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My response: It depends on how we judge success. If Tommy Waller has chosen to take the covert clever path as he has, then his efforts to this point have been a success, since he has accomplished what no other missionaries have been able to do until now. Plant a base in the heart of a religious community. Clearly the danger with Hayovel is not that they run over to a Jew and ask them to embrace Jesus. The danger is more insidious and calculating.They are planting roots in Israel, and usurping our Divine claim to the land as a “co-covenant,” if you will, which hides their true belief that the covenant is ultimately theirs. They are succeeding in blurring the distinction between gentile and jew, and the very basic tenets of the faith. Hayovel forges open alliances in Israel and abroad with overt missionaries and Jewish apostates. This is the danger. Never in history have we seen such a thing happening under the noses of religious Jews.

For those who don’t know, many of the women from Hayovel wear the religious head-covering mitpachot, of the daati-leumi world. Why? The men often cover their heads. These are subtle ways to blur the external, while working on the more difficult task of exposing Jewish beliefs to christian perspectives.


The informative site, Esav Exposed, provides a thorough analysis into the ideology of “restoration.” Check the following link, since I cannot do justice to her entire article:

In “ What Do Xian Zionists Mean When They Talk About Restoration”, Geulah Girl notes: Z

When asked by missionary Dean Bye about his motivation, Tommy Waller says “what we desire to do is to see Israel fully restored in every aspect of scripture”.

She elaborates upon the term “restoration”:

While this sounds harmless, most Jews do not know or understand that there is a whole theology behind this word. According to this theology there are two parts to the restoration, a physical part and a spiritual part.

ONIS1.The physical restoration is the uniting of Jew and Gentile into “one new man” or one “House of Israel” in the land of Israel. They believe that yeshu came to break down the wall of separation between Jew and gentile and that they must continue this work in preparation for his return. They have taken on Hebrew names, customs, dress, speech, and claim to be coming to “learn from Jews”. All of this is to get closer to Jews in order to unite as one people.

Activities that promote this goal are “building bridges”,cultivating relationships with Jews, volunteering or “serving”, donating money to Israeli groups and working towards xian/ephraimite aliyah.

The spiritual restoration is when when the Jewish people are “restored” to their messiah yeshu, who is also G-d and the son of G-d, according to these xians. Then a “restored” Israel, Jew and gentile worshipers [sic] of yeshu, will be prepared for redemption, which they believe is yeshu’s return and reign from Jerusalem.

-if they are ever allowed to make aliyah or even to live in the yishuvim on a permanent basis, then they will devote all efforts toward this goal.TS

David Haivri, Hayovel, And Messianic Jews.

Let’s not forget David Haivri of the Shomron Liason Office. In response to my article, Haivri posted the following:

Donny Fuchs- Sorry that you published this unwarranted attack on the Waller family and their HaYovel volunteer program. I have monitored their activity very closely over the past six years and can responsibly vouch for them as they are sincere friends of Israel and are not part of a missionary agenda. (BTW, you are also mislead regrading [sic] their own theological position on their own believes and faith). They deserve our respect and appreciation. You should look into this further and apologize to them for this post.


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