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1 Million Sign On For ‘Virtual March’ Marking ‘87 Soviet Jewry Rally

25 Kislev 5773 – December 9, 2012
More than 1 million people have signed on to join a "virtual march" commemorating the Washington rally 25 years for the Soviet Jewry movement, according to a coalition marking the 1987 event.

Angry Protesters in Tahrir Square: Morsi Will Fall Tonight

14 Kislev 5773 – November 27, 2012
Thousands of protesters are converging on Tahrir Square from points around Cairo to rally against President Mohamed Morsi’s constitutional declaration. One protester has died...

Tishrei Memories

26 Tishri 5773 – October 11, 2012
Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur have come and gone. It is time to return my beloved Machzor to the bookshelf. Gifted to me by my beloved parents, of blessed memory, for my bat mitzvah, it is one of my most precious possessions.

‘Feast of Tabernacles’ March Around Jerusalem Begins

18 Tishri 5773 – October 4, 2012
Tens of thousands of Christians from 60 countries around the world are participating in Thursday’s “Feast of the Tabernacles” march around Jerusalem.

Israeli Arab Protesters Tried to Reach US Consulate in Jerusalem

28 Elul 5772 – September 14, 2012
Hundreds of Israeli Arabs protested outside Sha'ar Shchem (Damascus Gate) in Jerusalem on Friday. Four people were arrested as the crowd tried to march...

Children of Nazis and Jewish Survivors March Together Across Poland

3 Elul 5772 – August 20, 2012
German marcher Bäerbel Pfeiffer asked for forgiveness for her grandfather, an electrician who installed the electrified barbed wire fence at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Jews March against Anti-Semitism in Sweden

1 Elul 5772 – August 19, 2012
A few hundred Jews and non-Jews marched in the southern-Swedish city of Malmo to protest intolerance and anti-Semitic attacks in Sweden. Malmo, with a large...

Jerusalem Day Parade

29 Iyyar 5772 – May 21, 2012
The Jerusalem Day Parade

Muslim Brotherhood: ‘The Capital of the United States of the Arabs Will be Jerusalem’

18 Iyyar 5772 – May 10, 2012
Cleric Safwat Higazi: "Our capital shall not be Cairo, Mecca, or Medina. It shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing. Our cry shall be: 'Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem! Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem!"

“Slutwalk” to Come to Jerusalem on Friday

11 Iyyar 5772 – May 3, 2012
“Slutwalk”, a controversial rally aiming to counter the claim that revealing clothing provokes rape and sexual assault, will come to Jerusalem on Friday unless...

Thousands Expected at Beaufort Castle, Lebanese Army Imposing Heavy Security Measures

7 Nisan 5772 – March 30, 2012
The Naharnet website reports that some 4,000 Lebanese, Palestinian and "foreign" demonstrators (i.e. Iranians) are expected to march to the Beaufort Castle in Nabatiyeh...

Marching On Jerusalem

A million Arabs plan to march on Jerusalem highlighting strange "accusations" that Israel is seeking to retain the Jewish character of its holy capital.

Global March Could Bring Thousands Of Arabs To Israel’s borders

JERUSALEM – If pro-Palestinian calls for a so-called Global March to Jerusalem are heeded, thousands of Arabs from the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria could converge on Israel’s borders.

Mixed Messages About Violence from the Global March to Jerusalem

28 Adar 5772 – March 22, 2012
Whilst it is difficult to imagine exactly what sort of effective controls GMJ organizers have been able to implement in order to prevent their intended one million man march from descending into violence, it should also be noted that a considerable number of the GMJ organizers are veterans of the flotilla project who describe the Turkish activists aboard the IHH-sponsored Mavi Marmara in 2010 as ‘humanitarian aid workers’.

Clashes Expected between Marching Neo-Nazis and Protesters in Dresden Tomorrow

20 Shevat 5772 – February 12, 2012
German police last year forcibly removed protesters who tried to block a neo-Nazi march on February 13.

Jordan’s million man march on Jerusalem

28 Heshvan 5772 – November 25, 2011
Arab sources are reporting several injured after some members of the Jordanian 'Million Man March' to "liberate Jerusalem" tried to cross the Jordan-Israel border....

Boys To Men: The Fighters Who Gave Us Israel

26 Tammuz 5770 – July 7, 2010
The early morning air drifting off the port of Haifa passed through the tents housing the sleeping new recruits secretly based at Kibbutz Ein Shofat.

Mind, Body & Soul: March 2009

1 Nisan 5769 – March 25, 2009

March 16 – 66th Anniversary Of Krakow Ghetto Liquidation

A few-hundred Kracovians and guests from abroad, including Israel, participated in the annual March of Remembrance. Ghetto survivors, representatives of local authorities, diplomats (including Ann Hall, U.S. Consul General in Krakow and David Peleg, Israeli Ambassador in Poland) and many "ordinary people" came to commemorate those who were killed in the ghetto during WW II. We walked from the former Umschlagplatz in Podgorze to the site of former KL Plaszow.

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