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Those in Israel who are interested in learning more, should join the upcoming conference in Ariel, which will feature various speakers and a comprehensive presentation. Another opportunity for the reader to open his mind and weigh the evidence. Ask questions. Have discussions. Draw your own conclusions.

Incidentally, Waller and his minions are pressuring the hotel where the conference is scheduled, to cancel the event. Now why would they do that? Sounds like someone is scared.


Yisrael Medad, you can hurl your vitriol at me, and sugar coat this nightmare any way you like. I and many others will continue to fight this insidious infection that threatens the Jewish people. You and yours will have to answer to The Almighty for this despicable betrayal. In the meantime, we will continue to fight for the integrity of the Jewish soul, as readily as we would for a physical attack on the Jewish people.

It is tragic that the fight for truth and the battle to maintain Yahadut’s spiritual isloation exposes us to attack from religious Jews, who respond like bloodthirsty lions. Fortunately, I derive strength from the attribute of my biblical namesake (Donny really being Daniel). I am comfortable in the lion’s den.

Yisrael Medad speaks of truth. But whose truth? Tommy Waller’s? The messianic congregations alligned with him in Israel and abroad? The Talmud teaches us that “the seal of G-d is truth” (Sanhedrin 64a). And so it is. And all Torah committed Jews should fight for it, regardless of the consequences, or the pathological wrath of those who cannot tolerate that we are finally pulling up the shades and letting the sunlight shine on the darkness. And we are just getting started.

May The Almighty bless all Jews and righteous gentiles who pursue the truth of His Name.

Am Yisroel Chai!

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Donny Fuchs made aliyah in 2006 from Long Island to the Negev, where he resides with his family. He has a keen passion for the flora and fauna of Israel and enjoys hiking the Negev desert. His religious perspective is deeply grounded in the Rambam's rational approach to Judaism.