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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry

Too late, Marie.

Kerry has again exposed his bias, which, by the way, the Arabs insist is in favor of Israel.


On the Israeli side, even the peace process-loving Israeli media can’t stand up for Kerry any more.

So if the Arabs think Kerry is biased for Israel, and Israel thinks Kerry is biased for the Arabs, what is Kerry’s role in the region?

“Poof,” and he’s gone.



  1. OMG! Good thing They DONOT agree with this. THANK G-D the one thing they agree on a Consistant BI partisan VOTE. Is the support of ISRAEL. THANK u people of AIPAC for working tirelessly to insure that CONGRESS knows the truth, 14,000+adults and 2,300 student swarmed the halls of congress this march to be sure congress did not buy this load of crap!

  2. Ah, the cowardly Kerry…next! Trust this man at our own peril for he is loyal to none, will do no good as his record of deceit in Viet Nam shows. Yes, some of us, US, remember the 'Winter Soldier' and the false valor claimed and then shunned.

  3. Peace rapists! 🙂 Obumma is like: “You go there Kerry and get me peace, you hear me!” and Kerry’s like: “But they (Israelis but really its the palamuseminians) don’t want to, I can’t (as he cry)” and Obamma smiles and says to him: “Yes you can son, yes you can!” and winks 😉

  4. He is too chicken to take the blame himself, he can take the terrorists back with him if he and osama love them so much together with confirmation that none of them nor kerry need return. Then you will see how peaceful it will be here

  5. alan saul your right.i dont blame israel they should not give up one grain of sand of their land god himself gave them and i wouldnt care what kerry or obama or the united nothing says it is not obamas or kerrys land to give away .i look for gods judgement to come upon kerry and obama for trying to force israel to part their god given land.kerry and obama better heed gods holy word. zechariah;ch 12 verse 3.AND IN THAT DAY WILL I MAKE JERUSALEM A BURDENSOME STONE FOR ALL PEOPLE >ALL THAT BURDEN THEMSELVES WITH IT SHALL BE CUT IN PIECES THOUGH ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE EARTH BE GATHERED TOGETHER AGAINST IT .

  6. USA and UK are responsible and must pay for their mistake, they inserted an illegal state in the ME which is Israel making the ME unstable and full of terror and violence and it will keep so as long as ISRAEL exist, Palestine must be freed and occupation ended as a first step to create peace environment in the ME . USA and UK are responsible for all Israeli crimes as much as Israel is since they always support Israeli Aggressions.

  7. To a degree, I do blame Israel, not for the failure of "peace talks," but for setting off the wrong tone of negotiations. The whole idea of releasing Palestinian terrorists from prison was absolute lunacy and a real affront to the many family and friends of the terrorists victims. When you agree to such foolish terms, you do not increase the possibility for peace, all you do is appease the enemy who will continue to demand more concessions. The Palestinians had no genuine intentions to seriously achieve peace with Israel. They saw this as an opportunity to exploit the situation and that is exactly what they did. Would the United States or the Europeans release terrorists in their custody, of course not, so why should Israel. To be sure, it is ludicrous to be asked to release terrorists from prison. But, Israel has to stop making the same mistakes by taking the bait every time. A simple chronicle of history would prove that appeasement doesn't work, it only increases violence, concessions, and arrogance on the part of the Palestinians. There will be peace when the Palestinians finally recognize that their insane tactics failed and that the best path forward is to make a honest commitment to stop the bloodshed and carnage that it has inflicted not only on Israel but their own people. I have said it before and I will say it again. The priority of Israel should always be what is in the best interest of their nation and people, not trying to win a popularity contest with the international community. It's time to understand, that despite continued barbarism on the part of the Palestinians, Israel has bent over backwards to finally reach a peaceful solution with the Palestinians and other Arab neighbors but these attempts failed because the Arabs had no interest in peace, they just used these opportunities to demonize and vilify Israel to the rest of the world. Israel needs to start making demands of their own. The reality is, if and when the Arabs truly want peace with Israel, it will happen. All you have to do is look at Egypt and Jordan as examples.

  8. Of course it is Israel's fault! Can you imagine, they want to be known as a Jewish state!? What next – I suppose they are going to claim that Al Quds is the city of David Hamelech or that Avraham bought some property in Hebron. Or that Nablus is really Schem. …

  9. Dear Idiot( my apologies to all the idiots out their) Kerry please inform me what has the PA done in their part of the bargain? We now have a lot more terrorist murderers on the loose, thanks to you. Hope we never meet, I will be forced to flush your head down the toilet with all the rest of the . To think that people actually voted for you.

  10. Kerry is merely a mouth piece. The one who is obsessed with getting this settled is Obama. He is hell bent on being the only president in US history to achieve peace in the middle east. He also is in a rare position where he can diminish Israel. He has never liked Netanyahu. He doesn't like Israel. He only has two years to destroy you. It's Obama.

  11. Oh diddums! Does this mean that cowardly kerry will not be getting his Nobel Peace Prize? No wonder he is upset about it.. STAY STRONG ISRAEL, DON`T GIVE ANY MORE TERRORISTS BACK, AND CERTAINLY DO NOT GIVE THE PA ANY LAND. It will make the Jewish State undefendable. God Bless Israel now and always.

  12. Would true friends ask or pressure Israel to release murderous terrorists with innocent Jewish blood on their hands?

    Wasn't the initial mistake when PM Netanyahu bowed to intense White House pressure (which commenced after Obama's inauguration) by announcing Israel accepted the idea of a Palestinian state in Israel's heartland in a speech at University of Bar Ilan, June 2009?

    At some point isn't the proper thing to do between friends what Golda Meir did when according to historian Martin Gilbert, she put forward the argument to Richard Nixon that there were already two states between the Mediterranean Sea and the borders of Iraq, in what was once Palestine?

    These, she said were Israel and Jordan (the original area of Britain's Palestine Mandate had included the territory of the Hashemite kingdom). 'There is no room for a third. The Palestinians must find the solution to their problem together with that Arab country, Jordan, because a "Palestinian State" between us and Jordan can only become a base from which it will be even more convenient to attack and destroy Israel.'

  13. Martin Goodman been caught myself in a couple of those car salespeople jargon lies. But ya' know they only take one at a time down the path of victimization. Kerry on the other hand is taking down half if not the whole world with his lies. He is delusional for sure………………BUT GOD!!!

  14. Kerry has a very nasty history of commenting before a committee – just ask any Viet Nam vet. The only reason Kerry is where he is – is because Obama chooses people that are even more inept than he is – that way Obama is always "king of the mountain".

  15. I belong to a community called NewsTalkers. My "family" group is Anishinnabe; we are Native Americans and have other ethnic people on board as well, including "Enoch" a rabbi. We tried to place friendly bets as to which party would be blamed when (not if) the talks failed, but alas! We all wanted to bet on Israel being blamed because we knew Kerry would not have the stones to blame Abbas.

    If any of you would like to join our discussions, you would be welcome. We discuss many of the things you do here. Israel is not alone.

  16. The cowardly Kerry of 'Winter Soldier' fame, deserving nothing more from the US than a traitor's necktie of sisal rope…trust him or POTUS obama at your own risk…there is not truth in either! As for the Arabs; "They Must Go!"

  17. Let's face reality…Israel is to blame for this fiasco. Afterall, Israel decided to give up hundreds of murderers over the years knowing full well that the Palestinians would only use the release as a pretext to an agreement. I believe that the Jewish People are the smartest people on earth, but after some of their actions, one must wonder just how smart they really are. Once you bribe another party just to sit down and talk, what you have created is a nightmare unfolding. Israel did exactly that.

  18. The real reason for the "crash of the talks" is because the insistence of the Obama administration commitment to appease the holocaust denier Abu Mazen, and his Nazi Arab terrorist friends in Israeli jails. Funny how Obama and Kerry are more upset with Jews building a house in Jerusalem, than Iran building a nuclear bomb. Kerry would be more productive looking in the mirror combing his hair all day long, than trying to use Israel as a scapegoat for his stupidity..

  19. Kerry the son of a meshumad is blaming the Jews like most Jew haters. I would have released the murderous terrorists to Kerry in body bags covered with pig parts to give him a 'good gesture'. The Muslim Arab Obama and Kerry are frustrated that Jews won't go to the gas chambers quietly and refuse to commit suicide. We survived Pharaoh and we'll survive Obama and Kerry.

  20. Oh so Kerry accusing Israel of being non-compliant in the 'peace process' for not releasing a FOURTH batch of terrorists?? First of all, a single batch of terrorists shouldn't have to be released in order to obtain peace. Why don't we offer to release them in his back yard and see if he still has the same views!

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