Is Milk Kosher?

The Shita Mekubetzes there asks why the Gemara did not cite a source to permit the consumption of milk from a pasuk in this week’s parsha.

Tangible Spiritual Manifestations – Parshat Metzora

While it is unfortunate that even observant Diaspora Jews can be corrupted by the moral values of their host countries, the greater tragedy is that they are not living up to their full potential in life.

Are You A Maccabi?

To be a Maccabi today means that you stand with pride for your people and your land. You live inspired. You refuse to allow the world to crush your spirit.

With Gratitude

So along with my gratitude sessions, I decided to be more aware of saying thank you to people who deserve acknowledgment along the way – service providers, bus drivers, and the like – which I’m not always good at doing.

‘You Are Dependent On The Grace Of Heaven’ – Talking About Shemittah With David...

The laws of shemittah apply only to produce grown within the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael. Exactly where the boundaries extend is a matter of halachic discussion.

Daf Yomi

Triple Pray? ‘If He Did Not Say He Must Repeat’ (Shabbos 24a)

Yom Kippur Guide for the Perplexed, 2014‏

Yom Kippur is observed on the tenth day of Tishrei - an Acadian word for forgiveness and Genesis.

Redeeming Relevance in the Weekly Parsha: Beha’alotcha

Despite unequal status, teamwork is the surest route to harmony and maximum self-expression.

A Very Bad Hair Day

Tina was in my kindergarten class last year. Each day Tina’s hair flew all around her. It would tumble into her eyes and she would bat at it periodically throughout the day just to see. Sometimes I’d use whatever hair accessory I had at hand - even just a rubber band - to put Tina’s hair out of her face.

Benefits From Daily Rambam Learning

From the many stories told by various people in private and in public, it is clear that learning Rambam helped them in everything: children, health and livelihood.


We swam in the pool, played ball, barbequed, and played music but one thing that was different was the little store we had always remained closed on Shabbos.

Q & A: HaGomel And Air Travel (Part I)

Question: I am very appreciative and, if I might add, flattered that you answer and publish many of my questions. Due to your superior knowledge, I am always confident when I send in a question that I will receive a proper response. I wonder if you could address whether one should say Birkat HaGomel after flying even though flying is statistically safer than driving. Also, do women say HaGomel as well or only men? Menachem

What Does It All Mean?

The continuation of my column on the power of prayer was ready to go – but then tragedy hit. Tragedy of a magnitude none of us could have envisioned.

For The Confused Of The Time

Rav Amiel invokes the verse from our haftara in a discussion of the nature of chosenness, which he understands as a unique burden placed upon the people of Israel. A set of responsibilities as opposed to privilege.

Servant Leadership

Moses represents the birth of a new kind of leadership. That is what Korach and his followers did not understand. Many of us do not understand it still.

The Teshuva Journey: Four For Four (Part One)

The four Stern children reported that the religious observances felt like just that: observances of a culture with little relevance to their modern lives.

Turning Pain Into Blessings

Rebbetzin Jungreis, a”h, advice on dealing with life's crises and agonies

The Age Of Disrespect

Children knew their place, and the idea of a child speaking back to an adult was unheard of.

Q & A: Counting Casually?

Question: If on the evening of the 33rd day of the Omer, a person mentions that it’s Lag BaOmer (e.g., “It’s Lag BaOmer, let’s dance!”), has he technically counted sefirah with his statement so that he can’t count more formally later with a berachah? M. Goldblum Miami Beach, FL

Why Was the Beis Hamikdash Destroyed?

The pasuk in the beginning of Parshas Eikev says that when we will follow the laws of the Torah, Hashem will guard the bris.

Was There Shaatnez in the Kohen’s Garments?

This statement implies that, but for the mitzvah, they would be in violation of the aveirah of shaatnez by wearing these garments.

Redeeming Relevance: Parshat Bo: When the Lights GO OFF

How did the Jews find grace in the eyes of the Egyptians, receiving gifts from their Egyptian neighbors as they left, when they were perceived as the source of all the plagues and destruction?

Is It Proper…? Should one dress up for a shiur on Zoom if no...

Should one dress up for a shiur on Zoom if no one can see anything more than your face and top of your shirt?

No Complaints

When an individual experiences yesurim – be they physical, monetary, or other forms of suffering – he should know that it is for his good. R’ Chaim Vital said: It is beneficial for one to be embarrassed for it is a rectification for his sins, and in that moment, it is as though he has died.

Two Days Rosh Hashanah, Eruvin, And Eggs

On the night immediately following the 29th day of Elul and on 30th day of Elul itself, people hedged their bets.

Help From Heaven

At times of war one must strengthen one’s emunah to acknowledge that the outcome is not contingent on his own strength and vitality.

Q & A: Harsh Punishments (Part II)

Question: I find it very difficult to understand the punishment of death that was meted out to Rabbi Akiba’s students. If he was so great, we can assume that his students were of a superior caliber as well. If so, why did they deserve such a harsh punishment? Zelig Aronson Queens, NY

The Politics Of Responsibility

Only one other nation in history has consistently seen its fate in similar terms, namely the United States. The influence of the Hebrew Bible on American history – carried by the Pilgrim Fathers and reiterated in presidential rhetoric ever since – was decisive.

Chanukah: Public Menorah Lightings

Many halachic authorities opposed the custom of lighting the menorah in the synagogue. The Chatam Sofer would decline the "honor" of lighting the menorah in the synagogue for this reason.


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