Photo Credit: State of Israel via Flickr
Tel Aviv (view from Jaffa)

The price of vacation apartments in Tel Aviv for Passover has risen to more than $6,000, more than notoriously expensive cities such as Tokyo, Singapore and Dubai, according to The outrageous price is for the second Passover holiday (this Thursday evening), and apparently takes advantage of Jewish tourists willing to pay any price to celebrate part of Passover in Israel.

For comparison with the most expensive cities in the world: in Singapore the price of 3 days in a vacation apartments is $1,800, in Dubai $4,300, and in San Francisco $2,100.


According to, these high rates are not typical in Israel: you can still get 3 days in a Jerusalem vacation apartment for $3,850, and in Eilat for a mere $1,388.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit report, in 2017 Singapore retained its title as the world’s most expensive city for a fourth consecutive year. Hong Kong remained second, closely followed by Zurich. The latest survey has also seen a return to the top ten most expensive cities for Tokyo and Osaka.

While not on the top 10 list of expensive cities on the planet, Tel Aviv remains one of the most expensive cities in the Middle East.