Photo Credit: Wikimedia
The flags of Islamic Jihad (L) and Hezbolla

A delegation from the Islamic Jihad Movement, headed by Ihsan Attaya, the movement’s representative in Lebanon, visited Abu Hossam, a member of the Political Council of Hezbollah, to discuss the latest developments “in the Palestinian and Arab arenas,” Ma’an reported Thursday.

The report throws light on the ongoing collusion between the two terror groups, which are both being funded mainly by Iran. In the past, both terror groups carried out together at least 20 attacks inside Lebanon. The two groups also run training camps together in Lebanon and in the Gaza Strip.


The meeting, which included the coordinator of the Committee on Foreign Relations and Information in the Jihad Movement Shakib Al-Aina, and the relations official in Beirut Mahfouz Menor, discussed maintaining the “unity of the Palestinian position,” and conditions in the refugee camps.

The two sides condemned the “arbitrary measures by the enemy forces against the Palestinian people from killing, terrorizing, arresting, arbitrary expulsion and displacements, which intensified after defeating the enemy and breaking it and imposing a retreat on its project in Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Hezbollah, for its part, stressed its own “courageous stance in defeating the Israeli-American project and confronting its repercussions in the region until the complete liberation of the territories and holy sites is achieved.”