Photo Credit: Bachrach44 via Wikimedia
Canvas sukkah (illustration)

The 8-by-12-foot sukkah built by the Kansas State University Hillel was carried to a school parking lot last Friday night, destroyed, and its pieces were left around a car belonging to Glen Buickerood, a graduate student who works on diversity initiatives for Housing and Dining, The Mercury of Manhattan, KS, reported Sunday.

So much hate and aggression packed into one paragraph…


According to The Mercury, the Department of Housing and Dining last week built the “hut,” as they called it, as a diversity initiative to recognize the eight-day Jewish holiday of Sukkot – then the Hillel group assembled the structure on Wednesday afternoon near the Kramer Dining Center.

K-State assistant professor Gregory Newmark, who serves as adviser for Hillel, said he believes the act was anti-Semitic: “This was meant to be a place where everyone was welcome, and someone just ripped it down,” he said.

Hillel has filed a report with the K-State Police Department.


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