Photo Credit: Lev HaOlam
Swiss anti-BDS conference attendees purchasing products made in the settlements

Israel supporters last week participated in three conferences organized by the Lev HaOlam Organization against BDS and the boycott movement in Switzerland. One of the conferences was held in Basel, where the first Zionist Congress took place in 1897. Two additional conferences took place in Bern, the Swiss capital, and in Lausanne

Attorney Nati Rom, Founder of Lev HaOlam, said, “We provide the opportunity for Israel supporters to take an active role in the fight against the boycott and BDS movements.”


An estimated 200 Swiss supporters of Israel and the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria attended the three conferences, hearing about the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish producers in Judea and Samaria from the BDS movements.

Attorney Nati Rom (to the right of the screen) in an anti-BDS conference in Switzerland / Photo credit: Lev HaOlam

Rom also discussed the enormous European funds that flow to terror groups under the guise of humanitarian aid. He called on his audience to work to stop the continued indirect funding of terror by the Swiss government.

The event in Basel was secured by local undercover police officers due to fears that Islamic and BDS activists were planning to disturb the event.

Lining the conference halls were booths with products from Judea and Samaria. Many participants purchased individual products and several even signed up to receive monthly packages containing products from Judea and Samaria through the service provided by Lev HaOlam.

“We are happy to bring the true story of the pioneers in Judea and Samaria here to Switzerland,” said Rom. “Today, Israel supporters have the opportunity not only to support Israel in their hearts and on social media, but also to take an active role against the boycott by purchasing products directly from the producers in Judea and Samaria. We invite all people who care about Israel and Judea and Samaria to join us in this struggle against anti-Semitism and Israel haters by helping in the distribution of these excellent products from the heartland of Israel, Judea and Samaria.”