The Tovia Singer Show – Is Israel the 51st State? [audio]

How do you become Jewish and then become un-Jewish? Tovia has the answer.

The Tovia Singer Show – This is What Incitement Does [audio]

Who's to blame for Thursday's horrific terror attack in Kiryat Arba?

TnT – Russia, Bernie, or Tovia? One of Them Puts Tamar to Sleep [audio]

Tovia talks about Bibi's trip to Russia, Bernie Sanders and makes yet another 'confession' on air to Tamar.

Tovia Singer Show – Why Won’t They Call It Terrorism? [audio]

Tovia unleashes his anger at the international media for hesitation, refusing or dancing around exactly what this week's attack in Tel Aviv was: TERRORISM!

Tovia Singer Show – Turning To The EU For Fresh Material [audio]

Tovia can always count on the European Union to provide fresh comedic material for his show.

Tovia Singer Show – With Friends Like These… [audio]

Tovia explores Jewish American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' deep-seated hatred for Israel and laments the absurdity of Israel's so-called friends supporting a blatantly anti-Israel resolution.


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