Photo Credit: Ahmad Khateib / Flash 90
A Red Crescent ambulance at the Erez Crossing (Archive)

The Palestinian Authority reversed a decision freezing medical exit permits from Gaza after numerous media reports about the deaths of three Gaza babies made the news, even in Israeli media.

The desperately-needed medical referrals are reportedly flowing again for Gaza patients to receive medical exit permits from Israel to pass through the Erez Crossing, according to a report from the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency.


The permits are even more needed at a time when Palestinian Authority budget cuts to the enclave have reduced medical supplies, clinics and hospital care in Gaza. It’s not clear where the ruling Hamas terrorist group is placing its financial priorities with the funds that it does have in the coffers, either.

Turkey has been allowed to ship its own humanitarian aid into Gaza since the summer of 2016, when Israel and Ankara signed their agreement to restore diplomatic ties. Plans were also started for Turkey to build a hospital in the enclave as well.

The parliaments of both countries ratified the agreement by the end of the summer, and Ankara has had access to Gaza since that time. Perhaps Turkey’s assistance would be more welcome now than ever, given the current friction between Hamas and Fatah and the difficulty it has caused the people of Gaza.