Spirits And Demons – How Worried Should You Be?

It is mentioned in the Talmud... that someone who eats peeled garlic, onions, and eggs kept overnight "forfeits his life, and his blood is upon his own head."

The Pursuit Of Meaning

From the perspective of eternity we may sometimes be overwhelmed by a sense of our own insignificance. We are no more than a speck of dust on the surface of infinity. Yet we are here because G-d wanted us to be, because there is a task He wants us to perform. The search for meaning is the quest for this task.

Celebrate Purim With Your Kids

Here are some fun ways to dress up, make some noise and have a raucous good time at your next Purim party.

Redeeming Relevance: Vayikra Avoidance Syndrome and the Torah on One Foot

Because sefer Vayikra is more difficult, we tend to look at it less. But because we look at it less, we also understand it less, which – in turn – keeps it difficult and less appealing. In a nutshell, that is what I call Vayikra Avoidance Syndrome.

Can You Give A Bar Mitzvah Boy A Gift On Shabbos?

The following morning, after leining, the shul rabbi delivered an enthusiastic sermon, in which he praised the bar mitzvah boy based on insights from the parsha.

We Dare Not Fool Ourselves

When giving Moshe Rabbeinu the mitzvah of machzis hashekel, Hashem showed him a coin of fire. Was the Almighty possibly warning us to handle financial matters as cautiously as we would a burning flame?

The Blessing Of Rejection

“Also, you should know, that this rejection, as painful as it is for you today, upgrades you. It transforms you into people who know how to believe in themselves even when others don’t always believe in them." Encouragement to students applying to HS. Words of wisdom: Believe in Yourself!

Q & A: Is Mishlo’ach Manot A Form Of Charity?

Question: Is mishlo’ach manot a form of tzedakah like matanot la’evyonim?Moshe Jakobowitz Brooklyn, NY

Not For Sale

As it turned out, the apartment had been a bit neglected and needed some work to clean it out and spruce it up. That had been the reason for its vacancy.

Daf Yomi

Caring For The Sick On Yom Kippur ‘His Gullet Has Derived Enjoyment…’ (Chullin 103b)

Mishkan Takeaways

These stones are referred to in the Torah as avnei miluim – literally filler stones. This term used to identify these precious stones is extremely peculiar. If one had a D flawless stone set on an ornament, would it be referred to as the filler stone?

Who Is Holy? Only G-D knows

Often we look at a person or an event and we are convinced that this is the highest level of sainthood and godliness, not realizing that G-d seeks what is in the hearts and soul of humankind and not their outward appearance.

Redeeming Relevance: Pekudei: Blessed Work

So what is melakhah, and how is it different than avodah? And why is that only Moshe sees it that way. Finally, why is blessing something that seems to flow directly out of it?

Standing Outside With Everyone Else

Moses was stuck outside the Tabernacle with the people who built it. He understood at that moment the message of the Half Shekel, or, my fifty cents. He was not standing as the great Moses or the awesome Moses who could meet with God in Heaven. He stood outside as one of the people who all contributed a Half Shekel, fifty cents. It was at that moment that Moses became the most humble of men. I can almost hear the coins jingling in his pocket.

On Jewish Character

There is a fascinating feature of the geography of the land of Israel. It contains two seas: the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. The Sea of Galilee is full of life. The Dead Sea, as its name implies, is not. Yet they are fed by the same river, the Jordan. The difference is that the Sea of Galilee receives water and gives water. The Dead Sea receives but does not give. To receive but not to give is, in Jewish geography as well as Jewish psychology, simply not life.

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – The Missing Pillar

When we learn and heed the commands of the Torah we connect to Hashem by working to understand what He has revealed to us in the Torah.

The Taxi Minyan

That night a memorable prayer rose to Heaven and went straight to the Throne of Glory. It was offered by an unusual gathering, a minyan of Jews that one doesn't see every day.

Torah From A TV Anchor

“The boy from Russia who was not accepted to study physics because he was a Jew is now part of a team that is sending off a spacecraft containing a disk with the entire Hebrew Bible scanned onto it and an Israeli flag.”

You Didn’t Need To Dress That Fancy

The default assumption is that the other children allow this expense. However, they can protest, and are entitled to prohibit him from dressing henceforth at their expense.

Parshat Vayakheil

It is not enough to assemble one's people in one place. There must be a unifying mission.

Daf Yomi

Stricter Than A Prohibition ‘We Rely on a Gentile…’ (Chullin 97a)


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