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Modiin Ezrachi vehicle for Transport of valuables

Modi’in Ezrahi, the former employer of Roee Rosen – the driver who recorded Prime Minister Netanyahu’s son, Yair, when he was drunk and stupefyingly self-indulgent on a tour of Tel Aviv strip clubs in the summer of 2015 – is suing the driver for 250,000 shekel (roughly $72,000) for acting “in complete contradiction of all the obligations that applied to him and for seriously damaging the Company’s reputation.”

Modi’in Ezrahi was established in 1963, employs more than 9,000 and provides services to the private, institutional, public and state sectors. On Monday, the company submitted the suit to the Regional Labor Court in Jerusalem against Roee Rosen, for violating their client’s rights with an unauthorized recording, and later by selling the recording to the media.


The lawsuit alleges a blatant violation of the defendant’s basic obligations as an employee to be trustworthy, and to exercise good faith and confidentiality. Rosen is also accused of defamation and theft of a trade secret. According to the same suit, those obligations continue to apply to him as a former employee, according to provisions expressly set forth in the personal employment agreement, based on the collective labor agreement of the security and security industry, and the collective agreement of Modi’in Ezrahi with all its employees.

The plaintiff claims that Rosen’s “outrageous and illegal activity harmed the Plaintiff and seriously damaged its reputation, which it has toiled for years to garner.” Now, the suit claims, “many in the media and the public have called on the Prime Minister’s Office to cancel the contract with the plaintiff.”

Modi’in Ezrachi employed Rosen from July 2014 to February 2016. Upon his admission at work, the plaintiff claims, Rosen underwent a security classification, in which he undertook to maintain confidentiality.

“Those who are engaged in such missions are required to be completely discreet, because they may be exposed in the course of their work to secrets that could endanger the security of the state or the client,” the lawsuit alleges.

The lawsuit also states that Rosen has a private investigator’s license and even worked as such prior to his employment with Modi’in Ezrahi. He began his work securing the homes of government ministers and senior officials, and later became an operational driver in the Prime Minister’s Office.


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