A Downpour Of Blessings

There are many things in our lives for which we pray to Hashem. These include health, shalom bayit, nachat from our children, and parnassah. In Israel, we have been praying for rain for a while. Israel has been suffering from a dearth of rainfall for a number of years. The waterline in the Kinneret is visibly dropping, and the government has been scrambling for ways to conserve our dwindling water supply.

Rosh Chodesh Kislev – An Occasion To Celebrate

Speaking to his chassidim actually improved his health, much to his doctors amazement!

We Dare Not Fool Ourselves

When giving Moshe Rabbeinu the mitzvah of machzis hashekel, Hashem showed him a coin of fire. Was the Almighty possibly warning us to handle financial matters as cautiously as we would a burning flame?

Donuts For Life

The intense darkness of Egypt was the result of the fact that ‘no man could see his brother.’ They were too busy caring only for themselves.

In light of the war in Israel and antisemtisim rising worldwide, which approach to...

In light of the war in Israel and antisemitism rising worldwide, we must make every effort to broadcast our Judaism proudly in the public square and to communicate to the world at large that we will not be intimidated into hiding our religion or religious practices.

Sweeter Than Honey

One of the beautiful customs of Rosh Hashanah is to eat an apple dipped in honey and other sweet foods as a way of asking Hashem to make things sweet for us in the coming year. People also wish each other a healthy and sweet New Year. However the best way to make the year sweet for ourselves and for others is to become “sweet” people, remembering to smile and treat each other in a sweet and friendly way.

Gasoline Expenses

During the course of the year, though, political events in the Persian Gulf caused the cost of gasoline to rise. Prices climbed from $2.50 a gallon to $4.00.

Reframing the Debate Over Women’s Religious Leadership

The religious state of nature does not enable the building of a religious society. Since human beings are social creatures, it follows that the state of nature does not enable human fulfillment.   We therefore need a religious social contract.  Cue Sinai; enter, the Torah.

Plane Aisle

"How could you have expected my glasses to be there?" argued Mr. Weiss. "You shouldn't have to pay."

Daf Yomi

Satisfaction Guaranteed ‘The Divine Presence Rests Only On One Who Is Wise, Strong…’ (Shabbos 92a)

Why Does The Yetzer Hara Win?

Why is it that our evil inclination often seems to be so much stronger than our good inclination?

‘Never Forget Your Mission’

For the time being, at least, this will be my closing column on my experiences in the hospital in San Diego. Today, Baruch Hashem, I am on my way. I had the zechus to be at our Hineni Fortieth Anniversary Dinner, to greet the overflow crowd and impart my heartfelt love to them. True, I am walking with a cane, sometimes a walker, but I am walking, speaking, teaching and writing, and for as long as Hashem will allow me, I shall continue to try to serve Him.

Q & A: Tying Knots On Shabbat (Part I)

Question: My son recently stopped wearing a necktie and lace-up shoes on Shabbat. He explained that he doesn’t want to transgress the prohibition against tying knots on Shabbat. Is tying a necktie or shoelaces really forbidden? “A Mother in Israel” (Via E-Mail)

Redeeming Relevance: What was so Bad about Ya’akov’s Life?

If Ya’akov’s words to Pharaoh were just an exercise in self-mortification about what was too late to change, there would be little to learn from them. But if, as is more likely, they represented part of a strategy of how to continue improving, there is actually a great deal we can learn from them.

Finish The Job!

"I don't accept this," said Mr. Zummer. "I want you to finish! You're not allowed to just stop in the middle!"

Tell Me A Story

Prayer is another area where we distinguish between kiyum hamitzvah and maaseh mitzvah.

Q & A: Tal U’matar – Why December 4 or 5? (Part I)

Question: Why do we begin saying Tal U’matar on the evening of December 4 or 5? Why is the secular date relevant? Also, what should an American Jew do if he is in Eretz Yisrael (where people start saying Tal U’matar earlier) and then returns home before December 4 or 5? Zelig Aronson

Don’t Be Satisfied with Belief

People of my acquaintance often treat belief as a sort of Pascal’s wager. As you may recall, Blaise Pascal, the seventeenth century mathematician, said...

Torah Shorts: Parshat Yitro: Strength of Trust, Strength of Mind

What loneliness is more lonely than distrust? -George Eliot

Shoftim: Tzedek, Chasidut and the Tzadik State of Israel

And what greater matter for self-sacrifice can there be than to help bring about the full Redemption of all Israel?

Q & A: Tzedakah (Part XXII)

Question: When a stranger approaches a congregant in shul asking for tzedakah, should the congregant verify that the person’s need is genuine? Furthermore, what constitutes tzedakah? Is a donation to a synagogue, yeshiva, or hospital considered tzedakah? Zvi Kirschner (Via E-Mail)

If He Can Do It, So Can You

The Beer Chaim says that one who gives charity has the power to even resurrect the dead.

Ki Savo: Emulating The Creator

Many passages in the Torah appear at first glance to be repetitious. Often, each iteration has a unique and deep message. Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt”l, finds such a case (in the passage of the Blessings and Curses) in the Torah's instruction to keep Hashem’s commandments and walk in His ways. Also in the passage of the Blessings and Curses, Rabbi Miller highlights the great blessing of a long life.

Passover Guide for the Perplexed, 2017

Some history, some fun facts, some Halacha and... Next Year in Jerusalem

Receiving The Wrong Books – Who’s Responsible?

I may have to sell them as 'used in new condition.' I'll accept the books back, but expect you to cover the depreciation due to the stickers.

Jewish Press Excerpt ‘The Soul Of Parenting’

We face challenges with technology, social media, and a culture devoid of values. At the same time, we are trying to build character and instill middos and derech eretz within our children.

What Makes Shabbos Different These Days?

It appears that our mission this Shabbat is to bring the holiness of the synagogue - now standing empty - into the living room and the kitchen.


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