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July 22, 2014 / 24 Tammuz, 5774
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Norway Official Wants to ‘Educate’ Jews against Circumcision

There is nothing worse for Jews than a good looking and do-good non-Jewish woman doctor who sees the world through her stethoscope and thinks Jews are ignorant of health because they circumcise babies.
Norwegian pediatrician Anne Linboe, the country's child welfare adviser, represents one of the world's greatest dangers to Judaism.

Norwegian pediatrician Anne Linboe, the country's child welfare adviser, represents one of the world's greatest dangers to Judaism.

The anti-circumcision bill in Norway, which the country’s foreign minister vows will not become law, is being pushed by the country’s child welfare adviser who wants Jews and Muslims to understand that causing pain is tantamount to a sin far worse than violating the Jewish law of circumcision.

New legislation on non-medical circumcision of boys under 18 is scheduled to be introduced before mid-April.

“With good information about risk, pain and lack of health benefits of the intervention, I think parents from minorities would voluntarily abstain from circumcising children,” Anne Lindboe, Norway’s Children’s Ombudsmen, told the Norwegian Aftenpost daily last week.

Her claims are questionable to say the least, but lest she be accused of trying to negate religious practice, she has a solution to those Jews who insists on upholding the ritual that is the physical bond among Jews since Abraham and which is the bond with God, for which Jews have been cursed and killed.

Her solution, reported here, is simply to perform a “symbolic ritual,” presumably one in which the baby will not cry, God forbid.

It would be easy to criticize her for ignorance of Judaism, but why expect a non-Jewish pediatrician from one of the most anti-Semitic countries in Europe to understand Jewish law and belief?

Lindboe is a pediatrician. She has seen children abused and even killed by parents, some of them mentally disturbed, drunk or simply wicked, and she puts them in the same basket as normal parents who circumcise their baby boys.

“We introduced a law on violence against children even though we had reason to believe that individuals would still be beaten and mistreated,” she told the newspaper,, dismissing concerns raised in Norwegian media that a ban on ritual circumcision would mean that parents would perform it illegally.

“If 15 years is set as the minimum age, we expect Norwegian parents follow and respect the law,” said Lindboe, a longtime advocate of the criminalization of ritual circumcision, which she considers a form of abuse and infringement of children’s rights to “physical integrity.”

“I think it’s disrespectful towards minorities to assume that they are going to break the law,” she added, showing an unbelievable ignorance of the very concept of any religion.

Her thinking, so to speak, reflects a modern and sterile philosophy that there is no such thing as “religious law” if a government views it as wrong.

Her attitude also reflects a modern view, often Christian, that no one has to suffer in life. Smile, have a nice day and don’t struggle with everyday difficulties that cause pain.

It is the same type of bleeding heart mentality that is behind “engagement” with monsters like Syrian President Bassar al-Assad and with masters of evil, such as the Islamic regime in Iran.

Ervin Kohn, president of the Jewish Community of Oslo, told JTA he did not expect her campaign to lead to a ban on ritual circumcision in Norway. The country’s new Foreign Minister Børge Brende has promised the Simon Wiesenthal Center that “the Norwegian Government recognizes the importance of ritual male circumcision for the Jewish community in Norway…[and] it will not propose a ban on ritual circumcision.”

Regardless of whether Norway keeps its promise, the anti-circumcision campaign is alive and well around the world, even  though Germany passed legislation last year to protect Jews and Muslims’ right to circumcise their children.

As reported here and here, the Council of Europe’s parliamentary assembly passed a non-binding resolution to ban ritual circumcision.

Some politicians in Quebec, a long-time bastion of anti-Semitism, have floated the idea of a ban.

Jews in Quebec have no fear of a ban, but more worrisome is the thinking, or lack of thinking, in which intelligent people want to see the world as the cover of a Saturday Evening Post magazine from the 1950s, or as a Woodstock festival, where no one has to struggle and everyone lives in complacence.

The problem with the dream world is that it leaves it defenseless against the Assads and Ayatollahs.

Linboe’s “no pain” world  that she wants to replace religious circumcision, about which she knows only a bit of the physical side and less than nothing about the metaphysical side, is a world that pretends evil does not exist and therefore does not have to be fought.

The Wiesenthal Center has said about all of the campaigns to ban circumcision, “Historically, such draconian actions were taken by tyrants, dictators and mass murderers. Today we are confronted with such initiatives being proposed and passed in democracies.”

The results are the same, but that doesn’t matter to the anti-circumcision crowd. The only thing that matters is that they don’t feel the pain when an Iranian or Hezbollah nuclear bomb blows up in their back yard.

About the Author: Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu is a graduate in journalism and economics from The George Washington University. He has worked as a cub reporter in rural Virginia and as senior copy editor for major Canadian metropolitan dailies. Tzvi wrote for Arutz Sheva for several years before joining the Jewish Press.

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65 Responses to “Norway Official Wants to ‘Educate’ Jews against Circumcision”

  1. Nathan Katz says:

    Beware the shiksha siren!

  2. let them TRY to educate Muslims first :-)

  3. Zmira Cohen says:

    Sad that Norway's Children's Ombudsman is so misinformed , that she could come to this preposterous conclusion , that brit milah is in any way , harmful to a male child. Perhaps it is not really misinformation that leads her to her views ……it is as the spokesperson of the Wiesenthal Centre states : basically her views are thinly coated with a pseudo scientific gloss , grafted onto a very infected anti Semitic stem.

  4. Josh Barrack says:

    Have the Muslims educated Norway against eating pork?

  5. Maybe someone should educate this doctor about the important health benefits of circumcision including reducing the risk of penile cancer and reducing risk of sexually transmitted disease.

  6. Moishe Beadle says:

    And next prohibit vaginal birth on the same grounds? All that squeezing has got to be uncomfortable, right? C-sections for everyone? Oh and I'll bet the little buggers let out an occasional yelp when dear old Anne sticks their tukas with a DPT shot. Call the 'Norwegian Baby Pain Police'! …….What a load of horse by-product….

  7. I wonder when this nonsense comes to Finland. Why the world can’t leave us alone. Europe has more important things do do such as economy which in ruin than worry our circumcision.

  8. Seagull LivingStone says:

    send the dear doctor statistics about AIDS prevention in Africa and circumstances, the connection between cancer of the Uterus in women and almost zero for Jewish women etc etc.

  9. Seagull LivingStone says:

    oops, i meant to write circumcision not circumstances..

  10. AC Stubbs says:

    This nazi is going to educate us on what G*d said?

  11. Joyce Myers says:

    I think Norway is wrong to teach this religious ritual to Jewish people…in my humble opinion

  12. There is nothing better for this Jew than his good looking and do-good non-Jewish woman doctor who sees the world through her stethoscope.

  13. Mark Pearse says:

    Wonder if piercing her ears was painless?

  14. This issue is picking up a lot of steam. I don't buy it. Buy it as a humanitarian concern. I was circumcised of course; as a Jew. Don't cry for me. I don't think that I have decreased sexual pleasure, not that I would know. No, my rights were not violated. There are bigger problems in this world–in my own life. Most Jews, unless they are the type that thinks that Israel is occupied land–most Jews understand that this is thinly veiled antisemitism. And that is all that it is.

  15. Social engineering at it's most facile and specious.

  16. Earl W. Littlefield Jr says:

    Educated idiot with the wisdom of a toad. Dime-store degree has her overflowing with what everybody shod do. Only fools would pay heed……..

  17. If she doesn't like circumcision, she doesn't have to have one.

  18. Ira Sacharoff : I've been wasting my breath about this "issue" on another thread. There is one single brave woman there and I'm trying to support her.

  19. Andrew Gross says:

    A Norwegian educating Jews about circumcision would be like George Costanza educating Peyton Manning about football.

  20. Alain Attal says:

    The laugh of the stupidity have a face … Give me a break … Pfft Go dreal with your muslim first and try to educate them to be civilised , jews have a bigger experiece than you on this field … Honestly , the world is almost blowing up and this ******* wants to give a lesson to a communauty that have almost 6000 yrs of existance and experience on this field… ******* ….

  21. Mo Halim says:

    I am a Muslim, a simple Muslim. So I shall say this: If God had intended men to be circumcised, why did he give them foreskins? Circumcision is not mentioned in the QRN. God has already made us perfect "We created man in the best design" [95:4] .Muslims believe the QRN. If they don't, they are not Muslims, are they?

  22. Given that circumcision cuts down risk of cancer and HIV infection, maybe Jews ought to educate Norway for circumcision.

  23. Abbushuki says:

    Why a foreskin if not needed?
    Why the appendix?

  24. Most Jews including all shades of Orthodox do not know why there is circumision! The Almighty commands US (Genesis 17:11)"The sign of the Covenant shall be circumision" What is the Covenant? HASHEM the Almighty gives us all land,"In that day the Almighty made a Covenant with Abraham,to your children I give this land from the River of Egypt to the great River the Euphrates"(Genesis 15:18) Only the Jews are in this Covenant! "For only through Isaac will they be considered your offspring(Gensis21:12) Full article appears on the website vaadharabbonim.com Also, WATCH Judaism Every Wednesday New York Time 10:00Am & 6:00Pm go to bcat.tv Scroll to the bottom ComunityMedia then click Brooklyn Public Network Click on the arrow in channel 2 In addition, mnn.org Thursday 12;00 noon New YorkTime go to 4 Judaism and click watch now..

  25. Don Mcglaun says:

    So by the docs rationale, abortion does not cause pain and is not denying the baby it's rights?????

  26. Beth Shalom says:

    It is a shame that a "first-world" country would allow such a blatant aggression towards minorities. As to this doctor person I am sure she decided to ignore two medical facts: on the 8th day of life babies have a diminished sensitivity on all their nerves, which means its the most humane day to perform it, also women who have relations with circumcised men have 20% less risk of developing cervical cancer. This pediatrician is concerned about pain… What about the pain of not belonging to your people, your beliefs your covenant… That pain lasts a lifetime whereas the pain she troubles herself with is simply temporary

  27. Nazis do not care what happened to Jewish children.

  28. Doreen Kraatz says:

    Andrew Gross oh christ that truly made me laugh. what a big pile of rubbish

  29. AC Stubbs says:

    Ummmm Tis in the Holy Koran and practicing Muslims are circumcised but nice try nazi. 16:123

  30. Anonymous says:

    She sees herself as a member of the "Nordic-Aryan race" and so she believes that she is "superior" to us "primitives."

  31. AC Stubbs According to your opinion probably 80% of the world are Nazis. I wonder what the rest is…

  32. Ltc Howard says:

    If Anne Linboe confines her sexual activity to circumcised males and/or females she will substantially reduce her risk of cervical cancer .

  33. Yechiel Baum says:

    She must have feminine sexual issues since most women prefers circumsized men and if you take a look at the circumsized children of Abraham and how many children came forth for over 5000 years while the Vikings disappeared so obviously they Nordics were not men and virile so we better continue doing as written in the Torah and maintain our supersized effective organs as commanded by GOD and let the pagans continue to disappear.

  34. Ron Low says:

    AC Stubbs The Qur'an says not one word about genital cutting for either gender.

  35. Mo Halim says:

    Dear AC Stubbs, if it is indeed in the QRN please show me in which chapter and verse. I became a Muslim only in '11. Before then I was a Sunni. Muslims believe only the QRN.

  36. AC Stubbs says:

    Mo Halim please see above 16:123 when Allah told the Prophit the following. I was rather shocked to learn that two religions who so often are depicted as polar in their differences have a large number of things in common. Also, I though t you were just a comment troll, and I apologize for this Here is the quote:
    Sahih International
    Then We revealed to you, [O Muhammad], to follow the religion of Abraham, inclining toward truth; and he was not of those who associate with Allah .

  37. AC Stubbs says:

    Jesse Kaellis BS She is a bigot and you support that

Comments are closed.

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