Photo Credit: Google Translate

Google Translate’s translation algorithm makes some interesting mistakes on occasion when translating from Hebrew to English.

Sometimes it’s clear that someone is gaming the system, such as when the translation of a normal phrase comes out as very anti-Israel and completely disconnected from the original words (I leave it as an exercise for the readers to find some examples).


That can apparently happens when enough people purposely and repeatedly organize to embed in the same “correction”.

And then there are translation mistakes which probably stem from limitations of the algorithm itself.

In the above photo, the Hebrew text says “חוות דעת הלכתית”, which in English (more or less properly translated) means an “opinion on Jewish law.”

As a stand-alone word, Google translates “הלכתית” as “halachic,” which makes perfect sense even if it’s not exactly a translation into English, and “חוות דעת” is translated as “opinion”.

But for some reason, when put together, Google translates it all into a “Fatwa.”

Go figure.


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