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New war, old war: General Shlomo Goren and Israeli troops at the Western Wall in Jerusalem in 1967.

He reminded Arab citizens of Israel that they have “equal rights and equal obligations,” and he asked them “not [to] be swept away by propaganda and incitement [and] an inflamed minority.”









  1. Huge surprise! Huge! abbas is a terrorist, heck I thought he was the good fairy. I'm sure these rock throwing animals are sleeping well tonight."fines for parents" of animals who r trying to MURDER us!
    Putin/Kahane would have ALREADY shot the first stone thrower, deport the entire family and raze their property. After a 100 of these stone throwers r shot and the families pay a consequence, it will end. What is so hard to comprehend, they r trying to MURDER us and Bi Bi talks about decreasing their childcare payments. THEY r trying to MURDER us, only collective and v server punishment will IY"H put fear into these wild animals. THEY have nothing to lose by trying to MURDER us, in fact the good fairy will compensate them if G-d Forbid they succeed. Even a blind person can see this madness

  2. Unfortunately this battle will go forward because of the indoctrination of Hatred being passed from generation to generation.This so-called religion of peace as the US President is quoted as saying continues to call for Jihad and this sort of denial of reality to achieve political correctness prevents real action from being taken…

  3. In the US media when referring to the war this past summer and the violence that ignited it, the three teenagers are referred to as "three Israeli teens." To this day the American media will not say "an American teen and two Israeli teens." But when mentioning the terrorist teen who was killed by the IDF when throwing Molotov cocktails at motorists, they call him an "American" Palestinian teen, though he had not been in America since he was six years old.

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