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My Desire

Often we feel that the days just pass by and we are missing our purpose in life.

The Sea Gate Shul Torahs Rescued Again

What happened was not our choice. But how we react - that is our choice.

The Berkshires and Six Flags New England

There are plenty of fun activities for all ages and some relaxing scenic spots to enjoy.

Oh My Yerushalayim

Living In Jerusalem isn’t so easy. People with different religions and different views want this city to belong only to them.

Israel’s 1953 World’s Fair

Though the United States participated, Israeli officials were furious when the U.S. announced it would boycott the opening ceremony.

An Unlikely Hero

Sousa Mendes told Rabbi Kruger that he also had a large family and wanted to help the Kruger family.

The Conductor

As we grow up and become more independent, we tend to think that we are in charge and that everything is in our hands.

Herzl And Die Welt

Herzl decided that a newspaper geared to the broader Jewish public, particularly the middle classes, would lead to greater success in spreading the Zionist idea.

Eit HaZamir… A Time For Song Spring And Jewish Redemption

Nissan, Iyar and Sivan – these are the months of Divine birth and renewal, the time of Redemption.

When Shimon Peres Declined To Greet Warren Christopher On Shavuot

One of Christopher’s main goals as secretary of state was to establish peace between Israel and its Arab neighbors and on a 1994 peacemaking trip to Israel he landed there on Monday, May 16 – Shavuot.

A Feud For The Ages: A History Of The Jews And The Church (Part...

The local feud became an international one when the two brothers turned, separately, to the Roman general Pompey for help.

Saul Bellow’s ‘Vengeful Jewish Heart’

His mother, wanting him to be a rabbi, saw to it that he received a traditional Jewish education, and his lifelong love for the Bible began at age four when he learned Hebrew.

Sharing The Story, Sharing Joy

How does one describe an historic moment of excruciating joy that defies reality?

P.T Barnum: Legendary Showman, Virulent Anti-Semite

A venerable American institution, “The Greatest Show on Earth” is no more. After 146 years, Feld Entertainment, owners of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum...

Chaim V’Chessed Helps You Navigate Life In Israel

In times of crisis people often turn to their rabbis for help, but that isn't necessarily the right address.

SelfCAD’s CEO: Creating New Tools

While most 3D design programs take six months to two years to learn, SelfCad can be self-taught in five hours!

‘A Match Made In Heaven’

What do you say to someone who is literally giving you your life back?

Diego Rivera’s Jewish Roots And The Rosenberg Case

My Jewishness is the dominant element in my life. From this has come my sympathy with the downtrodden masses which motivates all my work.

State of New Jersey Honored by the Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce for its...

In particular, the event paid tribute to the governor and a long list of legislators who were instrumental in making the bill a reality.

The Israeli Declaration Of Independence

The proclamation of a Jewish state had to be made on May 14 because the British Mandate was to end at midnight and Jewish leadership did not want even one second to pass before the formal establishment of the state.

The Angels Of Shabbat

Volunteers began going around to neighbors and synagogues in the vicinity to collect the children who had been out of the home when the tragedy occurred.

Edward R. Murrow Breaks The News Of The Holocaust

Though Murrow became a legendary pioneer of radio broadcasting and television news, he has received little recognition for his rescue efforts on behalf of persecuted scholars during the Holocaust.

Machon Maharal Tzintz

As a further aid to comprehension, the members of the Machon enhance the original works of the rov by adding references to the sources on which the Maharal Tzintz’s writings are based.

Henry Stimson Approves Passover Furloughs

Many young Jewish soldiers who were away from home for the first time found that attending a Seder provided an important emotional link to familiar traditions of home and family.

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