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Don’t Daven At Home (Part Six of a Series)

The first verse, however, concerns someone who davens with a minyan. Such a person is assured that his prayers will be heard by Hashem any time of year.

Reach For The Stars

We know that middah tova is meruba – good measure is greater than the measure of evil.

The Torah As Environmentalist

Areligious vision is so important, reminding us that we are not owners of our resources. They belong not to us but to the Eternal and eternity. Hence we may not needlessly destroy-even in war

Before Judging

The primary quality of anyone judging another is that the judge first know how to judge himself. If he cannot honestly examine his own behavior, how can he possibly judge someone else's?

Elul: How to Realistically Change the World

The most important piece of advice I can give anyone as I think about ways to change the world with the beginning of Elul are two words: think small.

Search And Rescue

I would not give up until I had achieved my quest and discovered a new continent, the fastest trade route to India, and/or the missing vaccination record – whichever came first.

Daf Yomi

Seizing An Opportunity? ‘More Than 100 Witnesses’ (Kerisos 11b-12a)

Our National Weapon (Part V)

The smart davener knows that Hashem appreciates it when we approach Him with humility rather than with an attitude of "It's coming to me and I surely deserve it."

A Lifelong Struggle

Before our matriarch Rivkah gave birth to Yaakov and Eisav, a Heavenly message told her they represented two opposing nations, “and one nation will struggle to overcome the other nation” (Bereishis 28:23).

The Meaning Of Friendship

You cannot choose a friend just because you like him/her. There must be an interrelationship­ – a give and take – between the two parties.

A Guide To Help You Daven The Right Way

In Israel, most people are more careful to stress the end of the word (what’s called “mil’ra”), where it usually belongs for Hebrew words.

It’s All Good

If a person leads a meritorious life, the good is revealed. If he doesn’t, the good is camouflaged and appears to be bad.

Q & A: Who Was Rabbi Meir Ba’al HaNes? (Part I)

Question: I’ve always been intrigued by the large assemblage that gathers at the gravesite of R. Meir Ba’al HaNes in Tiberias on his yahrzeit, the 14th of Iyar. Why is such attention directed to his gravesite, in particular? F. Hager

Can One Work In A Non-Kosher Restaurant?

"Thank you very much for the recommendations," Mr. Weiner replied. "I have to speak to a rabbi, though, about whether I can take the jobs."

Don’t Believe What You See

The beginning of the parsha is startling in its simplicity: see the blessing and the curse in front of you and choose the blessing.

Is It Proper…? Should a Jew Be Concerned About Paranormal Phenomena Such As Dybbuks...

Should a Jew be concerned about paranormal phenomena such as dybbuks and gilgulim?

Redeeming Relevance: Ending Poverty, the Torah Way: Parshat Reeh:

How does contemporary Judaism deal with the great challenge of Torah laws no longer practiced?

Parshat Eikev

Leaders on all levels must pay careful attention to the commander's intent as a misunderstanding can result in terrible consequences.

What Makes A Person Great?

What makes someone great, really great? Many commentators say the answer to this question is hidden in the following verses from this week's parshah

From Thailand To Jerusalem For 50 Shekels

This morning I entered the bank. While waiting on line, I noticed a small commotion. A number of people were standing around a young crying boy who was holding an Israeli 50-shekel note in his hands.

Taking Food From The Office

In an office setting, therefore, the question of whether a worker may take food home depends on local common practice.

Daf Yomi

Temple Management 101 'The Rest Were Given To The Craftsmen' (Kerisos 6a)

Think About Torah Education – All The Time

As urgent as this call was at the beginning of the 20th century, it is even more urgent in this era when Jewish communities are more exposed than ever to the influences of the secular world.

An Interview With The Yetzer Hara

Just answering amen with such a massive crowd to “v’chaim tovim aleinu v’al kol Yisrael” makes a severe dent in my efforts.

Leading With Love

The Chofetz Chaim says that if one has the power to correct a situation among Klal Yisrael and fails to do so, he is culpable for any blood spilled among them.

Behind The Tzaros

The sound of the shofar and of the chatzotzros are intended to awaken us to the realization that Hashem is our Melech and that He controls the world and our lives...


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