Misplaced Wallets

Hearing the argument, Reb Chaim jumped out of his seat and ran to the front of the bus. He withdrew some cash from his pocket, gave it to the driver on behalf of the anonymous fellow, and then returned to his seat.

When The Three Weeks Include Simcha

The Rebbe also explains that every Shabbos is a me’ein of L’osid Lavo – a reflection of the time of Moshiach, when it will be Yom shekulo Shabbos, a continuous and perpetual Shabbos.

Strange Aliens

I used to think that the English word “bizarre” is related to “zar,” but the Oxford English Dictionary maintains otherwise.

The Hope And Promise Of Prophecy

Moshe wasn't the last of the prophets. How would Israel discern his true successors from the false?

A Lifelong Journey Of Return

Strikingly, Rav Eliyahu Dessler explains that many people never experience a true assertion of their free will due to its immense difficulty. This is why many people do not change.

A Moving Story

I didn’t see a solution to my housing needs forthcoming. Instead of getting down, I strengthened myself with the thought that “other people manage to find a place to live, and so will I.”

Lost And Found In Jerusalem

“Mum, you’ll never guess what happened.” My daughter Tammy’s tone of voice at the other end of the phone indicated that it wasn’t something pleasant. “Someone took my baby stroller from the bus. When I went to pick it up and get off the bus, it wasn’t there any more. I couldn’t believe it. Who would do such a thing?”

Sages And Saints

A society takes all types... Shabbat Shalom!

My Answer From The Lubavitcher Rebbe

I did not ask for parnassah or to find a new job. I asked The Rebbe that there should be a shul (synagogue) within 2 or 3 blocks from the place where I will eventually find work.

The Necessity of Asking Questions

Judaism believes it’s a religious duty to teach our children to ask questions.

Boredom and the Immature Elderly

In the old days, it was a privilege to be mature. It was something people strived for. It meant maturity, well-considered opinions, and experience and knowledge of how to deal with the problems of life. This is no longer the case

The Three Weeks – Days Of Potential Joy

We know that G-d is the G-d of mercy and goodness… If so, how are we supposed to understand the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash?

Spoils Of War

Rabbi Pappenheim traces the etymology of “baz” and “bizah” to the biliteral root bet-zayin, which refers to something unimportant.

All Of His Wonders: Our Purim Miracle

On the exalted Purim day, my husband collects money for needy families, as is the custom of many good-hearted Jews. Last Purim before sundown, he entered the home of his last stop, a home filled with many people. Upon receiving some generous donations, he reached for his pocket to keep these contributions safely together with the rest of the money he had gathered. To his great chagrin and shock, he put his hand into an empty pocket.

The Lost Masterpiece: Parshat Pinchas

God was saying, “From My perspective, seeing the future, it would have been better to send women, because they love and cherish the land and would never come to speak negatively about it. However, since you are convinced that these men are worthy and do indeed value the land, I give you permission to go ahead and send them.”

Six Heroic Women

six heroines, six courageous women without whom there would not have been a Moses.

Parashat Re’eh: Traveling to Home Base and Eternal Life

While there is no proof of life after death, everything seems to allude to it. Our existence in this world resembles a station at which we arrive when we are born and from which we leave when we die, returning to “home base.”

Never Too Late To Say I’m Sorry

Hurting or upsetting any person is a very serious sin, especially in the eyes of the Creator who created us all and loves all of His children.

There Are Many Ways To Get What You Want

Dani unwrapped the book and was very happy as it was exactly what he wanted.


This is the time to stop and see in which direction we are heading in our lives. What type of investments are we making?

Ideals Lost And Found

A gift isn’t real; something chosen and earned is. We’re in this world to choose, to assert our free will, and to create ourselves.

The Universality Of Sukkot

Speaking of the three pilgrimage festivals – Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot – Deuteronomy speaks of “joy.” But it does not do so equally.

The Power Of Praise

No one has all the strengths. Sufficient if we have one. But we must also know what we lack.

True Listening

Sometimes a person just wants empathy, understanding, and having someone just be there in the moment with a hug or a listening ear.

The Limits Of Grief

The more we learn about the psychology of bereavement and the stages through which we must pass before loss is healed, so more the wisdom of Judaism’s ancient laws and customs becomes ever more clear.

The Unexpected Leader

The stories of Judah and of his descendant David tell us that what marks a leader is not necessarily perfect righteousness. It is the ability to admit mistakes, to learn from them and grow from them. The Judah we see at the beginning of the story is not the man we see at the end.

How Mashiach Is Going To Come

In order for us to receive anything from Hashem we must first call out to Him with the realization that He is the only one who can give it to us.


Rav Yerucham explains that the beginning of everything defines what it will be. We find that in the beginning of the parsha, Noach is referred to as an ish tzaddik tamim, and now he is referred to as an ish ha’adama.

Mirror Image

We were surrounded by honking cars and looks that could kill. I was guilty of gridlocking! I was the inconsiderate idiot, insanely selfish and stupid.

When We Have A Test

So here he was – a devout rabbi who had traveled far on a mission to save the life of a fellow Jew, and the wife of the only person who could change the accused man's sentence wanted to shake his hand.


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