Photo Credit: Channel 10 Screenshot
Security cameras being installed on the Temple Mount. July 19, 2017

Israel began installing security cameras on the Temple Mount on Wednesday, despite the loud objections of Jordan and the Waqf who don’t want any physical security measures installed at the holy site, according to a report on Channel 10.

Muslims have been protesting outside the Temple Mount all week long, most of them refusing to enter the compound as long as there are metal detectors installed at the entrances.


The Muslim absence on the Temple Mount has made the holy site a very quiet and peaceful place all week long.

The metal detectors were installed at the entrances to the Temple Mount after three Muslim terrorists murdered two Israeli policemen last Friday on the Temple Mount, and it is suspected that they had assistance from some Waqf officials on the Temple Mount.

The Waqf has called for all mosques in Jerusalem to be shut down on Friday, and for all Muslims to come to the street outside the Temple Mount to pray and protest the metal detectors.

The Shabak is worried of an explosion by the protesters and has recommended to PM Netanyahu that the metal detectors be removed. The police want the metal detectors to stay put. Removing them would be a major capitulation to terror.

What will actually happen on Friday is anyone’s guess.

Will Netanyahu remove the metal detectors? Will the Muslims riot and overrun the police at the gates? Will there be a terror attack? Will the police be forced to defend themselves? Or will the day pass peacefully.

How long will the security cameras actually survive on the Temple Mount before they are removed and destroyed by the Waqf or other Muslims?

In two more days we’ll have some answers.


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