Boston police say at least 15,000 “anti-Nazi” protesters peacefully marched to the park in downtown Boston on Saturday to condemn a rally called by the Boston Free Speech Coalition, USA Today reported. The anti-Nazi side included leftwing, conservative and libertarian activists, some of whom carried signs saying “Love your neighbor,” “Resist fascism,” and “Hate never made US great.” Others held a banner reading: “SMASH WHITE SUPREMACY.” A column of marchers carried a street-wide sign that read, “Which side are YOU on?”

Within the group of anti-Nazi protesters, some of them also seem to be quite anti-Israel (see video below).


By late afternoon, according to Fox New, Boston Police Department Commissioner William Evans said there had been 27 arrests among the protesters, most for disorderly conduct, along with a few for assaulting police officers.

According to many media reports, the Boston Free Speech Coalition rally at the Boston Common left the Parkman Bandstand with a police escort before 1:00 PM, even though their city permit allowed the rally to go until 2 PM.

Boston Free Speech Coalition, which organized the two-hour rally, said on Facebook that they are dedicated to peaceful rallies, and they publicly distanced themselves from the neo-Nazis, white supremacists in Charlottesville.

But, according to the Boston Globe, the group had planned to include two speakers who spoke at the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville at this Saturday’s event, then changed its mind. Meanwhile, has become “a source of outrage in Boston, a bane for City Hall, and an outlet for those who feel their voices are being shut out.”

Video Warning: Graphic Language – Man with Israeli flag walks through group of “anti-Nazi” protesters.

“We are witnessing an unprecedented move towards sweeping censorship that undermines our democratic system,” goes the group’s message on Facebook. “We are witnessing increasingly regular incidents of political violence being used to silence political opponents. We are witnessing our social media and online communities purging both progressive and conservative content from their networks. We oppose all instances of censorship. We believe that the way to defeat and disarm toxic ideas and ideologies is through dialogue and reason, and that attempting to silence any voice by force of mob or force of law only empowers the radical elements of society and divides us.”

Police Commissioner William Evans said 500 uniformed and undercover officers were on hand Saturday to keep the two groups apart through the two-hour rally. “We will not tolerate any misbehavior, violence or vandalism whatsoever,” Evans said.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh warned: “If anyone gets out of control [at the rally] — at all — it will be shut down.”



  1. I really do not get the recent obsession with Nazism. these creeps have been around since forever. however……they are irrelevant and certainly do not constitute any major problem these days. so…folks…..please focus on current problems

  2. The ratio in the headline isn’t close to being correct. We can report news better than this! There was likely less than 200 protesters for “free speech” who were displaying almost no Nazi clothing or signs. The anti-Semitic white supremacists are thankfully still small in number, but the hysteria over them is amazing. Worse for this day is Antifa, which is also anti-Semitic, anti-free speech, and violent. Some members were seen throwing urine at police, fighting with them, being arrested, etc.

  3. Antifa are scum. The highlights of this day were the civil restraint shown by the Black Lives Matter campaign and the moderate Christians with the Love Thy Neighbour banners. Still… I know what those groups think of “Palestine”.

  4. What’s going on now is very reminiscent of Germany in the 1920’s- gangs of pre-Nazi thugs fighting pre-Bolshevik thugs in the streets, while guess who got caught in the middle? The idiot media needs to stop feeding this frenzy and people better wake up as to who BLM and ‘antifa’ really are- freaking communists. They could care less about historic ‘wrongs’ and victimized ethnic groups- they want to destroy America. Guess who gets caught in the middle?

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