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Arab child Mohammed Al-Farra.

Columnist David Suissa, the founder of OLAM magazine, has challenged theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking to visit a three-year old Gaza paraplegic who is being cared for by Israel.

Hawking shocked the entire Israel political spectrum, from left to right, by his boycotting President Shimon Peres annual “Presidential Conference’ because of the “occupation.”


Hawking who is severely handicapped by a deteriorating disease and is confined to a wheelchair, is able to communicate through a device that is run by a computer chip designed and developed in Israel.

“Instead of getting upset at Hawking, I would rather we invite him to visit the Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, part of the Tel HaShomer complex in the Israeli city of Ramat Gan, Suissa wrote in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal.

There, he would meet a three-year-old Arab toddler with no arms and no legs, named Mohammed al-Farra.

“Mohammed was born in Gaza with a rare genetic disease. His parents abandoned him, and the Palestinian government refused to pay for his care.

“As soon as he was born, he was rushed to Israel for emergency treatment. As reported in Huffpost, his genetic disorder left him with a weakened immune system and crippled his bowels, and an infection destroyed his hands and feet, requiring them to be amputated.

“Since then, he has spent his days and nights in an Israeli hospital undergoing treatment and learning how to use prosthetic limbs. His grandfather lives with him. Mohammed has been warmly embraced and cared for by his Israeli doctors, who have arranged for him and his grandfather to live in the sunny pediatric ward.”

Suissa asked, “I wonder what kind of boycott Hawking would have in mind after meeting little Mohammed, and after learning about the thousands of other Arab children from the West Bank and Gaza who are routinely cared for in Israeli hospitals?

“Well, I can think of at least one: It would be a boycott of every country in the world that neglects to care for disabled children like Steven Hawking and Mohammed al-Farra.”



  1. I think this is a good idea. Maybe the kid would humble him enough to question his stance. In reference to Alan Kardon's statement, there is no question that Hawking is intelligent. according to the standard definition of the term, but all intelligence does is create an opportunity to receive information, process it, and retain it. Intelligence doesn't make you use your brain in a way to acquire knowledge or wisdom. You can't say, "because I am intelligent, I am correct."

    There are many who use their gift for obfuscation and denial of the obvious. As a lark, I took on the theory that the earth is flat and defended it against all comers in the Philosophy Department at the university. For others, that would have been serious business. Some spend the course of their lives working kicking hard against the mountain, never wondering why it won't move.

  2. Hawkins stated last year that the belief in God is for those afraid of the dark.
    For a man held in such high esteem, and a man who was able to overcome his physical limitations to make a life for himself he really is not that swift.

    Let him have his protest, along with William Hague and the Guardian newspaper we see a lot of hatred coming out of the Crown.

    They at least show good form in hiding there contempt for Israel behind the Guise of higher learning and the political process.

    The most popular name for new born males in the last decade in England is Mohammed.

    Soon the Mohammeds will start growing up and demanding sharia law rule the land.
    When that day comes then England will get pay back in spades.

  3. "Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe, who varies the forms of His many creatures." A beautiful sweet faced boy who touches and teaches so much: thank you for the blessing of this boy in our hearts and minds.

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