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In Oz Ve’Gaon A New Place Of Learning

The beautiful grounds are buzzing with activity on a daily basis. Visitors come from schools and youth groups, ulpanot, yeshivot, IDF Mechinot, as well as from overseas.


Eretz Yisrael opens her heart only to those who truly love her.

Shidduchim: Then And Now

She continued opening resume and deleting them quickly.

Good News For Yermiyahu – At Last

Pisgat Zev lives in the present, looks forward to the future, and remembers the past.

The 1957 Attempt To Assassinate Ben-Gurion

When Ben-Gurion was revived at the hospital, he was relieved to learn the attacker was mentally unstable rather than politically motivated.

From Exile To Redemption

Many books and commentaries have been written on the reasons we have not merited redemption. All agree that the main reason is the lack of love between us.

Hatzoloh Members – Are You Protected From Being Fired For Taking A Call?

Unfortunately, while the New York law protects emergency workers from being fired for time providing assistance related to the state of emergency, it does not allow for these workers to be paid for the time that is devoted during the state of emergency.

Tisha B’Av Message from Zvi Gluck

Shidduchim – I hate that word. How many lives have been lost because parents have been focused on shidduchim?

The Tale Of Two Young Survivors

Those of us who are children of survivors will undoubtedly relate to at least one or two of the lines above, if not all of them!

A Feud For The Ages: A History Of The Jews And The Church (Part...

The thirteenth century was a turning point in Jewish-Church relations.

Three Nuremberg Documents

It was through Jackson’s leadership that the Nuremberg trials were organized; standards of evidence developed; rights of defendants defined; and prosecutorial action commenced.

Seize The Moment

No one knows how many years he is given on this earth. If a person were to know when their time is up they would live differently.


The older and wiser that we get the more we realize that those prehistoric parents and grandparents are not as out of date as we thought.

Holocaust Museum Focuses On Eichmann And His Capture

Operational Finale was the code name given by the Mossad to the mission of finding and capturing Eichmann after the Holocaust.

A Perilous Risk

Was their recent commitment strong enough to prevail against this dramatic test?

My Heart Is In The East While I Dwell In The West

Throughout the years that I lived in America I would meet lots of Jews with the same love and burning desire to live in Israel. I was not alone.

Moses Mendelssohn: Personally Observant Progenitor Of Reform Judaism

The leading fighter for Jewish civil rights in Germany, he used his respect and renown to assist individual Jews and entire communities in disputes with the German authorities and he facilitated the revocation of many anti-Semitic laws.

When Moslems Saved Jews

I am done with my little bit of research and I marvel. Not so very long ago Muslim Arabs were willing to risk their lives to save Jews.

The Hilltop Youth

The generation of Jews who left Egypt and received the Torah on Mount Sinai, dreamed of entering the promised land and settling in it.

The Traveling Salesman Who Saved Israel

A livid Truman screamed at him for violating his specific instruction never to even mention the word “Palestine.”

Panama: An Oasis Of Torah Judaism In Central America

Recently, due to political and economic turmoil in Latin America, many Jews have immigrated to Panama from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, and Venezuela.

A Feud For The Ages: A History Of The Jews And The Church (Part...

It’s difficult to sort out the historical person from the figure who was later deified in the Christian bible.

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