Photo Credit: screen capture / YouTube / GPO
Russia's President Vladimir Putin presents Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with first-ever Bible printed with Rashi commentary. Mossad director Yossi Cohen is on right.

This past week Russia’s President Vladimir Putin gifted Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the first-ever Bible printed with Rashi commentary during their meeting Wednesday in Sochi.

(Video is in Hebrew.)


Netanyahu called it a “moving” gesture, and said the Bible would be given to the National Library of Israel.

“I thank President Putin for the friendship and cooperation between us,” Netanyahu wrote in the post on Facebook that accompanied the footage of the Russian leader presenting the gift to Israel’s prime minister.

The two men met Wednesday with their top security officials to discuss the situation in Syria and Iran’s attempts to establish a permanent military presence there.

Netanyahu said before and after the meeting that Iranian efforts to build a land corridor that will stretch from Tehran to Beirut via Iraq, Yemen and Syria, poses a growing risk to Israel and the world.



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