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Security Cabinet to Meet: 5,000 Rioters Resume Daily Violence at Gaza Border

Hamas also launched boats in an effort to break through Israel’s maritime blockade, but they were stopped by the IDF.

Netanyahu Opens Knesset Winter Session: ‘Peace is Our Soul’s Desire’

Netanyahu said Israel won’t hesitate to fight if necessary, a reference to the current escalation from Gaza, with rising and new forms of attacks by Hamas terrorists now happening daily.

IDF Strikes Hamas Post in Gaza

“We are very close to a different kind of activity, an activity that will include very powerful blows. If it has sense, Hamas will ... stop these violent disturbances – now.”

Hamas Attacks Escalating: Explosive Balloons Land in Be’er Sheva School, Jordan Valley Moshav

A colorful cluster of balloons arrived at midday at the Be’er Sheva school attached to what appears to be a small explosive, with a cord ending in a detonator or ignition piece.

Bennett: Instead of Curbing Gaza Fuel Supplies – Kill Terrorists

"The big battle is between Habayit Hayehudi, which will be pulling to the right in all areas, versus the center-left, which is Yisrael Beiteinu."

Road Race in Memory of Eitam and Naama Henkin Traced Highway of their Murder

The highway was renamed Eitan road, Eitan being an acronym of Eitam and Naama.

Hamas Vows to Continue Violence Until Israel Lifts Blockade

“Our marches are not for the sake of solar (gasoline) or dollars. Our people have the right to live in dignity and end the blockade.”

Liberman to Gaza: Border Violence Means ‘No Fuel for You’

“Israel will not tolerate a situation in which fuel trucks are allowed into Gaza on the one hand while on the other hand, terror and violence is carried out against IDF soldiers and citizens of Israel.”

IDF Shoots, Kills Terrorists Who Crossed the Gaza Fence

A number of terrorists approached an IDF post and the force fired at them. The terrorists were killed. According to Ma'an, 7 Arabs were killed.

Thursday Fire Tally: Incendiary Balloons in Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Southern Israel

Israel Police instruct the public NOT to touch or EVEN TO APPROACH any suspicious object, including balloons or kites which "may contain flammable or explosive material."

Israel Destroys Hamas Attack Tunnel Infiltrating from Gaza

Since October 2017, 15 tunnels in the Gaza Strip have been neutralized.

Incendiary Balloon Battle Strategy Spreading Across Palestinian Authority

Barely two weeks ago, incendiary balloons landed in another Jewish community near Jerusalem and in one at the heart of Gush Etzion, also in central Israel.

Gaza Arabs Torch IDF Military Post Near Zikkim, South of Ashkelon

Some attackers managed to breach the border and set fire to an IDF military post while others hurled explosives, burning tires, hand grenades, Molotov cocktails and rocks at Israeli soldiers.

Ma’an News Agency: ‘The Factions Welcome [The Operation], Candies in the Streets’

A Fatah official threatened on the group's Facebook page: "Nobody will achieve security as long as our people remains denied its rights in its homeland.”

Explosive Device Lands in Southern Israel Avocado Field

Security personnel summoned the bomb squad to defuse the explosive.

Israeli Air Strike Targets Incendiary Balloon Terror Cell in Gaza

Attacks on southern Israel – and other areas of the country as well – with incendiary balloons carrying explosive devices, have been increasing.

Report: Anti-Terrorism Clarification Act Could Force PA to Cut Security Cooperation

It's likely that had Sen. Grassley consulted with the Israeli security apparatus, they would have discouraged his amendment.

Israel Strikes in Gaza as Border Violence Escalates

At least 10 armed terrorists managed to infiltrate through the security fence, but were "greeted" by IDF soldiers when they emerged on to Israeli territory.

Defense Minister Reduces Gaza Fishing Zone After Border Violence

“The defense minister’s decision was made following the violent rioting over the weekend near the [security] fence and attempts to harm IDF forces and launch confrontational flotillas."

Blaze in Southern Israel Sparked by Hamas Arson Terror

“Since this is a landfill fire, it could burn for several days, and the smoke will continue spreading in accordance with the direction of the wind."

Qatar Funding Fuel to Gaza Via Israel, Skipping Past Palestinian Authority

Qatar sent Israel – via the United Nations – enough money for six months’ worth of increased fuel for Gaza’s power plant.

Report: Abbas Seeking Escalation as Thousands Riot in Gaza

Some 20,000 Arabs rioted on Shabbat at several locations along the Gaza Strip border fence, torching tires and throwing explosive charges at IDF soldiers.

Deputy Defense Minister: Sinwar’s Peace Talk Is a Lie, He Is in Our Cross-Hairs

"Stop the riots and attempts to penetrate the border fence, and most importantly – erases the call to destroy Israel from the Hamas charter," Ben Dahan said.

Liberman: Hamas Should Be Warned It’s Now After the Holidays

Liberman is in a fight for his job with his archenemies within the coalition, Education Minister Naftali Bennett.

Rivlin to Merkel: We Must Starve the Iranian Monster, Not Feed It

Merkel said, “Germany has an uncompromising commitment to Israel, both because of our pasts but also because Israel is the only and strongest democracy in the region."


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