Photo Credit: Basal Awidat / Flash 90
An Iron Dome anti-missile system is deployed on the Golan Heights to protect northern Israel.

“We are ready for any attack or Israeli stupidity,” said a senior Hezbollah official on Tuesday night in response to the launch of Israel’s largest military drill in 19 years.

The exercise is being held in northern Israel and simulates a “war in the north,” beginning with orders from Israel’s cabinet to put a definitive end to attacks on the Galilee from the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist group.


“We are fully alert and ready at any time for any possible scenario,” added the Hezbollah official, quoted by Lebanese media sources, including the Hezbollah-linked Al-Manar TV, on condition of anonymity. “The Israelis won’t succeed in surprising us because Israel knows all too well about Hezbollah’s capabilities after the loss it suffered in 2006, which deterred the IDF.”

The Iranian-backed Hezbollah said the IDF military drill, slated to run until September 14th, is due to its “military capabilities.”