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December 9, 2016 / 9 Kislev, 5777
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Israel Repairs Gaza Damage While Talks Continue

Nine of the ten power lines leading to Gaza were damaged by Hamas terror rockets fired at Israel.

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An electric company worker risking his life to restore power to high voltage lines that lead into Gaza.

An electric company worker risking his life to restore power to high voltage lines that lead into Gaza.
Photo Credit: Mishel Dahan / IEC / 0404.co.il

While representatives of various Palestinian Arab factions “talk” with Israeli negotiators — albeit indirectly — about how to extend a 72-hour cease fire into something more permanent, Israel is already starting to rehabilitate Gaza.

Employees of the Israel Electric Company began repairing the power grid for Gaza residents on Tuesday night.

Workers from the Be’er Sheva district – the same people repeatedly forced to race for shelter from rocket fire launched from Gaza – were ordered to repair the grids damaged by those same rockets fired by Hamas terrorists in the first place.

IDF soldiers have been assigned to guard the IEC technicians working on the lines. IEC provides 120 megwatts of electricity to Gaza on 10 high voltage lines, nine of which were damaged by the rocket fire.

The IEC employees are working on the lines from the Israeli side only, although a number of damaged lines are also located within Gaza.

“All of the IEC work is being carried out in coordination with the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT),” according to IEC deputy spokesperson Iris Ben-Shahal.

Rachel Levy

About the Author: Rachel Levy is a freelance journalist who has written for Jewish publications in New York, New Jersey and Israel.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. KeithGilbert says:

    Stop this madness…it is insane to rebuild anything in Gaza: “They Must Go!”

  2. JuanJoseDenoriega says:

    Good…now Hamas could light up the new tunnels that they must be already digging…why do we have to be so “civilized”

  3. ג׳וליהענז׳לערנגו says:

    SAY WHAT?!?!? STOP this insanity! Israel is beyond compassionate; she is bloody suicidal! Don’t give the enemy comfort and support. That’s treason, and for Israel and the Jewish people, it’s SUICIDE!

  4. DonaldWillinger says:

    It pleases me to see Israel restoring electric service to the people of Gaza.

  5. GeraldFarkas says:

    We can be proud of this men they do there job without comments.

  6. we are too soft, that has always been our problem

  7. Thanks Israel for your great job in protecting and helping people.

  8. PesachAceman says:

    that means I don;t have to pay my bill cause they owe over 1 billion $ and will only increase their debt at our expense such madness is beyond my cognition one minute killing them and the next giving them supplies and water and electricity we are a very disturbed nation

  9. Waste of effort and money Jihad will mess those poor people up again.

  10. God bless Israel …..He knows what wonderful people they are…..

  11. Why don’t they learn to fix it themselves? They will then be too busy to cause so much trouble for Israel.

  12. Lilia Ursos says:

    There’s no need to repair, why wasting time for the terrorists.

  13. Should just leave Gaza as rumble

  14. Shahid Khan says:

    They are God’s people, their actions prove it… God bless israel…amen

  15. Anita Harris says:

    Nice G Hayat the Palestinians need to get rid of Hamas they are the cause of the destruction.

  16. David Cohen says:

    If Israel fixes everything, than Hamas should pay for ll the damage they have done since it’s founding in 1988. They should also repay Israel for increased expenses for security measures.

  17. Foolish * provide them ammo and iron dome too

  18. Beginning to wonder if this indeed is the right thing to do.

  19. CodyFlecker says:

    It seems that everything in Israel is based on insanity. First you fight a war against savages, then you rebuild everything that was destroyed. Why fight a war and have IDF soldiers die if all you are going to do is repair the place afterwood.

  20. ManuelRodulfo says:

    How is Hamas introducing those psychoactive drugs into the Israeli water supply?

  21. They can only assemble missiles.

  22. Why doesn’t Hamas do it??

  23. Obi Sunny says:

    leave them in the dark,thats where they belong

  24. Why, they haven’t paid the bill yet.

  25. Ronnie Pleet says:

    Has Hamas paid its arrearages? Get advance payment for repairs

  26. Only Israel would do that. What would Hamas do if it was reversed? Can you guess? Perhaps they would fire up the ovens like Hitler did!

  27. Hamas killed their own using them as human shields. BTW why don’t you go there & help them instead of blowing off hot air?

  28. Kathy Kupfer says:

    Why? Leave them in the dark.

  29. Kathy Kupfer says:

    And build tunnels.

  30. Israel has been extremely restrained (up to 3000 Hamas rockets a year). Now is the time to stop these rockets despite my (UK) government’s political incorrectness and populist vote-chasing foolish comments. I apologise for UK government’s anti-Semitism since Israel was recognised in international law in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration and the Palestine Mandate – including Churchill breaking international law – and UK sending boatloads of Aliya seekers back to Nazi Germany. I stand in the gap and repent on UK’s behalf and ask for my country’s forgiveness. God bless Israel. God promised Abraham’s descendants ALL of Israel – including Gaza. I believe peace will come when Israel is complete.

  31. Ken Block says:

    Just add it to the bill

  32. IammeIamme says:

    Please… let Abbas look after the Gaza reparations.. not Israel.. Why fix for them, when after the 72 hours, they will be back at bombing you again? PLEASE.. didn’t you lose enough IDF soldiers ??? If you want support from others, then play smart!!

  33. RichReist says:

    Israel isn’t paying for this Palestinians are, see as for what Israel is responsible for paying for under international law as an occupying power see For those who don’t think Israel is still or has been occupying Gaza see and

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