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Hamas calls for revenge.

Psaki assured us, “President Abbas has, as you know, renounced violence. He has condemned attacks. He has been a cooperative partner in an effort even with as it relates to the three teenagers over the last several weeks. Does that change the fact that we are concerned and could certainly condemn these rocket attacks and other incidents that occur? Certainly it doesn’t change that, but again, this is not a black-and-white issue.”

Why doesn’t the government of the United States of America simply call a spade a spade and say that the Palestinian Authority unity government is involved in terror and that condemnations are not the same as stopping it, especially when Abbas constantly praises his “martyrs”?


The Obama administration cannot do that because that would mean there is no more peace process.

So get used to it – kidnaping, murder and missile attacks are part of the peace process so long as those inciting the violence and condemn them and so long as the “technocrats” act as a front for Hamas.

Now you understand?

If you do, you are a candidate to work for the Obama administration.



  1. I guess the rocks thrown at the ambulance carrying the boys bodies were fabricated and thrown by Israeli’s or the fact that bombs were cast from Gaza was Israel’s doing as well. Obama and company should take the blinders off and see what is really happening.

  2. I don’t know why the US is not telling the world that Hamas was involved in all this terror regarding the murders of the three boys, and the rockets, attack on the ambulance etc? It is so disgusting that we know the truth, that Hamas is the one behind all of this!

  3. They can’t admit that their whole premise for peace isn’t working, hasn’t ever worked, or will ever work….As an american I love my country, and the good people in it, but lord, do I sometimes wonder if my ‘leaders’ have an ounce of brains collectively!

  4. The Hitlerpimp has no blinders on. This is what he WANTS to happen. Try to understand that he’s helping to orchestrate all the horror that is happening. He’s celebrating this horror, and he’s a huge part of what’s now happening. We have to get rid of him. NOW!

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