Four Who Are Considered Dead

We see that suffering is not considered equal to death.

Is It Proper…? – Is It Important to Wear a Black Hat From a...

Is It Proper...? - Is It Important to Wear a Black Hat From a Hashkafic Perspective?

Dress For Success

Then she dangled the bait in front of me: “If I pay for you to buy a gown, would that help?” Well, I guess a little bribery never hurt.

Israel’s First Elections – A Remarkable Memory

“After 2,000 or more years of exile, you could say that from the six days of Creation until this day, we have not merited to see a day like this, that we are holding elections in a Jewish state. Shehechiyanu! Blessed is the One that kept us alive and sustained us and brought us to this day!" When Torah meets democracy.

A Religion Of Holy Words

The Sages say, it's as bad as all three cardinal sins together – idol worship, bloodshed, and illicit sexual relations. Whoever speaks with an evil tongue, they say, is as if he denied G-d. Why are mere words treated with such seriousness in Judaism?

Waiting On The Sideline

In this week's portion, the man, having been officially declared impure, is now ready for the end of his nightmare beginning his process of purification--on the sidelines.

It’s Time For Pollard To Come Home

One would think that in this great country of the United States, where we have our freedom, there would be no need to worry about anti-Semitism.

The Four Cups: Moscato Or Merlot?

Rashi, the Rif, and some Ge’onim go even further than the Rambam in their attitude towards mevushal wine; they maintain that it is not even full-fledged wine, and one should make a shehakol – not a hagafen – before drinking it.

The Typewriter Repairman Who Saved Lives

Since the restructuring of my column at The Jewish Press, we have been focusing on the Jewish tenet that whatever G-d does, His interest is our good – even if we fail to see how events are for our betterment. Here is an example with a compelling script.

Rabbi Landau: How To Prepare For Pesach

According to Chassidus, the general redemption needed to be preceded by personal redemptions from every single person. That is, every person should prepare himself to be redeemed from all the elements that hinder his life

Tefillah: A Meeting With Hashem – The Final Battle – Emunah

You did not understand the Chafetz Chaim! He was not referring to the physical aspects of the war – he was referring to a war against emunah, of true faith in Hashem.

Daf Yomi

A Dutch Treat 'Money That Has No Claimants’ (Chullin 131b-132a)

Should You Say Hallel in Shul On Seder Night?

It should be emphasized that if an Ashkenazi is in a shul on Seder night that recites Hallel, it is imperative that he or she not show any disrespect to the local custom.

‘Pay Me For My Bike!’

I was busy and forgot about it, said Shmuel. In any case, the bike wasn't stolen. It was smashed due to circumstances beyond my control. I had no idea the branch was weak.

A Hug From Heaven

We’ve met the most wonderful, caring people who have helped us and Eli weather this draining challenge.

Q & A: An Enigmatic Prayer

Question: We often pray to Hashem for yiras shamayim (e.g., in Birkas Rosh Chodesh). But how can we ask Hashem to give us fear of Him? Martin Freundlich

Is It A Sin To Have A Baby?

We know that the Torah’s perspective on having children is of course positive.

TORAH SHORTS: Tazria: Two Dates of Redemption

Time is Too slow for those who wait, Too swift for those who fear, Too long for those who grieve, Too short for those who rejoice. But for those who love, time is not. -Henry Van Dyke

Paradigm Shift

When the Torah constantly asks that its words "Be new in our eyes, as if we are receiving the Torah today," it is not simply asking that we are open to a new reading of a verse, or application of a law. The Torah is asking us to live in a state of Paradigm Shift, a life in which our approach to prayer changes each day, as should our approach to all the commandments and texts.

The Sacrifices Of Childbirth

he sacrifices a woman brings on the birth of a child, and the period during which she is unable to enter the Temple, have nothing to do with any sin she may have committed or any “defilement” she may have undergone. They are, rather, to do with the basic fact of human mortality, together with the responsibility a parent undertakes for the conduct of a child

Redeeming Relevance: The Mother’s Sin Offering and God’s Need for Darkness

The ethics of each new birth represents a microcosm of that debate. We have good reason to hope that the education and upbringing we provide our children will ensure that they bring more good to the world than evil. But there is not a single one of us who can bring up even the best of our children to never do evil. And given that this is the case, giving birth is also an act of responsibility for the evil that one thereby adds to the world.

Seize The Hamentashen!

Once a person makes something hefker, he cannot take back his declaration, replied Rabbi Dayan.

Daf Yomi

A Dilemma In Frankfurt 'All That Are Metam’ei B'ohel…' (Chullin 124b)


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