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She Wouldn’t Listen: Trump Fires Acting AG for Doubting Traveler Ban

4 Shevat 5777 – January 31, 2017
At 9 PM, Dana J. Boente, United States attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia, was sworn in as Yates' replacement, but not before he reportedly pledged to 'defend and enforce the laws of our country.'

Olmert Joins ‘Innocent’ Leaders like Katzav and Nixon

29 Adar II 5774 – March 31, 2014
There is no joy in having a former prime minister who is a crook, but at least the judicial system finally has nailed him.

Obama’s Lament to Fox New Echoes ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon’s Tears

5 Adar I 5774 – February 4, 2014
Obama, like Nixon, wants to have his media cake and eat it, too.

The Nixon Fascination

9 Shevat 5772 – February 1, 2012
Americans never seem to tire of Richard Nixon, the man who strode the nation’s political stage for three decades, as congressman, senator, vice president and president, only to see his career come crashing down when his involvement in the Watergate scandal led to his resignation – the only U.S. president to so step down – in order to avoid certain impeachment.

Who Saved Soviet Jewry?

22 Shevat 5771 – January 26, 2011
The recent release of additional Nixon White House presidential documents and tapes produced the usual response. As has become customary, brief excerpts of the tapes - excerpts that invariably show President Nixon and members of his administration in the most unflattering light possible - are pulled from the reams of material and hours of conversations and given broad coverage in the media.

Waiting For The Nixonphobes

24 Av 5770 – August 4, 2010
Five years ago this week, the Monitor learned firsthand just how the mere mention of Richard Nixon is enough to turn even the most mild-mannered of liberals into screaming viragos. In that particular case, the words about Nixon that so provoked them - their tortured heads no doubt filled with the sounds of werewolves howling and fingernails scratching blackboards - appeared not in this column but in a front-page essay for this paper penned by your humble scribbler.

David Levine, 1924 – 2009: A Satirist Who Loved His Species

5 Shevat 5770 – January 20, 2010
At a parent-teacher conference, one of my high school bible instructors told my mother I was well behaved and sat quietly in the back of the room. "If he is sitting quietly in class," my mother assured the rabbi, "he is either reading a book or drawing." She was right. My primary high school achievements were my ravenous readings of philosophy and literature and the few hundred copies I made of David Levine's brilliant pen-and-ink caricatures, which filled several sketchbooks. I was too young to get most of his political references, but when they were explained to me, I laughed genuinely and hysterically.

An Unlikely Yom Kippur Hero

19 Tishri 5770 – October 7, 2009
This week marks the 36th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, so it seemed appropriate to revisit Richard Nixon’s role in enabling Israel to recover from the staggering setbacks it suffered in the first week of fighting.

On Middle East, Ford Was A Kissinger Acolyte

13 Tevet 5767 – January 3, 2007
Gerald Ford, who passed away last week at age 93, was considered a solid friend of Israel throughout his long Congressional career.

Nixon: The ‘Anti-Semite’ Who Saved Israel

27 Tammuz 5765 – August 3, 2005
If judged only by what is heard on his White House tapes, Richard Nixon, who resigned the presidency 31 years ago this week, appears to have been a man obsessed with Jews, stewing in negative feelings, never hesitating to use the crudest of slurs.

The Inauthenticity Of Our Presidential Politics

11 Kislev 5765 – November 24, 2004
Every four years, it seems, we Americans must display infinite forbearance in the face of irrepressible foolishness. Transforming all serious meaning into manipulation and marketing, our presidential election process has now been reduced to an endless barrage of numbing cliches and empty witticisms.

Truman Diaries Expose Toothless Watchdog

22 Av 5763 – August 20, 2003
The Monitor really hadn't planned on writing once again about Harry Truman.

Bush, Jews And Democrats (Part VI)

22 Kislev 5763 – November 27, 2002
Although it played out more than two years after the fact, the 1976 presidential campaign was overshadowed by the Watergate scandal, with voters still angry over President Gerald Ford's pardon of his predecessor, Richard Nixon, who resigned the presidency to escape impeachment.

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