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Victims Of Terror: Redesigning Avital Afgin

When you don't have anyone else to turn to... that's when you're tied to Hashem the closest.

Fifty Years Of Plenty

Today, fifty years and six million (!) people later, Israel is truly a different world.

For These I Cry: Rabi Chutzpit the Interpreter

The interpreter was expected to be a talmid chacham himself and be able to also offer explanations and clarifications to the students.

Frank Buchweitz: The Epitome Of Determination

"When Frank does something he does it well and you don't have to worry about dotting the i's or crossing the t's."

For These We Cry: Rabi Chananya ben Teradyon

"Rabi, if I make the flames hotter and remove the wool sponges from your heart, will you bring me to the World to Come?"

You’re Hired! Now What?

Make sure that you know what the policies are and that you adhere to them scrupulously.

For These We Cry: Rabi Akiva ben Yosef

In addition to his great erudition, Rabi Akiva was known for his optimism.

The False Messiahship Of Eva Frank

Frank proclaimed himself Zvi’s successor and the reincarnation of King David.

An Evening With Perlman And Helfgot

Almost immediately the audience began singing and clapping and continued almost without stop throughout the rest of the concert.

Victims Of Terror: Still Alive But Forever Lost

I probe a little deeper and Shula takes me into the world of phantom pains and prosthetic limbs.

For These We Cry: Rabi Yishmael ben Elisha, Kohen Gadol

This went on until she had immersed eighty times, and then Hashem at last took pity upon her.

New Jewish Chaplaincy Program

A CPE class at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center in Brooklyn was tailor made for Orthodox participants.

Exodus From Israel To Egypt: 100 Years Since The Turkish Expulsion Of Jews

With generous support from the Egyptian Jewish community, the exiled family built a new life for itself in the Mafruza and Gabbari refugee camps near Alexandria.

These I Will Remember: Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel I

Woe to us that we have to be put to death like common heathen and murderers!

The Synagogue That Merges Past And Future

The traditional services that take place here transport visitors back in time, enabling them to smell and feel the authentic historical experience.

A World Of Surprises

Who wants to read Old News when the Internet is already giving you tomorrow's happenings before they've even occurred?

These I Will Remember

Even though the Roman victory signaled the end of Jewish sovereignty, it did not mean the end of Torah Judaism.

Nadia And Yehudit: Two Righteous Women Of Israel

After they saw what happened in Gush Katif in 2005, they understood Judea and Samaria could well be next.

“Write Spirit” Contest Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners in the "Write Spirit" competition, a collaboration of The Orthodox Women's Chaplaincy Network and The Jewish Press.

The Wounded Healer

“Hashem has blessed me with wonderful friends and family,” she mumbles.

Comforting Elijah

I sit down next to the dear prophet Elijah And quietly smile at him. He glances at me with an expression of gratitude. It is time to take him out of his abyss.


While the Torah categorically forbids the practice of magic and sorcery, the type of magic that utilizes the many mystical

Long Live President Rivlin

The president's message was one of living peacefully in a Jewish and democratic state, Jews of all stripes unified as brothers, with Arabs or citizens of other religions.

Freud’s ‘Rabbi’

On his marriage, he wrote: "This is what I believe: something of the core, of the essence of this meaningful and life-affirming Judaism will not be absent from our home" (1882).

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