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Arab Americans @ the 2020 democratic National Convention

A promotional ad from the 2020 Democratic National Convention invites virtual Democratic convention delegates to watch “Arab Americans @ the 2020 democratic National Convention” and to “join the Arab American Institute for a delegate issue briefing.”

On the topic “Palestine/Israel: Changing the Policy & the Politics,” the Arab Americans presented a panel of Arab experts (R-L): Maya Berry, James Zogby, Zaha Hassan, and renowned Arab Peter Beinart.


In a July 8, 2020 NY Times op-ed, Beinart announced “I no longer believe in a Jewish state,” to which author Daniel Gordis (to pick one response out of hundreds) wrote, “Beinart strings together an astonishing array of sleights of hand and misrepresentations … little more than a screed that is an insult to the intelligence of his readers.”

But we didn’t think he would walk the walk and turn full-blown Arab, and an Arab Democrat to boot.

H/T to Yisrael Medad.


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