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August 22, 2014 / 26 Av, 5774
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Senior PA Minister Says Jews Must Be Banned from Western Wall

Perhaps John Kerry will suggest Israel make a “goodwill” concession and ban Jews from praying at the Western Wall.
Jews can kiss the Western Wall goodbye if the Palestinian Authority becomes a sovereign state.

Jews can kiss the Western Wall goodbye if the Palestinian Authority becomes a sovereign state.
Photo Credit: IDF blog

Senior Palestinian Authority ministers and clerics have hardened their positions on the Western Wall, which they call the Muslim Al-Burqa wall, and are making it clear that Jews would not be allowed there under a Palestinian state.

Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) once again has translated and published official Palestinian Authority hatred of Jews and denial of a Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash and the former Chief Justice of the PA’s Religious Court both recently declared that the PA’s Islamic belief and political position is that Jews are prohibited from praying at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

The PA claims that the area of the Muslim holy site, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, includes not only the mosque itself, but extends over the entire Temple Mount and includes the Western Wall.

PMW has found a statement made in an Arab-language newspaper by  Sheikh Tayseer Al-Tamimi, former Chief Justice of the PA’s Religious Court, who said, “The Al-Aqsa Mosque includes all its courtyards, foundations, skies, gates, domes, walls, and specifically, its western wall (Al-Buraq Wall), [parentheses in source], which is, after all, a part of it…”

PA Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habbash, quoted on official Palestinian Authority television late last year, said, “Jerusalem is religion’s trust and history’s trust in the hands of all Muslims, in the hands of this Ummah (Islamic Nation)… The Al-Buraq Wall (i.e., the Western Wall of the Temple Mount) is an authentic part of the Al-Aqsa Mosque only.”

To use an expression repeated often by former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, a trained ape could see the obvious pattern developed by the Palestinian Authority.

When it says it wants to create a future state on the Temporary Armistice Lines declared in 1949, it means more than that. It wants to duplicate Jordan’s policy at the time of barring Jews from the Western Wall and any other holy sites throughout Judea and Samaria.

Sheikh, Al-Tamimi, the former Chief Justice of PA Religious Court, stated in the Al-Hayyat Al-Jadida newspaper in February, “Allah decreed that the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque is Islamic and belongs to Muslims alone… It is part of the religious belief of a billion and a half Muslims, and the Jews have no right to it. No party, no matter how much power and international support it has, can change this established fact by giving the Jews any right to it, or the right to pray in any part of it. The Al-Aqsa Mosque includes all its courtyards… and specifically, its western wall.”

Al-Habbash, the Minister of Religious Affairs, pointed out that no one, God forbid, should think that he would keep Jews from visiting holy sites. “Freedom of worship in our Jerusalem is guaranteed to all,” but then he added the clincher that “nonetheless, we have rights, principles and positions that cannot possibly be altered.”

He would not harm the rights of others, and the good Muslim cleric is so learned he knows what sites are Jewish. Since the Western Wall is not one of them, there is no reason for Jews to be allowed to desecrate the Wall by even coming near it.

In any future Palestinian Authority state established according to the wishes of Mahmoud Abbas, Kerry, with his brilliant diplomatic skills, could broker a deal by which Jews would be allowed to pray at a replica of the Western Wall to be built outside the State Dept.

Below is a video of Abbas, as far back as three years ago, categorically stating to the Arab League that Muslims must “save” Jerusalem from the Jews.

Isn’t funny that no one says the Jews must save Jerusalem from the Muslims?

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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159 Responses to “Senior PA Minister Says Jews Must Be Banned from Western Wall”

  1. All Philastines must die now.Build new third temple today.

  2. No way God will not let that happen .

  3. To hell with the PA Minister!

  4. Ken Figa says:

    Time to clean house and put an end to this bs!

  5. John Kerry the us in the USA look bad I support Israel 100 %

  6. Deana Dodge says:

    I don’t think so …

  7. pa has no authority in israel

  8. Is this for real? No Jews praying at the Western Wll would be a ‘goodwill’ gesture for peace? Get real!

  9. April`s Fool’s is still a few days ahead folks, stop posting prank spoilers!

  10. Regardless of who is in the driver’s seat in the US, Israel must be ‘run’ by Israelis. If some one else ‘controls’ Israel it is at its own peril ALWAYS.And the PA needs to learn that no country will save them from their attacks against Israel. Tear them a new one.

  11. Screw the PA….Jews go to the Wall…

  12. Philastines must leave

  13. Now their have gone to far…it’s time to put your foot down…next their be asking Jews to leave the holy land ! If you don’t stand your ground their will try and dictate the rules to you Jews…take a stand now !

  14. Paul W. Howe says:

    Ban them from the temple mount… its your country…

  15. He must have bumped his head…..

  16. Noooooooo !!!! Don’t do it,,

  17. Jean Kinney says:


  18. Alan Saul says:

    Anybody who wishes to pray there should have that right

  19. Diane Brown says:

    No, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! I’ve been to the wall, it’s beautiful to see Gods ppl. praying there..and sticking the paper notes in the cracks…I’m was answered by god…NO again do not be pushed around by the PA, you Jewish communities build the 3rd temple..

  20. No Way !
    But than again if it is on agenda, let’s follow …..

  21. Its almost funny ,Ann Cohen !

  22. History shows Jerusalem belongs to Isreal…It always has and always ..no matter what the illigetimate PLO or any one else says…HISTORY PROCLAIMS IT.

  23. The Israely people are God’s chosen people. Anyone who blesses Israel will be blessed and anyone who curses Israel will be cursed . If anyone tries to stop Israel from going to the wall to pray they will find them selves up against God

  24. Don’t but thoughts in their heads,,they are rotten enough without any help.

  25. Yep….good luck with that

  26. John Kerry can kiss my ass

  27. We’ll go ahead and try to stop God’s people from praying at the wall and see what will happened????



  30. Jerry Bowers says:


  31. I think it’s time to rebuild the new Beith Hammikdash to show to the whole worldwide to whom belongs Jerusalem

  32. Barry Gerson says:

    When has Israel ever benefited from negotiations with the PA? Never!

  33. f… off camel humpers

  34. Perhaps you shouldn’t speculate on what the U.S. is going to suggest because it sounds like an anti-Obama bias much like what the right-wing, racist, homophobic, anti-Semite, and Fascist led (Aryan) Tea Party promotes. The U.S. contributes how many billions to Israel? The problem the U.S. has is in thinking there’s a real solution to the Palestinian issue.

  35. Take back the Gaza strip

  36. Why ,,???it’s their Land

  37. Didn’t we develop Drones to take care of people like this? Oh, that’s right. They decided to use them on Americans instead…

  38. This is completely ridiculous to say the least !


  40. Neavei Isaac says:

    That’s like banning the Americn President from going into The Whitehouse.

  41. Hank Lukas says:

    PA should live so long that Jews be banned from the Western Wall. Screw the arms and John Kerry.

  42. Hank Lukas says:

    Even Pope John Paul the 2 was at the Western wall and put a pray in the wall.

  43. They had better have the land owner show up with title deed see I Chronicles 21:21-26 the son of David, a practical need for Messiah, Go Figure!!! Now that is Jewish if I have ever seen it.

  44. Neavei Isaac says:

    When Jordan turns against Israel again, there will be no further point in continuing to allow Palestinians (Jordanians), to occupy the Temple Mount.

  45. Ruth Estes says:

    John Kerry needs to watch a his mouth. Our leaders need to leave Israel alone. Every time obama says or does something against Israel something.bad happens .

  46. and kerry can roast in hell along with the palestinians demanding any harm or infringement on Israel

  47. Israel will never give up the Western Wall. Israel only has the Kotel Wall to pray on as the remaining wall from the Holy 2nd Temple. It is a violation that the Dome of the Rock is on the sacred site. Israel will not bend to other countries/people trying to make her capitulate to the Muslim tyranny. God Bless Israel and protect her from the terror and muslim world who seeks to destroy Hashem’s sacred Holy Land promised only to the Nation of Israel!

  48. my spirit burns hearing this insanity…as my love for Israel grows hotter…its in these times that we should always remember Israel in our prayers; The Prime Minister, The IDF and the poeple. God is with you Israel, never fear, be strong and be very Courageous!

  49. Marci Iglow says:

    temple mount was there first and destroyed how many thimes. lets keep all of Jerusalem under Israeli rule that way it can remain open to all religions..

  50. Paul W. Howe says:

    If a neighbour is shouting i will kill u despite all good u have done. What would u do. .

  51. of course! how silly of us!

  52. If it happens, it’ll mean the end of the mosque. You can’t control how the hasidim, or even the rest of Israel would react. It would be bloody.

  53. Kick palestinians ot of Isrsael. They are the outsiders. No more concessions.

  54. Nope, Not happening. John Kerry and the PA are not dealing with reality

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