Photo Credit: Bezalel Goren / Beyadeinu
Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount on Passover walk by breadcrumbs––and glass shards for the barefooted––that were left for them by the Muslims, April 20, 222.

On Wednesday morning, Arabs scattered chametz––mostly breadcrumbs––in the path Jewish visitors follow on the Temple Mount as they circle the periphery of the holy compound, Beyadeinu activist Bezalel Goren reported. They also sprinkled thumbtacks in the Jews’ path, knowing that many Jewish visitors walk barefooted out of respect for the place where the Holy Sanctuary once stood. According to Goren, on Tuesday, visiting Jews also found pieces of broken glass for them to step on without shoes.

Arabs spread breadcrumbs on Passover on a rock in the path of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, April 20, 2022. / Bezalel Goren / Beyadeinu

Now, mind you, the Israel Police are very sensitive regarding the feelings of the Arabs who are fasting on Ramadan, and all visitors to the mountain are not allowed to bring food and drink, lest some holy Arab glance at them and become embroiled in lusting for food. But when it comes to sprinkling breadcrumbs in the path of Matzah-deprived holy Jews, the police maintain their neutrality. Same with the thumbtacks and broken glass.

Arabs spread some more breadcrumbs on Passover on a stone in the path of Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, April 20, 2022. / Bezalel Goren / Beyadeinu

The Arabs on Wednesday spent heaping violence and sabotage in the few hours permitted for Jewish visits to the holiest site to Judaism (only third-holiest to Muslims, who turn their behind to their mosques when they bow to pray toward Mecca). What did the police do meanwhile? According to Goren, the cops were busy making sure the Jews walked in well-packed little groups, with no one lingering behind, and avoid stopping anywhere, to allay Arabs’ suspicions that they try to pray silently to their father in Heaven.

Here are some thumbtacks the Arabs spread on Passover in the path of barefooted Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, April 20, 2022. / Bezalel Goren / Beyadeinu

This June we’ll mark 55 years since General Motta Gur hollered: “The Temple Mount is in our hands!” – only to recognize that it really isn’t. One government after another, Labor, Likud, Lapid-Bennett, they all essentially spit on this God-given gift, our liberated Temple Mount, where God dwells now, today, as we speak.

Our sages were certain that regarding three locations the gentiles could never dispute our ownership since Scripture clearly describes how we purchased them for good money: the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Joseph’s Tomb in Shechem, and the Temple Mount compound. But lo and behold – those are the very locations where we face the greatest, bloodiest resistance from the Arabs.

The reason is that at the root of Islam is a denial of the truth of our Torah. Our Arab enemies are no strangers to deception – it’s what they do. This is why Jordan and the UAE are accusing Israel of terrorizing innocent Muslim worshippers in Al Aqsa Mosque. Because their scripture is rooted in deception. It is devoted to the denial of our tradition, because, in the end, they are fearful of the day when Jews will come to their senses and realize all they had to do all this time was walk in and put up a sign: “Here will soon be built a Temple for God.”

That’s all it takes.

Meanwhile, follow the breadcrumbs…


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