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Incendiary Snakes & Kites

Moses is angry with rebellious Jews - what else is new! Rabbi Yishai on Parshat Chukat, the Red Heifer, the firey snakes, and the nature of the eternal nation. Then, Malkah Fleisher on the Hamas fire-kites and on the US' leaving the Human Rights Council.

Israeli Intelligence Minister: Hamas Restored Calm to Gaza After Warnings From Egypt

The Egyptian official “made unequivocally clear to him (Haniyeh) that if this continues, Israel will respond and take far harsher steps, and Egypt will stand by and will not help,” Katz told Israel Radio.

Daf Yomi

Call To Alms ‘Having Declared It A Burnt Offering, He Rethought…’ (Zevachim 30a)

Watch: Gazans Break Through Israeli Border Security Fence

One wonders exactly which open fields the infiltrators ran to, and whether any of them managed to reach the farmland of the nearby Jewish communities.

Storage Sale!

"What about the Jewish clients?" asked Mr. Cohen. "That's a problem; they're keeping their chametz in our warehouse!"

Sarah Tuttle-Singer and the “Palestinian Narrative”

The Jewish people are the indigenous people to the Land of Israel because that is the place where our ancestors forged the beginnings of a multivariant culture and cultivated the Hebrew language and the Jewish religion and those other aspects that bring us together as one.

AIPAC Throws Israel Under the Bus

On the eve of a meeting between Netanyahu and Trump, the head of the most powerful Jewish organization in Washington threw Israel under the bus, declaring his support for dividing the Land of Israel, enabling our foes to establish a hostile entity along the Jewish state's borders.

At Long Last, “The Crown” Will Visit Israel

This visit is praiseworthy because it treats Israel as a normal nation. In that sense it is very much in line with President Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital

Judea and Samaria: World’s Abdication to anti-Semitism

Opponents of the settlements accept very quietly the Arab requirement of a judenrein Judea, as if it is perfectly natural and perfectly acceptable. It is not. In fact, it is a despicable form of bigotry that Jews would be barred from living anywhere in the world, let alone a place like Judea and Samaria that holds huge significance to them.

Shifting The Oath

One cannot expect the defendant to bring negative proof – that is, proof he does not owe what he denies, because how do you prove what does not exist?

Hadassa Birnbaum: ‘Hand In Hand’

Operating under the umbrella of Esra for administrative help, Hadassa’s group delivers 120 food baskets every month.


How seriously should we take frogs as halakhic authorities? On one level the answer is clear: not at all. Frogs do not have free will, or moral responsibility, and anyone one who thinks this midrash believes otherwise defames Chazal.  Froggish martyrdom cannot teach us proper Jewish behavior, any more than froggish diet can teach us that insects are kosher.

‘Many On The Left Know Nothing About Religion’: An Interview with Professor Eunice Pollack

While critiquing Israel isn’t anti-Semitic, attacking it with disproportionate venom – as many regularly do – almost certainly is.

Watch President Trump’s Hanukkah Greetings, Citing Israel’s ‘Miraculous History’

“On this holiday, we are proud to stand with the Jewish people who shine as a light to all nations... also the people of Israel, the Jewish State, which has itself a miraculous history."
The Soul of Israel: Avraham's Journey to Discovering the One God of Israel

The Soul of Israel: Avraham’s Journey to Discovering the One God of Israel [audio]

Today on The Soul of Israel Shlomo Katz and Jeremy Gimpel delve into this week’s Torah portion with insight from some of the most cherished Ancient Jewish sources.

The Power Of Repentance

Mercenary soldiers would enter Jewish homes at will and take everything they could lay their hands on. Anyone who protested was shot.

Q & A: Crownlets In The Torah (Part I)

Question: Why do we find crownlets in the Torah on the letters shin, ayin, tet, nun, zayin, gimmel, and tzaddi? And why only these letters? Avrohom Gruenberg

Tear Down Monuments? Why Not Start With Those Glorifying Palestinian Terrorists!

Palestinian Arabs have their own ideology of hate, one which has led them beyond cartoons, to build monuments dedicated to murderers of unarmed men, women and children, in the name of "resistance"

Title: Strengthen Your Emunah

Here is a text that first and foremost encourages questions and exploration, knowing full well that the Torah does not shy away, and never has, from any challenge that comes its way.

Hating Israel at the Center for Jewish History

There is hardly an organization in the anti-Israel network where Myers hasn’t left his fingerprints.

Arab Hunger Striker Jailed in PA After Criticizing Arrest of Hebron Radio Station Manager

Arab hunger striker Issa Amro also faces 18 charges in Israeli military court related to his activities.

Barcelona French Victim: Israeli Hero Saved my Children

Renaud's eldest son was thrown from his arms at the shock of the hit and was recovered by an anonymous Israeli man who was on the scene.

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