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The Soul of Israel: To Love Enough Not to Care [audio]

Can we emulate the characteristic that made Abraham unique in history and bring it into our own lives? Today on The Soul of Israel with Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz.

Merge or Emerge

Israelis are good at many things - but merging is not one of them. Indeed its hard to merge when our nation is finally emerging! Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai in getting ready for the new year, emerging as a reborn nation, and merging with God's will in joy.

The Soul of Israel: How to Dance in the Field [audio]

As we enter the month of Elul what are the unique spiritual possibilities that are opened up to us? Today on The Soul of Israel Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in transitioning from the desolation of Av to the majesty of Tishrei.

The Soul of Israel: When Searching for the Temple You Bring Everyone with You...

Rabbi's Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz speak about how to invite others to join your journey and how to best join them on theirs today on The Soul of Israel.

The Soul of Israel: Cardiac Circumcision [audio]

Today on The Soul of Israel Rabbi's Shlomo Katz and Ari Abramowitz discuss how should we harness this transitional period to be prepared for the greatness of what lies ahead?

ZAKA to Expand Service to Include Shiva Mourners

'We are currently running a fundraising campaign to purchase a ZAKA Chesed Truck.'

The Soul of Israel: When Children Hear We Love Them Through Someone Else [audio]

The story of Balak and Bilam is one of the most bizarre stories found throughout the Torah. Today on The Soul of Israel Rabbi's Shlomo Katz and Jeremy Gimpel discuss this week's Torah portion.

Smack Talking the Land

The sin of our times is smack talking the Land of Israel and the State of Israel! How do we rectify this sin? How do we overcome the perpetual problem of fear, and the mistake of succumbing to dark reports about Israel? Rabbi Mike Feuer joins Rabbi Yishai to talk about and the 'sin of the spies' and the Torah portion of our times.

Beyond the Matrix – Our Ancestors Have Inherited Lies [audio]

Join Rod Bryant in this exclusive interview with Adam Cobb a former Assembly of God clergyman who found Torah Judaism and leaves Christianity. Find...

The Heavenly Complaint Department – Parshat B’ha’alotcha

God wants us to complain about the spiritual things being denied to us, not about additional creature comforts.

Z’man Matan Torateinu

Jews in Hebron celebrate a new Torah scroll that was written in memory of Rabbi Moshe Levinger.

The Tamar Yonah Show – The Responsibility of Freedom! [audio]

The Holiday of Passover has to take us somewhere, and it culminates with the Shavuot holiday.

SOUL TALK – Torah: Really Getting It: A Special Show In Honor Of The...

Celebrate and commemorate the giving of the Torah - the RIGHT way!

Let Freedom Ring!

Rabbi Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai Fleisher discuss the auspicious confluence of the Torah portion which teaches about the Jubilee year and 50 years since the reunification of Jerusalem. Plus: Yishai has a new (old) flag for you!

Because God Said So

Some things in the Torah make a lot of sense, but others, seemingly, do not. Rabbi Mike Feuer and Rabbi Yishai delve into the secrets that God has placed in the Torah to achieve social cohesion, procreativity, and holiness for the Jewish people. And when we don't get it, well... God said so!

Burying the Past

Remnants of Torah scrolls are buried in the Warsaw, Poland Jewish cemetery.

Tens of Thousands Attend Kotel Priestly Blessing

The momentous event has occasionally been greeted with rocks thrown down from the Temple Mount by the current masters of the holy site.

115 Bar Mitzvah Boys Celebrate in Jerusalem

Every effort was made to focus on the happiness of the day and leave the child’s pain aside.

Two Torah Scrolls Added to Prague’s Old-New Synagogue

The Old New Synagogue or Altneuschul, located in Josefov, Prague, is Europe's oldest active synagogue and the oldest surviving medieval synagogue of twin-nave design.

The Soul of Israel: Sanctifying the Soul [audio]

On today's The Soul of Israel Rabbi Shlomo Katz shares inspiration and illumination that is sure to uplift the spirit and sanctify the soul.

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