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Netflix, BDS, and the High Cost of Shawarma – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this show, Ross and Jono chat a bit about Israeli shows on Netflix and a recent complaint by the BDS crowd. They also discuss the dangers of the BDS movement for those who promote it. Your hosts take a look at some of the innovative technology coming out of Israel, good news from Virginia and Kentucky, and turning the worthless into something of value. Don't miss Netflix, BDS, and the High Cost of Shawarma.

Flying Drones and Favored Flicks – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this episode, your hosts discuss the increased uses of drone technology, for good and for evil. Ross relates that he recently saw a movie involving drones and this leads into a discussion about various shows on Netflix. They also share a recently revealed inscription discovered in Jordan that sheds light on our understanding of the Bible. This and more in Flying Drones and Favored Flicks.

Tweets from the Ancient World – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this episode, your hosts relate how crazy things have become since last week. Last week's show ended with speculation concerning what was then to be a visit to Israel by Congresswomen Tlaib and Omar. That didn't happen after all and the fallout has been hard to keep up with. Progressives screamed, "I told you so....Israel is an apartheid state." Some conservatives even said Israel played right into the hands of Israel's enemies. As if that wasn't enough, President Trump shared a quote claiming his greatness for the Jews and Israel, and his opponents are having a field day. Is he claiming to be the messiah? The King of the Jews? Has the much anticipated Anti Christ finally been revealed? Ross and Jono discuss this and more as only they can do, but they also make a fascinating connection with an event that took place more than 2,500 years ago. Don't miss, Tweets from the Ancient World!

Guns and Moses – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this show, Ross and Jono discuss a new purchase that Ross just made. It is a striker-fired Pistol made by Israel Weapon Industries called the Masada. They touch on some upcoming security training that Ross will attend, as well as his previous security training in Israel. Additionally, they tell their listeners about a 10 meter /33-foot chicken stationed outside the Knesset and the reason it was put there. They inform their listeners about the recent and timely announcement from the Mount Zion Archaeology team. This and more in Guns and Moses.

New Licks for Leftists – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Jono puts Ross on the spot and has him take a religion quiz online while he covers stats about the quiz from Pew Research. Strange stories from the animal kingdom are covered in this episode. We have a frog that found his way into a bag of kosher certified lettuce, the mysterious disappearance of some of Jerusalem's cat population, the making of energy from cow manure, and water bears on the moon. A new flavor of ice cream for supporters of Bernie Sanders provides progressives with a leftist lick, and a new device for canceling unwanted noise is launched, which your hosts think might help those who are triggered by any noise that doesn't agree with their views. Don't miss, New Licks for Leftists.

Boycotted Burgers, Bones, and a Beat Down – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Jono shares the top baby names in Israel, and reveals that many Israelis are naming their daughters after INTR's Tamar Yonah! Ross and Jono discuss the benefits of exercise and a story about a flasher who exposed himself to the wrong jogger. Your hosts also talk about the boycotted burger joint in Dearborn, Michigan, making bones in a laboratory, and much more. Don't miss, "Boycotted Burgers, Bones, and a Beat Down," this week on Israel on My Mind.

Balaam’s Ass and the Chickpea Thief – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono share the latest good and bad news out of the UN. It seems that they have taken up the noble cause of finding those countries that abuse the rights of women. The bad news is that Israel was identified as the world's only violator. A Saudi blogger is assaulted on his way to pray at Al Aqsa, Ahmadinejad sets the record straight on his Antisemitism, and the US House of Representatives (or most of them) vote against BDS. A Bedouin stole 1/2 ton of chickpeas, prisoners claimed to be Jewish to get better food, and a weed cafe concerns a certain rabbi. Bon Jovi is back in Israel and members of the "Squad" have been permitted to travel to Israel as well. These stories and much more in Balaam's Ass and the Chickpea Thief.

The Book of Trump and Sarsour’s Gospel – Israel on My Mind [audio]

This week your hosts hit the ground running. They talk a bit about Ross' recent trip to Israel but then jump into the news. They discuss Yair Netanyahu's reaction to Linda Sarsour's Palestinian Jesus tweet. And yes Yair, she really is. Netflix has a new series. If you liked Breaking Bad, you're gonna love Family Business - a "sort of" Jewish version of the popular show. Mega-Donor Miriam Adelson proposes that a Book of Trump be added to the Bible and much more! Don't miss, The Book of Trump and Sarsour's Gospel.

Water, Sugar and Snails – A Recipe for Laughter – Israel on My Mind...

In this week’s show, Jono and guest co-host Penina Taylor talk about the Jordan River, a new Israeli invention to replace sugar with fruit, the discovery of a Biblical era purple dye industry and so much more. Tune in for another episode of musings, observations and health advice from Israel on Water, Sugar and Snails, A Recipe for Laughter.

Butter, Bats and Snakes in Their Pants – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week’s show, Jono welcomes guest co-host Penina Taylor for a dynamic that is oddly amusing as they discuss pole climbing, bats that trade food for sex, and amphibian smugglers that hide snakes in their pants. Add to that the butter shortage in Israel and eating plastic for a conversation you won’t want to miss, this week on Israel on My Mind!

Monkey Business and the Avocado Grenade – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, your hosts discuss Ross' recent trip to Washington D.C. They also talk about Moldova's announced Embassy move and an exciting new tour of Israel. They provide their listeners with an update from the Palestinians on their views of the Trump administration's much-anticipated peace plan. The fun lasts for the entire show. Jono provides a report on the curious monkey who visited Israel, and on "Trump Monkeys" in the Jerusalem zoo. A man was arrested after pulling a heist with avocado, and in a bit of topsy turvy news, Rep. Ilhan Omar is now part of a new Black Jewish Congressional caucus. These stories and more in Monkey Business and the Avocado Grenade.

Dog Weed and Falafel Waffles – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's episode, Jono and Ross cover some bizarre stories. There is the tale of a mischievous monkey and doggie treats that give your pet the munchies and while easing arthritic pain. Jono describes the trendy falafel waffle, home juicing, and hummus flavored ice cream. They touch on the recent political news out of Israel and much more. Don't miss Dog Weed and Falafel Waffles, this week on Israel on My Mind!

Philistine Beer and Steam Punk Music – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono share some of their views on the recent Eurovision contest. They also report on a new tactic of El Al Airlines for fighting techno-metal steampunk BDS activists. There is a new "old beer" made from six strains of ancient yeast. A major expansion has been approved for Ben Gurion, Harry Potter's grave has become a tourist attraction in Israel, and worms can suffer from PTSD. These stories and more on Philistine Beer and Steam Punk music!

Stinky Beetles and Shape Shifting Lizards – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono discuss various friends and foes of the Jewish State. They weigh in on politics around the globe in this episode. They share stats about Evangelical support of Israel, a new town in the Golan named for President Trump, and the much anticipated Peace Plan. A highlight of the show is their discussion about shape-shifting reptilians and how to detect them. Don't miss Stinky beetles and Shape Shifting Lizards.

Medical Advances, Mermaids, and Man-Flu – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Jono and Ross discuss a couple of extraordinary medical advances made by Israelis while Jono is fighting off a case of the man flu. It seems that Tel Aviv has a new and exciting community for those who love Mermaids or who want to be a mermaid or a merman. Israel is accused of desiring to occupy the moon and Gal Gadot will take part in the upcoming Eurovision. Don't miss Medical Advances, Mermaids, and Man-Flu!

Spacecrafts and Offices Spaces – Israel on My Mind [audio]

This week your hosts talk about Brazil's announcement of establishing a "business office" in Jerusalem. They also discuss a remarkable discovery that may shed light on a biblical person. Israel now holds the title for the longest salt cave in the world, and the Israeli spacecraft Beresheet is closing in on the moon. Don't miss Spacecrafts and Offices Spaces.

Wine and Whiners – Israel on My Mind [audio]

After several weeks in Israel, Ross is finally back. In this week's show, your hosts come out of the gate discussing President Trump's official recognition of Israel's sovereignty of the Golan Heights. Obviously, not everyone is as happy about this latest from the U.S. President. Springing from that topic, they talk about the nations who have either moved their embassies or announced plans to move their embassies to Jerusalem. Jono shares lists of the happiest countries and the most expensive cities to live in. They also share with their listeners about a call for wine boycott that backfires. Don't miss, Wine and Whiners - this week on Israel On My Mind.

Hallow Up There? – Israel on My Mind [audio]

Jono and Jason discuss a proposed cable car line suggested for the old city and the issues it has caused because of its proximity with a Karaite graveyard. Along the way the conversation takes in flight, ceilings, plastic bags and more.

BDS goes POP! – Israel on My Mind [audio]

BLURB: Jono and Jason (stepping in for Ross) take a look at Eurovision 2019 and ask is BDS related to BDSM? How does Israel measure up with other countries when it comes to global power, health and happiness?

Bugged Boots and BDS Fails – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Jono and Ross cover the news stories from Australia to the moon. They discuss Scott Morrison's latest stand for Israel, boots made in Australia, and a shipment of suspicious boots claimed to contain bugs meant to spy on Gaza's terrorists.

Bar Kochba to Bamba – Israel on My Mind [audio]

Ross and Jono cover the news from Bar Kochba to Bamba. This show has it all. Your hosts discuss the recent discovery near Lachish of a Bar Kochba era coin. Israel ranks number one in the world for social media use, and American freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is in the news for her antisemitic tweets.

Rogue Rabbis – Israel on My Mind [audio]

Jono and Ross discuss several stories that are in the news this week which involve rabbis who "behave in ways that are not expected." Will the Messiah appear before the Israeli elections of April 9th? At least one rabbi has made the claim. Another claims he can raise the dead.....for a fee of $5,000. Yet another, a former chief Rabbi of Israel was denied clemency by President Rivlin. Hear about these stories and more in this week's show...

Guess the Twit & a Beer with Yair – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show Ross introduces a new game to listeners. It is called "Guess the Twit." Ross reads a tweet, and Jono and the listeners have to guess who said it. While they are on the subject of Twitter, your hosts talk about Yair's latest trouble in the social media world, and the IDF's trolling of Iran. They also provide an update on a story from last week, cover the world's most innovative countries, recommend a Netflix series and MUCH more. Don't miss Guess the Twit & a Beer with Yair!

#Divorce & Haifa’s McFail – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono discuss another positive step for women in Saudi Arabia. First, the Crown Prince allowed them to drive, then they were allowed to attend sporting events. Listen in to find out the latest. Your hosts also talk about the controversial piece by a Finnish "artist" that set off riots in the streets of Haifa. Along the way, they talk beards, Elie Wiesel, Talmud Korean Style and MORE. Don't miss #Divorce & Haifa's McFail.

Falafel and Fish for your Feet – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In their first show of 2019, Jono and Ross cover some good news for Israel as the stats roll in from 2018. It seems that despite all the efforts of the BDS crowd Israel continues to break records in exports, tourism, and mergers/acquisitions, and the good news doesn't stop there. Your hosts cover all sort of fun news stories this week including the Netanyahu Family's trip to Rio, magic eye drops, algae-based Falafel and Gaza's new Hookah bar that offers Fish Pedicures. This and MUCH more. Don't miss Falafel & Fish for your Feet.

Santa, SodaStream, and the Swindling Love Guru – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, your hosts discuss a bit about Christmas and how Ross' nice flowing white beard caught the eye of children. SodaStream considers a factory in Gaza, a mystic love guru swindles money out of people, BDS takes some hits, a 2,000 year old ring is found in Jerusalem, and an Israeli time capsule is on its way to the moon. This and more in Santa, SodaStream, and the Swindling Love Guru.

Political Ineptness – Israel on My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, your hosts take things in a different direction. Ross and Jono discuss several news stories related to Politics. Listen in to their views on Australia's recent recognition of "West" Jerusalem as the Israeli Capitol, two recently elected U.S. Congressional members who support BDS, and Yair Netanyahu latest troubles. Check out Political Ineptness this week on Israel on My Mind. Show will be posted on Thursday.

Fringes, Frangrances, & Floyd – Israel On My Mind [audio]

In this week's show, Ross and Jono discuss the biblical injunction to wear fringes on the corners of one's garments and how that relates to a recent story in Israel. They also cover the Israeli startup that has found a way to create and market a visual fragrance. What would the Israeli music scene do without Roger Waters spewing hatred towards the Jewish State? Your hosts discuss his latest bullying of a performer, leading to tour cancellation by a Pink Floyd cover band. They also discuss Australia's bold decision to declare Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, 3D Printed steaks and a new non-binary, gender-neutral clothing line out of Tel Aviv. This and more in Fringes, Fragrances, & Floyd.


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