Jews Under Attack in NY! A Primer on Defending Jews – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie is outraged that Jews are again under attack in New York City. In this must hear episode, Howie offers some suggestions on how to turn Jews from victims to victors.

Hold Them Accountable! Mount Meron – An Avoidable Tragedy. – Political Hitman [audio]

The disaster at Mount Meron on Lag Baomer was completely avoidable. Howie argues that the people responsible for the accident be held accountable for the 45 deaths.

Why are Jewish Organizations Supporting Israel Haters? [audio]

How Jewish Organizations in the galut (Diaspora) seem to be working against Jews who support Israel.

American Jewry is Dead. Long Live Judaism! – Political Hitman [audio]

Americans are intermarrying and assimilating at an extraordinarily high rate. Howie examines the end of American Jewry and the promotion of Judaism among American Jews.

The Wrath of The Assimilationists – Should we Capitulate? – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie talks about the reaction he got from a show on assimilation. He then talks asks the question: If there is so much opposition, should we just give up?

Cancel Hitler? Howie Says NO! – Political Hitman [audio]

You'll never believe Howie's reaction when a friend called to tell him about a store near him selling Nazi propaganda! Howie explores cancel culture and Jew hatred in this riveting episode of Political Hitman.

The Media and Celebrities Beating Up On Children! – Political Hitman [audio]

The Media is lying to you, celebrities are physically threatening children. The world has gone nuts! Howie takes on the media! A MUST LISTEN TO SHOW!!

Israeli Politicians are Intentionally Murdering Israelis – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie believes that politicians in Israel are responsible for murdering Jewish Israelis. Find out why in this must hear episode of Political Hitman!

Blame the Victim – The World Loves to Blame the Jews – Political Hitman...

Apparently Israel's skirt was a little too revealing, that's why bad things happened to it's citizens. Blame the victim, that's the world's mantra. Howie looks at the world's indifference to Jewish suffering.

You’ve Been Lied to and Howie Tells You Why.. – Political Hitman [audio]

A Holocaust denying Jew hater speaks at the UN and spews lies about Israel, Howie looks examines the lie in this not to miss explosive show!

A European Holocaust is Imminant – Jews Must Get Out! – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie talks about the impending Holocaust in Europe and asks the question about why Jews are staying in Europe.

Israelis Abandoned by Their Government! A Solution for the Rocket Problem! – Political Hitman...

Howie believes that a country's government has the responsibility to defend their citizens. Hundreds of thousands of missiles have fallen on the heads of civilians since 2005 and the Israeli government has not solved the problem. Howie has a solution.

Political Hitman – Through The Fire [audio]

Howie wouldn't even let a devastating house fire get in the way of bringing you his cutting analysis of the US presidential election.

Howie is Frustrated… – Political Hitman [audio]

From Chanukah to the giving up of the Temple Mount in 1967 - Howie takes on everyone in an unbelievable can't miss rant!

Jewish Nazi Dykes and the 10 Commandments – YIKES! – Political Hitman [audio]

Howie talks about Jewish exclusion at the Dyke March in Washington DC and then talks about the 10 Commandments...It's a must hear show!

Hitler’s T-shirt and Anne Frank’s Oven… – Political Hitman [audio]

Well at least there's Hitler's watch... Join Howie as he looks at some of the crazy Nazi stories of the week.

Hijack of The Israeli Government and the Arabs are Going Nuts!!!! – Political Hitman...

In this show Howie talks about the new Israeli Government, the Flag March in Jerusalem and Jew hatred around the world. Listen in to find out why people feel betrayed by the new Government!

We’re on the Way to Another Holocaust… – Political Hitman [audio]

It is the anniversary of Kristallnacht and Howie is convinced that another Holocaust has started...

‘I Don’t Care About Ukraine’ – Political Hitman [audio]

Shocking! Howie is taking the unpopular and politically incorrect stance when it comes to the war with Russia and the Ukraine. Hear his reasons why!

25 Years since the passing of the Rebbe – The World Has Gone Nuts!...

Howie talks about the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe 25 years ago, he also discusses Twitter, Jews hating Jews and how the world has gone nuts!


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