Photo Credit: Courtesy Uniworld
Uniworld's elegant River Ambassador

Uniworld River Cruises, which operates a fleet of 21 river cruising ships along the rivers of Europe, Russia, Egypt, and China, has come up with an exciting theme for its newest river cruises: Jewish Heritage River Cruises.

“While visits to Holocaust memorials, Jewish museums and WWII sites are an important part of this journey, our aim is to tell the whole story—the story of how the Jewish people thrived for centuries in Germany and are flourishing there once again,” says the company’s promotional website, which also invites you to “experience the Uniworld difference onboard the only Jewish family-owned river cruise line.”


“Everything we do is focused on a singular goal,” promises Uniworld’s website – “to give you the unique and unforgettable experience you seek, with the personalized industry-leading service you deserve.”

“We pamper our guests with the highest quality amenities,” the website continues: “This includes “specialty trained” butlers who “go above and beyond to create special moments that our guests remember long after they leave.”

OK, we’re sold, tell those butlers we’re coming.

So, like we said, Uniworld’s newest river cruise “showcases the rich Jewish history and culture of Germany, now home to a thriving Jewish community.” Sounds promising, although not everyone is particularly enamoured with the idea of Jews thriving in Germany once again.

The cruise along the Rhine and the Main, with a stop in Munich, “provides a balanced and in-depth exploration of the region, with opportunities to remember the past, rejoice in the rebirth of Jewish communities and look ahead to a promising, peaceful future. For travelers seeking transformative experiences, this soul-stirring 10-day itinerary adds yet another dimension to European History.”

Now that’s good copy, especially the transformative thing, and the soul-stirring. And in case you were curious, the Dachau concentration camp is one of the final stops on the Uniworld Cruise. The cruise tours are led by Jewish academics, and features meetings with today’s German Jews who share their experiences.

In the section about Culinary Excellence, the Uniworld website praises the gourmet – but, alas, non-kosher – meals served onboard, and a “generous choice of complimentary beverages, including fine wines curated by our expert sommeliers” – also, obviously, non-kosher.