects in the case include former Iranian President Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and current Justice Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi, who directed the Ministry’s foreign intelligence  service in the 1990s, at the time of the AMIA bombing and when scores of dissidents were assassinated inside and outside Iran, has also been implicated. 

Iran refused to carry out a 2006 arrest warrant, issued by an Argentine judge, for Rafsanjani, Pourmohammadi and eight other ex-officials, claiming the attempt to bring the officials to justice was a “Zionist plot”.

Not insignificantly, Iran-Arentina trade ties have spiked under De Kirchner’s leadership. According to the InterAmerican Security Watch website, exports from Argentina to Iran jumped from around $84 million in 2008 to some $1.2 billion in 2011, making Argentina Iran’s second-largest trading partner in South America, after Brazil. 

More recently, the Digital Journal website reported that Tehran has continued to make inroads around South America with a series of trade arrangements with Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela and other Latin American nations. The contracts are approximated to be worth some $40 billion dollars, specialists explained.

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45 Responses to “In Argentina, One Priest Worth More than 50,000 Jews”

  1. If you don’t what is this ragbag establishment going to do ?God Bless Israel !

  2. If you don’t what is this ragbag establishment going to do ?God Bless Israel !

  3. If you don’t what is this ragbag establishment going to do ?God Bless Israel !

  4. Not our problem, call Hamas.

  5. Vatican of now , bad influe Inside,….from South america dictat

  6. Vatican of now , bad influe Inside,….from South america dictat

  7. Vatican of now , bad influe Inside,….from South america dictat

  8. Jo Torres says:

    Arabs will never get over not being the chosen people. Talk about grudges.

  9. Roman Druker says:

    Let’s see a quarter of the effort you put into this post for the people of Darfur, Syria , Iraq : there your friends are killing hundreds of thousands

  10. Roman Druker says:

    Let’s see a quarter of the effort you put into this post for the people of Darfur, Syria , Iraq : there your friends are killing hundreds of thousands

  11. Roman Druker says:

    Let’s see a quarter of the effort you put into this post for the people of Darfur, Syria , Iraq : there your friends are killing hundreds of thousands

  12. Adam Green says:

    She’s a dogs ass!

  13. Eva Perl says:

    That is exactly why. The world makes us choosen.

  14. Adam Green says:

    yes, gang rapists who terrorize innocent people, forcing conversions and beheading those who do not submit…. you should be proud of your long lineage of filthy maggots and low life elemental’s who claim their life for moHAMmMad the false prophet of pedophilia and death to those who dont agree with the sociopath… bravo Asghar you deprived guerrilla!

  15. Warn Israel? By what right?

  16. Just another idiot on the international stage!

  17. Eva Perl says:

    BAD, really bad

  18. We don’t want to be chosen people. Unlike you, we don’t need a title like that to make us feel wanted in the world or confident. And Arabs are the least of your problems when it comes to who hates Jews take a look at the WORLD.

  19. he is probably dead bt now look wht they do to christians and mind ur own dumb woman

  20. Jews are productive people and labors their way to success,look at europe who are now reeling from the social problems when they opened up their borders for rampaging muslims, their distinct way of life and culture are on the edge of extinction, jews contributes while muslims advocates violence, destruction and death

  21. the Jewish people don’t claim to be chosen . God chose them . islam comes straight from Satan that’s why they hate the Jews and Christians so much . God bless Israel

  22. Halim Pedrosa What at the Hell are you talkin about!!!????

  23. Esa bicha esa es una trapadora chupando el dinero de Venezuela!

  24. Tell the socialist Argentina president – Go to Hell with that Gaza terrorist priest

  25. this woman is incompetent

  26. it has now become fashionable in the western world to hate Jews while it is always the muslims who are performing great havoc in their societies.

  27. The priest is nothing compared to a Jewish who is a chosen of the Lord God Almighty.

  28. Israel has nothing to fear from the Argies as they couldn’t take the Falklands from the UK and got a bloody nose for their pains. Just ignore her. She would be better employed paying Argentina’s debts to some American Creditors.

  29. Chez Israel says:

    Frankly – screw them and their fu…ing priest. Send him to Gaza with that ‘warning’ – what a laugh! The priest would get on well with ham-ass, they’re also paedophiles

  30. That’s she is so unthinking that she bought into the hateful Hamas propaganda.

  31. Meyer Falik says:

    If the Priest can make his way over the border without Hamas slaughtering him he is more than welcome to ask for sanctuary from Israel and he will likely receive it.

  32. Carole Lucas says:

    Hate is destructive. Hate is horrible. It is so much better to love and understand. War is started because of hate and the innocents always suffer. We are commanded to love.

  33. Gracie Ma says:

    What are you talking about huh?!


  35. Joanne Adams says:

    I feel certain the priest didn’t say this nor would he condone it. NO ONE is worth more than anyone else!

  36. Dan Summer says:

    No or you are on drugs

  37. Don’t know why the man said that priest are as aggravating to socialist as Jews.

  38. Kirchner is an anti-semite. If she only knew her name is Jewish , lmao. These self hating Jews are too funny

  39. Plaestinians and Israelis are victims of the countries who refuse to do any peace with IsraeL The Hamas won the election with demagogy and money coming from those nazi countries (Iran, Qatar, …) and use Gaza as a battle field, without any concern for the palestinians. If you accept the existence of Israel, you need to give them the right to do something when some people aggress them and clearly were preparing a stronger aggression. The Hamas has demolished all hopes rised by the Oslo signature. The Hamas is the enemy of Islam, before being the enemy of the jews.

  40. Argentina is a defective country

  41. Cheryl McCoy says:

    Let the priest pray to his god for protection

  42. Why am I not surprised

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