Photo Credit: IDF spokesman
IDF soldiers in and around a Hamas terror tunnel they discovered.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told the country Saturday night that the offensive in Gaza will continue until Israel can sleep in peace and quiet, despite reports that the IDF already is withdrawing some ground troops and declaring victory.

In the middle of his stating that “we are at the conclusion of destroying terror tunnels,” early warning sirens of rocket fire from Gaza sounded at Kibbutz Alumim and Nahal Oz, Jewish communities adjacent to Gaza.


The Prime Minister and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon toned down reports earlier on Shabbat that the IDF is withdrawing ground troops, but their declarations of achievements and failure to directly answer pointed questions concerning terror tunnels and rocket fire clearly indicate that the government, if not the military, has decided to not to deepen the war against terror and completely wipe out the threat to Israel’s security.

“Hamas paid a heavy price,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu, explaining that its army lost hundreds of terrorists, used up or lost in aerial bombings a majority of is rocket and missile capacity, lost hundreds if not thousands of rocket launchers, and suffered the destruction of approximately three dozen terror tunnels that took years and millions of dollars to build.

Netanyahu also revealed that the IDF bombed chemical warfare facilities at Gaza City’s Islamic University.

He smothered President Barack Obama and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry with flattery, one day after the U.S. president signed his approval Friday night to a Congressional decision to transfer to Israel $225 million for Iron Dome interceptors.

“I think the United States has been terrific,” Netanyahu told the country. He praised the “untiring efforts of Secretary Kerry with whom I speak several times a day” and lauded Obama for his ”unequivocal” backing for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Listening to Prime Minister Netanyahu would lead anyone to believe that frequent reports of bitterness between Israel and the United States are pure poppycock and that the leaders of both countries are the best of pals.

“These reports are full of incorrections [sic], full of distortions and are wrong in both tone and substance,” he stated.

Believe that and you can believe that that Hamas never will be heard from again.

The prospect of a return to the failed policy of leaving the Gaza Belt communities under a threat while promising them security was glaringly evident in Netanyahu’s answer to a question from one reporter who specifically asked if the government means there are no more terror tunnels and that there will be no more rocket attacks.

Netanyahu did not give a direct answer.

“I cannot tell you what will develop, “ he said. “ We are prepared. We achieved a major operation. We will invest whatever it takes. We will not accept a continuation of rocket fire. It will take however long it will take.

Asked to respond to leaders of Gaza Belt communities who are urging a wider offensive, the Prime Minister said, “All options are on the table to secure quiet in the long term.”

The words, as usual, sound tough, but he added that one of those options is the diplomatic process. On the other hand, he did not hint of any possible agreement with Hamas. Following the kidnapping, in the middle of a supposed ceasefire on Friday, of Lt. Hadar Goldin , whom the IDF presumes was killed, it is all but written in stone that there will be no more ceasefires, which were a direct cause of the deaths of almost half the IDF fatalities in the war.

Prime Minister Netanyahu also did not state that the IDF will remain in Gaza until Goldin’s body is returned.



  1. no matter how he appeared strong and determined in words, his action revealed weakness by capitulating to pressures from Barack and Kerry. The rockets are still intact and some tunnels are not yet being neutralized.. But he wants to leave Gaza already with the job is still undone. He is a tired PM and time to go.

  2. The US still has MIAs from Afghanistan we just got one back you can’t lose your faith in the country that he has been left behind but more IDF deaths to find him is not good either let Musad have Hamas and find him. Not all is lost as the US everyone comes home dead or alive so lets keep him alive in our hearts

  3. the problem is that Bibi is weak, and he is afraid. there are a lot of issues here, yet the biggest issue, safety of the Jewish people, must be dealt with, and he has not carried, sadly as usual, the act all the way.

  4. he issues and problems have to do with a weak prime minister. if this continues, and the rockets continue the government will probably fall, and we will go to elections, as we need someone stronger. one can pray and hope that HaSh-m would grace us with a wise and strong political leader.

  5. I think Gazans would rather love for Israel to get rid of Hamas the great cause of their misery and deaths who do not care for their lives for their radical cause. It is good to know about the progress and the victory of the military operation. May peace soon be achieved.

  6. I think Gazans would rather love for Israel to get rid of Hamas the great cause of their misery and deaths who do not care for their lives for their radical cause. It is good to know about the progress and the victory of the military operation. May peace soon be achieved.

  7. You have The Lord God Almighty on your side. You are guaranteed to win. Keep up the good work UDF. I am praying unceasingly for each of you, the safe return of 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, and Israel. I also pray for the Peace of Jerusalem. I support Israel’s right to defend herself 100%. Please know President Obama does not represent the majority of the American people. I voted for him twice, but now regret it. Push on.

  8. You voted twice for a smooth talker? Hope you woke up finally. You speak as a Christian, if so, you should have better discernment next time, hopefully. To many just believe whatever is told to them, need to check out and think for selves. Not trying to be cruel, just want people to wake up!

  9. The Innocent blood is on Hamas’ hands, not Israel. Hamas tries to keep them hostage in their homes, to use as shields. Which by the way breaks the Geneva Convention, Article 51 (7), civilian population used for shields in military operations or from attacks.

  10. Liz Smith, I guess you’d like to have rockets falling on your house, threatening the lives of you, your husband, your children, your parents and grandparents, and extended family. you really have No Idea What You Are Talking about. you are surely naive and if not uninformed, inexperienced in what it is like to be terrorized for years and years.

  11. you, madam are totally ignorant, like much of the west. if you do not like what is happening to the children, blame hamas, they use children as human shields, they come running at our soldiers with a baby in one and a gun in the other. our soldiers are not supposed to let hamas murder them just cause hamas is totally evil and make the nazis look nice. oh, and hamas uses peoples homes, schools and hospitals as military bases to store bombs and rockets and they booby trap these buildings and institutions as well, with tons of bombs to blow up our soldiers and their children. the more of their children are killed, the worse it looks for Israel. oh, and they also use old photos from syria and the slaughter going on there of the children Assad has murdered. I don’t hear you screaming about the 10’s of thousands of Syrians murdered by Assad. I don’t hear you screaming about the christian genocide going on in Iran. wake up woman, smell the coffee, actually I think you’ve burned your coffee. and the whole world, certainly the whole middle east and parts of Africa are in flames, every where kerry goes to try and fix it, he seems to make the flames go higher and greater and causes more deaths.

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